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It's a Billionaire's Thanksgiving: Wealth of Richest Surges Past $1 Trillion Since Pandemic Hit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/26/its-billionaires-thanksgiving-wealth-richest-surges-past-1-trillion-pandemic-hit


Allowing Musk to be on any kind of “wealth” list is a fraud in itself, if the fact that a large portion of his wealth came from the taxpayers coffers isn’t included on the list.
Musk is the poster-boy, for what is wrong with our system, where certain people/corporations receive massive amounts of “socialism” from the taxpayers, while those same taxpayers are denied any socialistic help during a raging pandemic.


can’t even eat the rich anymore. would instantly clog every artery in the body.

this is almost comical–“no, really, take everything! we just want you to be happy! don’t mind us. roaches are yummy good!”


Where does this wealth come from? paper pushing, buying back stocks? yes Amazon has been selling more products and keeping people working without proper safety precautions and slave labor and same with Walmart. Who is producing products? Where are the jobs, so wealth does not need people any longer?
No one talks in depth about the strange relationship of the stock market and mainstreet on lamestreet media. They are part of the 1%?
Truth cannot be told as they depend on silence to keep robbing the taxpayers and destroying the planet.


The absurdity of Capitalism reveals itself in the fact that you can wear only one pair of shoes at the same time …


Meanwhile, the lines at the food banks keep getting longer.


Very true. I know. And there are many unfortunates who won’t be able to make next month rent without another stimulus check thus contributing to the ever growing number of homeless people. A vicious circle…


Good points all. How come our so-called democracy let’s these leeches away with this transfer of wealth? Oh that’s right, this isn’t a democracy, it’s a slimy oligarchy. The chickens will come to roost soon.


Because democracy is subservient to Capitalism or put another way
Capitalism controls democracy

BTW - its time for a Higher Minimum wage and a Maximum wage and the death penalty for hiding un-taxed money off shore

“We’re capitalists. That’s just the way it is.” - Nancy Pelosi - in response to a student’s

expression of concern over the need for more socially beneficial legislation.

As many here have said “we won’t get out of this by voting”

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The Coming Financial Storms:

"People are trying to have unearned wealth, the few people who have this opportunity. But it is further destabilizing the human family. And now you are facing a financial contraction and corrections of a very severe magnitude.

The very wealthy will be preyed upon by vast numbers of people who hate them and resent them. Crime will increase. It will be very difficult.

In the future, economies will have to be based upon stability. You will not be able to profit off of growth, as is the emphasis now. There will not be an emphasis on unearned wealth, as there is now. You cannot speculate endlessly, as it is occurring now."… from the Revelation: The Coming Financial Storms: from the book, The New World Prophecy.

And what is the BIG message and angst of the MSM all this week?
Shop,shop, shop, and SHOP!!! Don’t let COVID stop you from SHOPPING!!!
Plus, OMG! COVID may hurt the Sports franchises, & NCAA Basketball!
Bad for their billionaire owners, and TV ratings/revenue!!!
PLEASE stay home, but go to the “Macy’s Parade”, and SHOP for Xmas!!

We need to stay rich(er)! You can be poor, and die if you like!