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"It's a Cover-Up": White House Accused of Hiding Mnuchin Role in Recruiting Postmaster General DeJoy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/its-cover-white-house-accused-hiding-mnuchin-role-recruiting-postmaster-general


Seriously ‘everything’ and ‘everyone’ in the Trump Administration
is corrupt. Every talking head Trump has appointed from
Fox Propaganda is taken directly off the bottom of the rotten
apple barrel. Mnuchin is just one small example of the entire
pack of crooks employed by Trump.


AGREE! Amerika is now a Mafia-ocracy, complete with it’s Mafia Don and it’s Republican lieutenants.And what is so dangerous the Mafia Don will do what ever it takes to stay in political, power, including assassination!


Ultimately, people as this do not belong in the U.S.


Likewise: “Would you buy a bundled derivative package formed by ‘The Foreclosure King’ (whom Harris as California AG refused to prosecute)?”


Only if it was a Zombie Certified & Organic/Locally Sourced derivative.


Why is this news?

Much more relevant is Mnunchin’s successful hoodwinking of the ever-credulous 2 stooges (otherwise known as PayGo Pelosi and the Senator from Wall St) during the CARES Act Massacre:

A slush fund for corporations of over $500 billion.
Crumbs for average Americans.
Added unemployment benefits and an eviction moratorium – that have expired.

But Nancy and Chuck got their caucuses to almost unanimously pass the CARES Act because Mnunchin pinky swore there would be more when it ran out. Of course, there isn’t more, and in the new round of negotiations over Nancy’s HEROES Act, the Dems have already “compromised” one third of the relief package away and still gotten nothing.

Mnunchin is no genius. But it doesn’t take a genius to smell a pair of suckas.


Since The Duopoly gets their campaign $$$ money from some the same folks, there are going to be fights over who gets the bigger share of the taxpayer’s $$$. Sometimes the fights spill out into public view. I’m sure Mnuchin is sorry about this unforced error. They’ll do a better job of covering up if given a second term.
The UniParty’s consensus equals; rule by and for, about 10% of the citizenry. If that’s not U, basically, it’s tough luck and not much else.
Same with Foreign Policy. 10% of the population run things in the MENA, Africa, S. America.
So it goes…


Is it “affluenza” or botox - or both - that causes the flat affect that Mnuchin and Kushner display?


Millions of laws but not one covers the millions of lies, cheats, thefts, TREASONS that the whole stinkin’ pile can’t stop committing every waking moment!?!


Too True!!  And would you believe Tweetle-Dumb actually told the truth yesterday?  In a clip aired on the “news” last night Trump said, “If Obama had done a good job, I wouldn’t be here.”  After four decades of slow but steady decline – including O’Bummer & P’Loser letting War Criminals like Haspel and Banksters like Mnuchin walk free and the MSM sticking it to Bernie in order to stick us with Hideous Hilliary – a lot of voters had had it with the DimwitRats and took
a desperate chance on Tweetle-Dumb.


The same laws created, legislated, and passed by the same 2 political parties, with one goal, to protect those “they” take money from.

And themselves.


Contact the chairman of the USPS

Robert Duncan Contact Information


Last Update

8/18/2020 9:57 AM


HQ Phone

(202) 268-2000



United States Postal Service~https://www.zoominfo.com/c/united-states-postal-service/30949403)



475 L’Enfant Plaza, S.W., Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, 20260, United States

Same as with O’Bummer’s administration before it, and the Lying Son-of-a-Bush’s before that and Clinton’s before that, et cetera and so forth, for at least the past four decades and more.  Not to mention Richard (“I’m not a crook”) Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, of course — the latter who first ran for office as a “poor but honest” schoolteacher and
left the ‘high-paying’ job of President as a multi-millionaire.  (Probably wrote a couple of best-sellers . . . )


Mnuchin—I’d love to slime the guy.

Conundrum: can slime stick to someone this slimy??


True to your sign on identity, your assertions are gross hyperbole.
For the record, I did not vote for Obama and the reason is his
right of center, MIC, Wall Street capitulations. But falsely comparing
his Administration as corrupt as Crooked Donald’s is utter non sense.

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The depth of corruption and lies is endless in our current political system.


Which reminds me that buried in the CARES Act fine print was a $140 billion tax cut for the rich.
It was inserted by Mnunchin.

And guess what’s buried in Nancy’s HEROES Act?
I’ll link to it below but you know that UniParty plenty well enough to figure it out.

You’re in a safe blue state, you voting Biden/Harris?



Really?   Who allowed Cheney, Haspel, Prince, Rumsfeld, Yoo and many other War Criminals to walk free without even any investigations, much less indictments and trials.  And who bailed out the “Too Big to Fail” Banks instead of those bilked by bad mortgages, and let the slime-ball Banksters like Mnuchin off scot-free, just like the War Criminals?  Who made deals with Big Insurance & Big Pharma to exclude a ‘public option’ from O’BummerCare??   The DimWit­Rats are every bit as crooked as the 'PoopLickens, just a little less blatant about thumbing their noses at us pee-ons.


We can thank Kamala Harris for that!