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"It's a Criminal Enterprise": Calls to Impeach Barr Intensify After Reports AG Pressured Foreign Officials to Help Discredit Mueller Probe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/01/its-criminal-enterprise-calls-impeach-barr-intensify-after-reports-ag-pressured

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I’m not trying to sound like my angle on this tangle is sharper than any other poor slob’s. What kills me about this eruption of contention is the values implied by how the rules of the game work in this instance. Concentration camps on the border, bumbling nuclear gamesmanship with Iran, constantly egging on stochastic terrorism around the world, best buddies with Mohammad bin Bonesaw, Bolsonaro, and the bastard Bibi, devouring everything down Orangeman’s own insatiable maw like Jabba the Hutt, none of that is the slightest little problem, apparently.

But impinge on the sacrosanct rules of our ridiculous game, and now it looks like there might be some trouble brewing. I say the game is ridiculous, not some grand march down history’s solemn corridors with the divine heritage of our founding [deleted], but a sucker’s farce, of breathtaking venality. Just look at the business of this government, usually across the board (Obama had his border camps, too) when we’re not engrossed in what’s impeachable.


Btw you forgot boris (the incredible hulk) johnson. Monsters all of them. I wonder if these “foreign” entities will come forward.


the b team


And the latest childish theater…



Is there any part of America’s government that can not accurately be described as a “criminal enterprise”?
Honestly, i can’t think of a single department, agency or government branch that is not thouroghly corrupt and actively destructive.


A great comment that encompasses the essence, mindset and malignant operations/aspects of the trump regime. The metastasis of the corrupt, bigoted/racist, divisive and pathological workings of trump’s mind affects all he touches; all his appointments of people of like beliefs, of extremist belief, self-interest and greed, spreading like a cancer.

Your comment highlights the clear and present danger trump & co have been, and increasing threat, to our republic, our society, making an infuriating mockery of what we claim to be.

The corruption of government ostensibly instituted to serve the Common Good, now openly dedicated to self interest and common greed, based on deceptions, secrecy, overt corruption of political processes and truth, with the public only sources of profits and wealth to be manipulated…That truth includes politicians from both parties.

The trump regime is a grave threat to the entire world, especially thru its astonishing ignorance and contempt shown for the Natural World; for science, truth, honesty, concern for the most vulnerable and Common Good. A parasitic entity destroying its host.

The enervating effects of this regime have created a miasma of the collective and individual soul, as well as thankfully, a new dedication by people of conscience and strong belief in the Golden Rule; may that belief and activism spread to end - to destroy - this corruption and daily trauma. Thank you.


Sorry, but I fail to see what is wrong with asking foreign governments to help in investigating crimes possibly committed in their countries. He’s not investigating Trump’s political rivals. The claim is that he is investigating possible crimes committed by people who lied about Russiagate. For instance, Joseph Mifsud, supposedly set up a meeting between George Papadopolous and someone he claimed was Putin’s niece in Italy. It turned out that she was not related to Putin but just a student of professor Mifsud at his school in Italy. Mueller declined to prosecute Mifsud for twice lying to him during the Russiagate investigation. It’s been reported that Mifsud had ties to British & Italian intelligence and possibly the CIA, instead of ties to Russia. Why is it improper for Barr to look in to this?


Somewhere along the line it has been over looked that Barr is actually more bent on some sort of religious journey to the unitary executive, even more so than Pense. Gawd help us all.


These thoughts cross the line of sanctioned thinking and will not be permitted. Please amend them to include none of the transgressions of the duopoly.

This line of questions is over the line and suggests that you may be a Putin-bro.


Bingo! It’s all mob controlled. Although the various mobs do have their rivalries, they are largely partners in crime. Look how fast they swept the Epstein thing under the rug. That took teamwork.


Hatred is real. I’m feeling it.

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Definitely appears to be a GOP shill…


Anyone that is shocked by this has not paid attention to the backstory of this crowd. Self serving, venal, authoritarian, corrupt - that’s just the tip of this iceberg. Yes, WE have known for years how broken the system is - yet how bent and broken are those who ARE currently holding public office?!?

What is the price for selling out your nation? What is the price for thwarting the rule of law? What is the price for enriching yourself on the public coffers?!? And how many of these people will actually GO TO JAIL?!? Not just be “removed from public office”?? How many will still have “credibility” when the smoke clears and WHY?!?!


I’d be more confident in the integrity of current office holders and media if they’d raise objection to such doings occurring on the other side of the aisle.


From Ralph Nader’s latest:

Donald Trump said he believes the Constitution lets him do “whatever I want as President.” In over two and a half years, Trump has been a serial violator of the Constitution, unmatched by any president in American history. Just about every day he is a constitutional outlaw.

Constitutional scholar Bruce Fein has documented twelve categories of major constitutional transgressions. Some are also statutory crimes. Many of these involve Trump overpowering the critical separation of powers that our founders rigorously established to assure that the president does not become a monarch like King George III.

The framers were very clear that Congress and only Congress can appropriate monies for the Executive branch to spend; that only Congress can declare war; that the president must faithfully execute the laws; and that the Congress has the full authority to investigate the executive branch for abuses, irregularities, illegalities, or the need for new laws. Trump totally defies Congressional subpoenas for documents and witnesses. That grave overthrow of constitutional government is alone enough for eviction from office.

When he is not openly violating the Constitution, Trump lies and commits impeachable offenses.

The most recent violation was in seeking from a foreign power—Ukraine—assistance in influencing our presidential election in his favor by investigating a major challenger—former Vice President Joseph Biden and his son. He dangled a $250 million military aid package (maybe more) to Ukraine by suspending it before speaking to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the telephone.

This “betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security, and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s words, finally moved the reluctant House leader. After being AWOL on all the other serious, repeated flouting of constitutional behavior, [Pelosi] is now focusing on Trump and Ukraine.


I’m from Rhode Island. We had a young Republican run for Mayor of Providence on an anticorruption platform. Years later he received a stay in a gated community (his words) for 64 months for racketeering conspiracy, because it was his second felony. His friends went down too. Yes, serious attempts at witness intimidation were a core part of Buddy’s defense plan.


Sen. Warren sez:
“Again, Donald Trump abused the United States’ diplomatic channels for his own personal political gain.”

Might as well get some use out of those “diplomatic channels.” It’s not as though they’re being tied up with, say, diplomacy.


I once had an office mate who got her Ph.D. by sleeping with her key professor. Was this proper behavior on the prof’s part? No way!

In politics, muscling people around to do your bidding has legal consequences. In this case, the nation of Ukraine has a semi-active war on fluid temporary borders against an enormously powerful military adversary. The United States is providing military aid IF AND ONLY IF a certain favor is done. In this case the favor is to lie and possibly file criminal charges related to a 2020 U.S. Presidential candidate.

  1. You can’t legally take a billion dollars in Congressional appropriations and wield it, pulling strings for your own personal profit. That’s a big time embezzlement.

  2. You can’t launder anything with foreigners on U.S. elections. You can’t collude to bring made-up criminal charges in a foreign nation against some Presidential candidate’s son.

  3. Obstructing justice is a felony. This includes attempts to tamper with witnesses, deliberately hiding evidence of a crime when you know the authorities are coming for that evidence and refusal to cooperate (beyond your fifth amendment rights).