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'It's a Crisis Alright': Report Details Serious Public Health and Safety Risks of Trump Shutdown


'It's a Crisis Alright': Report Details Serious Public Health and Safety Risks of Trump Shutdown

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In addition to pushing thousands of low-wage workers to the brink of financial collapse and imperiling life-saving public programs like food stamps and Medicare, a Public Citizen report released on Wednesday found that the government shutdown over President Donald


Corporate anarchy is part of the plan for this shutdown, the national emergency and whatever other shock doctrine tactics the GOP applies.


Someone i spoke with tonight in california says he wants to leave but cannot get a passport because of this shutdown.


HI wingsofadove: can your fiend get into Canada without a passport? Is this person an American or from some place else?


The arrogance, cruelty, and sense of entitlement of this fascist regime is breathtaking, literally. How much longer are we willing to be held hostage? Are we so demoralized and desensitized that we are willing to deliver ourselves into their relentless abuse? There are many of us and there is strength in numbers. Organize!


“Corporate lawbreakers are going unpunished, safety inspections are being postponed, discrimination charges are going uninvestigated, polluters are not being held in check, financial fraudsters are not being policed.”

Its the Republican Platform.


Hi stardust. He is american. Wants to come to europe. No point going to canada or mexico. Problem.


POS Trumps calls the meeting with him, Pelosi and Schumer a Waste of time then storms out! We gotta throw this Bum out Now before he bankrupts the entire country like he did with all of his other so called businesses. The GOP is cool with this?? Open up the Govt and He can go to hell! Sick of his arrogance and insanity! Time to shoot that rotten Apple off his head… Pence is next …so get 2 apples.


… and nobody does a damned thing about any of it!


I so agree! Why are Americans such Cowards?


HI wingsofadove----well I think he can go to his local library and at least get it started., like with the picture : ) When my cousin took me to Europe I did all the preliminary stuff at my local library, and then it got sent of to New Hampshire -----and that took a while, even without the government being shutdown.


We tried negotiating with Hitler as well. How did that turn out?


It takes about 6 weeks to get a US passport. Typical American not thinking ahead and then complaining.


May I suggest building community. It is estimated that 8 days after the SNAP food stamp program and cash pay outs stop America will explode. I say no. Let us use this opportunity to show the world the quality of our metal. If the stoppage of SNAP happens we the people need to open our doors, hearts and wallets to help our fellow citizens. If a country, if a community has quality it will not allow their failed government to abandon its responsibilities to ensure equality of basic needs for survival.

Lets have the guts to stand and say “I will help.”


Shame Pelosi, Schumer, and the entire Dem party has the accuracy of Star Wars Stormtroopers.


Too many.


I remember, I think it was toward the end of the last century, the Republican wing of the capital fascist duopoly announced that its goal was to “shrink the government down to the point where it could be drowned in a bathtub.”
*They tried a number of strategies, but I think they may be close to success. Everything is closed, the workers are “furloughed,” to go hungry and perhaps lose their homes, and all of the things to promote safety and health are either closed or running with 0.1% of their workers still on the job, sorta.
*Next will be food contamination, salmonella or other sick horrors spreading across the country. Failures of elevators and other equipment, FAA off line, so aircraft accidents, probably some train wrecks as their equivalent winds up with a handful of people trying to take care of the rail traffic.
*In my opinion, the bathtubs should be reserved for the fat one and his Nazi/Capitalist henchmen and their owners. Perhaps we could get our country back, with a lot of hard work and dedication.


Few Trump appointees have experience building anything and nearly all of them quickly confirmed that they have been tasked to destroy whatever part of the gubmit they are assigned to. There is no ambiguity or apologies…they are demons with a mission.


Something cut off your message, but it is definitely on the right track!
OK, you got it! And they are, indeed, “demons with a mission.”


Also, Shame the Senate and GOP Repigs as well for standing with Trump.