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'It's a Crisis Alright': Report Details Serious Public Health and Safety Risks of Trump Shutdown


The GOP is beyond shame. That should be rather obvious.


Here’s an interesting video from France, suggesting that the capitalist system can be shut down peacefully, without violence. What do you all think of this approach?

French riots? Here’s the reality MSM will not show you… and there’s good reason. – YouTube

I encountered this on the GreanvillePost, in this short article, which contains two additional videos.


Corporate fascism is making its play, that’s for sure. And you know what? They’re gonna win. And it really was such a lovely planet Earth.


Having stacked the federal courts “corporate fascists’” m.o. will be to put any legislation coming out of Congress that they don’t like on trial, knowing that their young, right wing judges will overturn said legislation.

It won’t matter if we elect 535 Green Party congresscritters, the judges owned by the 1% will be the final arbiters of legislation.


Been reading Matt Bracken novels? :slight_smile:


With 95% or more US voters voting corporate Dem or corporate GOP, it appears that most Americans’ brains exploded years ago.


And what about the taxes we are paying specifically for the purposes of feeding the poor? I have no money left to help. You are a rich-man, aren’t you? Can you send me some money?


You describe a third world nation…gubmit extorting money from us to keep increasing the funding for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) and other corporate welfare programs while more of us are impoverished and begging with each passing year. Complicit Silicon Valley has made begging cool and hip with crowd funding programs for things the gubmit should be funding. Beyond sick…


No but I would not let someone go hungry, suffer attack or abuse without doing something.


It’s time for a Federal worker’s strike. Yeah, I know, it is illegal. But what recourse does the employer have. Are the scabs going to work for nothing too?

The workers - totally independent of the AFGE which is useless - need to organize rotating strikes - either walkouts or sit-down strikes. The perfect place to start woud be for the TSA workers to simply walk off the job. Passenger plane travel is largely only a “necessity” for the affluent anyway. Shut the airport terminals down.


The proper thing to do is to somehow take Trump out and get the Agriculture Dept. and HUD reopened.


Are you leading the coup?


What is it about “shutdown” do you not understand?" It is not even possible to start the 6 week clock (much less get the app. expedited for a higher fee) becasue the State Dept. is not even open to collect the forms and fees. I would not be surprised if the applications are being returned to the sender - or thrown out…


It is sad that you think a rich man will help you by giving you money.


All very valid points and a humanitarian approach that I think can (and inevitably will have to be) fused with the political strategy of the working class to shake off oppression.


Are you putting together an organization to feed tens of millions of people?

Sorry, but relying on noblesse oblige does not work. Go to any star-pupil of Ayn Randian economics like Honduras, Indonesia, and soon, Brazil and see how well the poor are fed.


…or never matured…


Thanx stardust. I will tell him.


“Serious public health and safety risks”. Kinda sounds like the results of climate change n’est pas?


I’ve sent the video to my friends in france to get their comments.