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'It's a Crisis Alright': Report Details Serious Public Health and Safety Risks of Trump Shutdown


Typical thinking for a government worker.


Do not know Matt Bracken. Probably got it from comment of someone who has.


I wish to respond to those Yunzer and others about my comment. I live in a town where we are both Rs and DS and fight like hell at the town meeting over political issues but if a crisis strikes we all get together to help. If we loose a house to fire we put on suppers to raise money. We go through our clothes closet looking for what we can give and what fits. When it was thought that I had Pancreatic cancer the town offered to pay bills that needed to be paid on top of health costs. I did not know that was available and did not need it but it was so comforting to know that those that disagreed with me at the town meeting had my back when my chips were down.

These things are standard fare in small towns. It is something to look for when moving and supporting 100% when you do move in. In my town we rise up when a crisis strikes and almost become good friends.

It is sad for other American communities that just can not get over me first and greed rules. Most of us are good people who treat others as they would like to be treated but we sure have a lot of scrooges.


It’s called asymmetrical warfare.

Trump doesn’t care that the government is shut down, the Democrats do.


I wonder how many of you, whom claim to be opposed to Trump’s wall, have actually taken the time to email the whitehouse directly at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/, and/or president@whitehouse.gov, and/or vice_president@whitehouse.gov, and/or comments@whitehouse.gov in order to let YOUR VOICES be heard on the issue?

I notice none of your “leaders”, nor the media, are encouraging you, the “People” to take direct action.


The biggest problem with America is American citizens themselves.
They’ve just become to damn lazy, docile and complacent to allow “democracy” to continue living and functioning.

Flood the sob’s with emails!


In some cases the workers don’t get paid, but management is required to fill in for the ones laid off. The (non-essentials). They must figure management has money in the bank, where as the hourly employees don’t.
It should be illegal to shut down the government. Continue on with the previous budgets numbers until disputes are settled.
I know, they won’t do that because it makes sense.


Meh, he caters to survivalists so slim chance anyone on CD ever heard of him. Wrote some distopian novels, nothing to brag about. He has quite following among the preppers tho.


As I have mentioned a number of times over the past few years, Hitler is reputed to have said, “To truly control a country, you must first control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal, whatever the opposition does is illegal.”
*We seem to be getting closer and closer to that fascist goal while the fat one keeps us distracted with his tweets and twats.


A few years ago, when all of the old nuclear power plants were getting permits to extend their life for another decade or so, and increase their output by some 25%, the NRC inspected one to rule on their request. They found that much of their wiring had been damaged in a fire. They ordered a shutdown until it was fixed. The company’s answer was that they wanted to delay the repair until some scheduled maintenance in two or three months.
*The NRC said, “Sure, no problem. We’ll OK your permit for an extension and power output request, as well.”
*Your regulatory agency at work!


Every single thing Trump has done since he took office has been punitive in one way or the other. Punish, penalize, take away, jail, lock up, threaten, incite, extort. Cruelty and malice are the point,.A And no one is doing anything about any of it. The Democrats’ strategy is to just vote out the criminal, damned be any accountability cause Trump is apparently too big to fail and the GOP’s strategy is “F-ck America”. And the shutdown that is designed to hurt people is about far more than just federal employees too. it means American tax payers are paying taxes onto a government that currently only consists of basically the military and VA. Every other service designed to keep the american people safe and healthy, from food inspections to environmental protection to crucial research to consumer protections etc all stopped. For nothing. All because Trump doesnt want to accept the November election results. This is how dictatorships are born.


I really have no clue why the american public is so sedated. Their country is being taken away from, right under their noses, and they dont get it.