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It's a Global Pandemic—With Nearly 363,000 Dead—As Trump Terminates US Ties With the World Health Organization

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/its-global-pandemic-nearly-363000-dead-trump-terminates-us-ties-world-health


The Western arrogance of feeling that it has everything to teach others and nothing to learn from them is bathed in blood.


Fascist scum.


The Big Blonde Bimbo fragile Ego is threatened by the learned people at WHO, so does not want to play with them anymore. And some people this guy thinks he is a leader…


The image of frick and frack, the two extremist ignorant cyphers, show an ignorant religious nutter, and an orange wad of pathological malice; together they make one really depraved and malignant person.


And he has the support of 99% of the GOP


Thank you Trump and company for making us the number one pariah on the globe.


The US has become Donald Quack Dynasty … an (un)reality TV show. With near 1/3 of virus cases, still blaming WHO and China for his own criminal neglect … and heading to 300,000 dead in US?


Today Illinois reopened “restaurants” (read Bars) for outside ‘dining’ (read drinking)
I just drove by one of my local ‘watering holes’ that I haven’t been to since this started.
It was packed !
and I didn’t see one mask even though there is a village ordinance about mandatory masks, no social distancing. It’s a very right wing place.
I guess we’re due for another Spike here

This is the same bar that I first ran into Joe Walsh some years before he ran for Congress. He was drunk and trying to pick a fight with someone.

Oh well… chlorine for the gene pool


We’re not the first observe the folly of those would be King, such as the Tangerine Twit in the White House.

Here’s some 17th Century thoughts on the subject (pardon the Old English):

Kings most commonly, though strong in legions, are but weak in arguments; as they who have ever accustom’d from the Cradle to use their will onely as thir right hand, thir reason alwayes as thir left. Whence unexpectedly constrain’d to that kind of combat, they prove but weak and puny Adversaries.
— Milton, Preface to Eikonoklastes

No doubt the size of his hands compounds the problem for Trump. As an aside, Eikonoklastes was Milton’s explanation of the Justice served by and the rationalization for the beheading of Charles I.


Too bad we can’t terminate the Terminator.


The voters may.


Actually it’s the oath of civilian office holders to do that. The military is strictly prohibited from assuming a domestic law enforcement role, although this does not apply to the National Guard in term of quelling civil unrest. The Guard operates in a gray zone between military and civilian in that respect.


Human progress must 'cease to resemble that hideous pagan idol, who would not drink the nectar but from the skulls of the slain

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I was thinking of a more permanent end.

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Actually I keep fantasizing about the Praetorian Guard, er, uh, I mean the Secret Service. Surely the thought, at least, has to have crossed their minds to wonder what they are protecting and whether that makes any sense.


It just so pleasing and comforting to be “lead” by someone whose only accomplishments in life are to tear down and destroy people, places, businesses, employees, innocent bystanders, relationships, trust and anything he even remotely touches. I just can’t blubber about HIM enough.

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When will tRump demonstrate the results of drinking bleach on live TV?

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Little Donnie also ripped up a few treaties we have with China over Hong Kong, just to throw more gasoline on that particular fire. Once again, I warn all other countries-do not trust the United States. Our leaders will break a treaty before the ink is dry if it’s to our advantage. It’s called American Exceptionalism, where we believe we have to God-given right to remake the whole world into our image-one gigantic fast food, big-box-store, soulless, mindless sameness, where every building is that clay brown color, where cars rule and there’s no place for pedestrians, and Dollar Stores are on every block, right next to some fast track loan company, casino, and liquor store, but grocery stores selling real food are miles apart.


He’s endangering the lives of every one of us.

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