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It's a Global Pandemic—With Nearly 363,000 Dead—As Trump Terminates US Ties With the World Health Organization

Too bad there isn’t a single member of Congress or the Senate patriotic enough to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country against a domestic enemy.


The Death Cult continues its work apace, led by the Persimmon Simian.

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Spying on protesters.

You mean we weren’t before?


Nope, they all would rather look the treasury.

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Then we get Christian fascist Pence as president. Sorry but unless if the whole cabal goes it is essentially just cutting off a single head on a hydra.

Not like this.

Well personally I think this is just taking off the mask and showing how ugly the U.S. has always been.


In fits and starts but yes, for the most part I agree with you. This is an effort to thwart all efforts at civility like none I have seen in my lifetime. And there have been some doozies.

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It won’t improve at all from a Biden administration, just be aware of that.

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““When every single country in the world is able to work with the WHO, except for one whose president advocates treating coronavirus with bleach and UV light, who do you think is at fault?””

Could we please stop framing this as a question? Not only does everybody who is going to be convinced already agree that it is the case, but its supporters see it as a feature, not an oversight.

… who are as corrupted by money and power as Trump is –

Saw something of the “press conference” today, with Trump pretty much
declaring war on China –

He is a leader. He’s leading America right out of the human race. Like all their psycho presidents for the last 40 years have been doing.

On May 18, I understand, Drumpf gave WHO 30 days to shape up or he’d quit.
I guess it’s now June 17 with no WHO turnaround. So what else could he do?


Going by the ratio of inactive to total cases, USA is less than 1/3 of the way through its outbreak. This is relying on reported numbers, about which there are widespread accounts of fudging in USA (all in the direction of minimizing severity), so perhaps it’s a reasonable best-case scenario that reported COVID-19 deaths in USA this year could be limited to 3X the current toll.

“’…redirecting those funds to other …’” Does no one else have a problem with the President redirecting already Congressionally appropriated and designated funds from their designated recipient to ‘other.’ I sure the heck do. Not even a mention of the further unconstitutional behavior of this man. Has the destruction of the constitution become so great that further mention or consideration by the press, even here at CD, is no longer considered meaningful?


Charles I?? More like King John before the Magna Carta !!
Fed up leaders of the realm-- “Sign King John or lose your head”!!

Just ask the Imdian tribes of the 17th - 20th centuries about the reliability of Federal treaties…
Except now police are used eg, anti-fracking pipeline protests across their lands in the Midwest.


Don’t you mean “LOOT the US Treasury”??

I think I may have figured that one out. Thank you very much.