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It's A Good Day For A Choke Hold: This Is Our Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/19/its-good-day-choke-hold-our-country

Tamir Rice was only 12 when he was assassinated by a drive-by cop.


“Keep the Faith” came from a Place just Like This

You’re Good They don’t like that

Took away Ali’s Prime

Take a Knee

Thank You

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Oh Trantorian :
It was worse than that. A police car drove up a policeman jumped out nad shot right away. It was the saddest video and his sister came running across to help him and they grabbed her too Maybe the cops saw too many Dirty Harry movies. : (

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This not of a shooting but it shows how these racist cops think. In Baltimore a passerby suggested an officer making an arrest of another not force the suspect to sit on a cold wet sidewalk and then continued on. The officer blows a gasket and chases down that passerby .

Note while the Police officers own Camera showed otherwise, the officer outright LIED in his arrest statement claiming the person he arrested was interfering in the arrest and was encouraging onlookers to riot. This was an utter lie and fabrication. There an adgae that Police officers will always lie on their arrest reports and this video bears that out at least in this officers case.

Note also that this a senior officer and one that makes 250,000$$ a year. These guys are well paid by the 1 percent.

Note that in the article how the Police got their revenge on the man wrongully arrested in a later arrest . This one too is suspect as the Baltimore Police force is known as one of the most corrupt in the USA.

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Please explain how Eric Garner “assaulted” Officer Pantaleo.

I’m going to have to disagree with people protesting the cops in this new police shooting. I watched it. That young man just robbed someone at gunpoint. The cop was brave enough to approach these two suspects who matched the description without his gun out yet. Then the kid runs and it does look like he’s reaching for his pants right before the cop shoots. I can’t imagine being a cop in such a situation. Eric Garner was a tragedy, but this criminal in the new video deserved to die. He could of got arrested but instead took the risk and ran while reaching for his gun apparently.

Note: The 1% don’t pay taxes. We do.
This officers very high salary is paid by the people he and his ilk oppress.

You have a link to back up your assertion? Thanks.

You are a racist fascist piece of filth spouting totally unsubstantiated racist nonsense. Post flagged.

A person running away can hardly shoot at the cop at the same time, eh?

And sorry, but only an idiot and racist would think that shooting the suspect down dead as the only resolution of this issue. I’m sure your view of what the cop did would be to0tally different if it were a blond-haired white kid.

If he had run, he would have been shot, and if he didn’t run, he would have been shot. His possession of a gun should be totally unimportant for a second-amendment supporter like you. Oh, that’s right - the second amendment does not apply to niggers. Right?

Pantaleo used a chokehold which his own unit had ruled illegal.

Ha. You ignore the fact that he was armed, dangerous (b/c he just robbed someone), ran away, AND reached in his clothes/waist where the gun likely was. I think the cop should be excused, and likely will be. It’s a tough situation, but the kid had it coming. Was it the best case scenario? No. But I bet if you were in that situation you’d quickly learn that any hesitation in such a circumstance would lead to your death, or you might be some kind of “idiot or racist” yourself

I watched the video - I saw no reaching. and shooting back at teh cop in that full run would have bee totally impossible. They could have let him run then apprehended him later.

Somehow, things like this are resolved in the rest of the civilized world without deadly force.

Cops scare the fuck out of me. I thought I was going to die when stopped on my scooter for running a stop sign once…

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