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"It's a Long List": Ahead of New Legislation, Warren Documents Endless List of Trumpian Corruption

All I can say is that I’m thankful that the opinions expressed in this comment section are only those of a tiny minority of bitter old men and women. Progressive leftists, especially young people, including the DSA, fully support Sen Warren’s ideas and her proposed legislation. They may seem Quixotic for now, but that is soon going to change.

Oh, please. THEY ALL LIE. They are ALL in the oligarchs’ stable of wholly owned, and I mean OWNED, as chattel.

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Feel better now?

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Be careful. Yunzer will come after you, and, OMG, flag your comment.


What good is a mapped out plan if no republican is going to vote for it?
I want to see a coalition of like minds with Warren to step up the plate and start swinging.
Pin the corruption on every violators door step and keep it up until they get too uncomfortable and can’t ignore the band playing loudly in their ears.

This capitalism is putting the squeeze on us, and it has to stop, friendly-like, or unfriendly-like. G

Actually the dem’s are splitting just as the Tea Party divorced itself from the GOP.
There will be old school neoliberal democrats that won’t go willingly.
But the “Blue Wave” is real and gathering steam. Someone had better get out of the way or we might be in for a repeat of the 1968 Democratic Convention. That is if republicans are on the prowl. G

The good is in preparing for the blue-wave-takeover in November and being ready to move swiftly.

What you fail to grasp is that there will be no Democratic legislation passed anytime soon. Let’s see what she proposes when there is a theoretical Democratic control of congress and the presidency in 2020.


sorry I offended your delicate sensibilities

what part was unfounded, oh dedicated arbiter of truths