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'It's A Phone, Not A Gun': Protests Against Police Killing in Sacramento Block Highway, NBA Game


'It's A Phone, Not A Gun': Protests Against Police Killing in Sacramento Block Highway, NBA Game

Julia Conley, staff writer

Demonstrators blocked an interstate highway in Sacramento, Calif. on Thursday afternoon as they protested the city's latest police shooting of an unarmed black man.

Hundreds of protesters chanted, "It's a phone, not a gun!" in reference to the killing last Sunday night of 22-year-old Stephon Clark, a father of two who was shot 20 times by two police officers while standing in the backyard of his grandparents' home, where he'd been staying.


And the nuts in this nation want to arm teachers in the classroom! Two “trained” officers let loose with 20 bullets to hit a target that is really almost a shadow; how did one officer discern that what the young man was holding was a gun??? I would wager that most of those 20 shots missed. And how do we think arming teachers, who will not be trained properly to use force on a threat to be shooting??? Please!
We have a fascination with violence. Watching the local news here I wanted to vomit when the newsreader was interviewing a, “police expert” who predictably expounded that the police were justified. Who speaks for the murdered???
If police officers are so afraid for their lives then get the hell out of the police force. Do something else. Save lives.


Classy way to be, Vivek.

Surveillance of the break-ins of the cars, maybe description of the offender, maybe even when did it occur would seem to be warranted before a couple of officers start chasing and shooting. Car break-ins, criminal, yes, but a petty crime.

Seems that the cops get called, and they are going to chase and shoot the first person they see, even the caller, as happens with several police shootings recently, including the Australian woman.


A lot of police officers are trained in Israel where the sub human Palestinians are used as the example. After that, I imagine these two were ready for their paid vacation.



The yelling of GUN, Gun Gun is cover done deliberately and is very calculated. Police officers understand that what they say is very often recorded in such incidents. By yelling Gun gun Gun they can shoot at will even if they know there not a gun . In followup hearings they can say “see i thought there was a gun…”

I really do not think these officers were “afraid for their lives”. They just saw an opportunity and took it.


This is the continuing consequence of overtly militarizing the police force. We have to stop turning over military surplus items to police forces, stop the expansion of SWAT teams, and de-escalate.


The crime is police with automatic machine guns and an ignoramus with a chance to play Rambo. Disarm these bastards.

Another thing, police are not “officers” of anything. It’s just an unearned term to mask their marginal education. Police are thugs. They are the penultimate gangsters steeped in lies, cheating and lawlessness. They mock the rule of law.


Cops should be given rubber bullets if they don’t understand when to shoot, and when not to shoot.


I don’t go as far as you Editor. I’ve known good cops and I’ve known bad ones. The problem is that the system shields the bad ones, and therefore discourages the good ones. When you have someone who is insulated from the consequences of their own bad actions, and is protected by the system that is supposed to prevent it, the good cops suffer, just like the populace. We need to reclaim the police


Nice little protest. People were heard and a positive result was achieved. There should be no reason to have to protest. Depending on where you live, this could be you on the phone.


Yup. Why do you think they become cops in the first place? What a job! You get to lord it over every other human being, control what they say, do, and you can even take away anyone else’s freedom or LIFE at your whim. You get to demean them, order them around, you can even make them crawl on their BELLY at your mere voice command. And you can do all of this every day, week after week, year after year, without ever once having to worry about getting in trouble for any of it. For the truly narcissistic bully, it is the ultimate dream job (next to President).


Why aren’t they trained to back off and assess the situation instead of instantly engaging and then killing. I say they are trained for murder.


And they also had a helicopter overhead. Yes - its a police state.


Yea - I’ve heard that one before - good cop - bad cop. It’s one of the games they play. How often to the “good cops” stand up against the “bad cops?”


THAT is the problem - the system is stacked to defend the bad cops at the expense of the good ones.

We need to find a way to rebalance the system. Demilitarization would go some of the way - makes it less “glamorous” and “exciting” for the bad cops that @dissent describes.


uh yeah, I had one of those at my house recently for a gas smell. This guy was like “why is your attic door open?” Ventilation maybe? His partner’s face showed that she thought he was nuts.


I didn’t watch the game, but did anybody kneel a la Kaepernik for the anthem? That was his original theme.


Personally,I think blocking freeways is counterproductive. A lot of people were angry when the freeway was blocked in Oakland, including supporters of the message, when the stories of hardship from travelers started hitting the news. Local news was really happy to play those up.

That said, I agree the end-all outcome was good.


There’s no such thing as a good cop, as long as they protect the bad ones. If there were good ones, they would be speaking out loudly about the bad ones. But they cower in silence of their beloved and depraved brotherhood. Screw them all unless they have the courage to take care of their own bad cops.


I don’t believe that. What I do believe though is that we need to quit hiring ex military to be police officers. The two missions are completely different.