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"It's a Superspreader Event": Few Masks in Sight at Packed Trump Campaign Rally in Michigan

Hopefully for not more than three months . . .

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No, that it couldn’t happen was pretty much the point. Rich people are protected by better health care, testing, equipment, environment, mobility, information… The chances of a good outcome for the 99% are bazillions to one.

I’m always sorry when some conservative oligarch dies unrepentant. Reagan, Thatcher, Kissinger, Vietnam pseudo-warriors… because they no longer have a chance to learn. Better if they’re incapacitated and can no longer do damage but can still come to a better understanding of life.

Prison would work, too, as would a truth and reconciliation process of a suspended sentence in exchange for telling the truth about what they’ve done (particularly but not only in terms of climate denying delayalism) and giving up the wealth they got while committing crimes. They also would give up all positions of leadership.


Here’s an interesting look into the data:


There are several countries that experienced undeniable spikes in excess deaths.

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Paul, a fine comment! (smiles)
Concert-goers will be learning about science very soon.
Perhaps also learn this is not a hoax after all.

Looking at the current REPORTED figures both worldwide (28,000,000 infected and 900,000 deaths) and here in the U.S. (6,500,000 infected and 194,000 deaths) it looks like the fatality rate is not the CDC’s original estimate of around ten percent, but a lower and somewhat more tolerable three percent. But three percent of America’s 330 million peo-
ple is still about 10 Million deaths in the U.S. by two or three years from now, if the virus continues to spread until al­most everyone has been exposed.  Hopefully a preponderance of deaths will be among MAGA-Morons and their fam­ilies & associates, and collateral damage will be relatively light.

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You’re off by a decimal point, friend. The fatality rate per capita is .35% (or so). So you’d be looking at 1 million deaths. Which is fucking crazy in its own right.

That .35%, BTW, is roughly (it’s always roughly because data gathering is far from thorough) 4X the generally accepted seasonal flu rate.

But here’s a generally safe way to compare: In an average flu season, with a vaccine that is typically 40% effective, and with zero mask wearing or social distancing or lockdowns, around 50,000 people die in the US from influenza strains. With C19 we have no vaccine, some fairly prevalent mask wearing, social distancing and lockdowns, and we’re at 200,000 deaths and climbing quickly.

Well, maybe you’re right — let’s double-check my math using the REPORTED figures cited above, and not the estimates that the number of cases is ten times higher —
    900,000 ÷ 28,000,000 =    9 / 280   = 0.0321 => 3.21 percent.
In the U.S.:
    195,000 ÷ 6,400,000 = 195 / 6,400 = 0.0305 => 3.05 percent.


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The above are old figures – I haven’t seen the most recent U.S. figures, although I did hear a vague reference this mor­ning that our death count had reached 200,000 as of late yesterday, so my earlier prediction of 200,000 fatal cases by Labor Day was only five days off.

I vaguely remember Dr. Fauci and/or others estimating that the actual number of cases could be as high as ten times the number reported, which would lower my 3.0 percent to 0.3 percent.   OTOH, I have seen estimates that the death count is well below the true number due to undiagnosed victims dying at home and in nursing homes, so perhaps our long-ago estimate of about one percent of C-19 cases resulting in the death of the victim was correct and the corona­virus is not Mother Nature’s vaccine against rampant humanity after all.  Or at least not a very effective one.

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Wrong again, Fester.   Assuming Tweetle-Dumb’s mandate that the CDC suppress its Covid-19 figures so he won’t look QUITE so awful hasn’t (yet) affected what the LibTard MSM reports on the Telly, Monday night’s numbers for the U.S. were 6,576,000 cases and 195,618 dead due to C-19.   That works out to a death rate of 2.97 percent, so it ap­pears my 200,000 dead prediction won’t be achieved until a full week and a half after Labor Day.   Should I move my 300,000 dead prediction back from Hallowe’en to Armistice Veterans’ Day, or is Tweetle-Dumb going to keep on hav-
ing indoor rallies so that we hit can 400,000 C-19 deaths by Hanukkah instead of New Years??

Tonight we will hit 200,000 Americans killed by this virus…which one person had the information and power to help prevent. I still can’t believe that even that ignorant self absorbed narcissistic idiot, could be so callous as to allow this manslaughter.

It’s Naziism. Trump and his Nazi team (Stephen Miller, William Barr etc.) are happy to have so many “undesirables” die.

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