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It's a Trap! Red Alert Sounded as GOP "Skinny Repeal" Identified as "Trojan Horse"


It's a Trap! Red Alert Sounded as GOP "Skinny Repeal" Identified as "Trojan Horse"

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the latest reports on Thursday suggesting Republicans in the Senate are going to finalize the details of their so-called "skinny repeal" bill at a lunchtime meeting, opponents of the effort are decrying the bill as a "Trojan Horse" and "humanitarian catastrophe" that would strip healthcare coverage from millions of people while inflicting untold damage on the nation's sick and vulnerable.


All eyes focused on Manchin, Warner, McCaskill, Heitkamp, and Tester.

Hope I’m wrong about these conservadems…but the appeal of last-minute bipartisanship can hoodwink some.


‘to serve man’ - dreadfully overcooked, and painfully predictable but…


Joe Manchin is up for re-election in 2018 and is facing a primary challenger. This would seal the deal for him. His state heavily relies on Medicaid.
Having said that, he is also afraid of Medicare-For-All.


Repeal and replace the healthcare of these monsters until we have Improved Medicare For All–including these cretins.


as soon as i saw the title of this piece, “It’s a Trap! Red Alert Sounded” i rushed to re-post from my response on another site, same subject:

before even reading more of your post i offered an up-vote as soon as i saw this sentence, " Despair because somehow the assumption has seeped into political discourse that ObamaCare is the best we can realistically hope for these days." it’s a trap! this is just a slight of hand trick to cause people to fight for that gift to insurance companies. i’ve talked with lots of people who complain that obama-care fails them, but the politicians use scare tactics to encourage people to believe saving the unaffordable care act is a win for the people. bull!


This whole “Obamacare repeal” issue encapsulates a problem with the “resistance” to this current nightmare of an administration. That these “resisting” Dems want to go back to how things were. We have reached a point where we can’t and must not go back to how things were since things were already on the precipice of corporate fascism. We need to work towards a more socialized society, lest we just continue going deeper into this nightmare.


It’s sad that even mentioning the only logical solution to the constant take-over attempts of our country by these monsters could get a rational person locked up for a long, long time, while the criminals continue to walk free. For twelve years, five days each week, I pledged allegiance to Liberty and Justice for All, and I will bet most of you did. too. What are we going to do? Whose country? OUR country! Never forget it’s We, The People, who are ultimately responsible to protect our Liberty.


Plainly, deception has become normalized and valorized.
The animals continue their insane conflict.
Strangely, some call this civilization.


Is “Working Families Party” a political party? Will our disgust with neoliberal Democrats and our exit to third parties lose Progressive Democrats to Trump and the GOP once more? What party could third parties rally around to prevent that, a Progressive Democratic Party? An Independent Party? A Democratic Socialist Party? A Left Libertarian Party? A Green Party? A Labor Party? The Black Panther Party? Or will fragmented progressives lose to Trump again?

Republican dirty tricksters must be making lots of money with their divide and conquer tactics. The oligarchy has bottomless pockets. Progressives had better get their act together.

Direct Democracy


Is it just my misunderstanding, or is Greenstein missing the obvious danger that the House could just as easily pass the “skinny repeal” that the Senate sends them, and that such an event is quite probably the point, for the Senate to launder its repeal vote in the House, in a false pretense from the Senate that theirs is practically just a procedural vote because the House agrees to then conference with the Senate and on some imaginary jointly approved replacement bill that will somehow be better than what the Senate, and the House prior, have already been unwilling to propose, that is, a bill that makes the simple fixes to the health insurance marketplace (the same stuff that makes Massachusetts Romneycare work, and that federal Republicans have historically passed when they last legislated Medicare Advantage in 2003, and that already exists within the ACA but just needs support or reform), instead of destroying the marketplace now, and sending us back to the days before the ACA, when the only affordable market that existed was for typically large employers offering benefit plans with good professional jobs, and there was no affordable individual insurance market at all for anyone without one of those jobs. Killing the individual marketplace is a victory against the freedom of labor and human enterprise, and a big win for definitionally fascist social control, that is, the collusion of big government, in the form of the Republican Party, with big corporate power, to narrowly control the resources we all pay for in taxes and out of pocket, thereby dictating individual “choice” in life from the very top.


McCain and his fellow-buddies will probably be thrown under the bus if they vote for the skinny repeal, even if McConnell PROMISES that it will be “sent to conference”, where it can be pored over, discussed, changed, and the ACA made better (with a new name). Since McConnell is as crazy as Trump, his word cannot be relied on, if it ever could be.


Keep reminding us, natureboy. It’s the elephant in the room. Clearly, we have the technical ability to bring direct democracy into being. But conversation about that is tacitly forbidden .TPTB are only interested in a system they can corrupt. Thanks for your on-going posts.


Who ever heard of corrupting anything on the internet.


Manchin’s no vote has way more to do with the Republican drive to wreck Medicaid, which 30% of his state is on, than the primary. The man sucks on the environment, let’s be clear about that, but he’s not stupid either. As a former governor, he knows what destroying Medicaid will mean for his state. Like Jim Justice, he’s the type of Democrat that wins in West Virginia no matter what some people want to tell themselves.

It’s also fair to note, the guy is in a pitched battle with McConnell over miners pensions and health benefits. He’s been working on the issue with Sherrod Brown and successfully moved a bill through the Senate until McConnell basically double-crossed him then took credit for a last minute half-assed deal on healthcare. He’s got the strong support of the unions for his efforts and owes McConnell nothing.


It didn’t pass. McCain took a giant shxt on Trump’s orange head. McCain doesn’t like wise guys that are completely captured by the Russian kleptocracy. He likes guys that aren’t captured, only the ones in the huge insurance and pharmaceutical businesses, unfortunately.
Here comes the tweets! The Fxckhead-In-Chief seems a little perturbed. Poor no-good bastard.
Colllins and Murkowski are reasonably sane, thank you very much.


We are becoming a sick society in so many ways. May a healthy society rise out of the ashes. Good luck with that.


All you old farts out there, and I’m an old fart of 72, this is one mor step in the unraveling of US social services. Medicare will soon be on the chopping block; let the seniors who can no longer work die as they are of no longer of any use to the oligarchs once their paltry savings are exhausted.

Think of that when u vote.


95% of illness is caused by addictions and the average American diet
of garbage food, empty calories void of nutrition.

So, why destroy our economy by doubling the size of butcher medicine?


Your logic fails the sniff test. For the putrefied crap that Americans put in their guts is the root cause for most illness,

So, when a healthy diet will cure the problem, why destroy the economy by doubling the size of disaster medicine?