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'It's a White House Whitewash': Accusations of Kavanaugh Cover-Up as Dems Demand Release of Trump's FBI Directive

'It's a White House Whitewash': Accusations of Kavanaugh Cover-Up as Dems Demand Release of Trump's FBI Directive

Julia Conley, staff writer

Calling the FBI's investigation a "whitewash" that could also represent a "cover-up" orchestrated by the White House, Democratic lawmakers and Brett Kavanaugh's critics were outraged Thursday as they demanded full transparency regarding how the probe was carried out and denounced Republicans for trying to spin the resulting report as sufficient.

Democrat politicians get bribes from the same asshole oligarchs that bribe Republicans


Just more proof of what I have called the democratic party for years: THE FAKE OPPOSITION PARTY!


Good point. Things like earth ending climate change, the US sanctioning the world, the US bearing down on Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela; Russia clashing with Israel in Syria.

The list is endless.

But hey, there’s no money in covering the end of the world as we know it.


Thank You Sen . Heidi Heitkamp for coming out against Kavanaugh. What is sad is the real argument against Kavanaugh is diversity. We don’t need another Washington insider-elite white male on the court----there are too many already.


We are governed by criminals.I just needed to hear myself say that truth out loud again…


Yeah, so do We the People.

Sure are! Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes drought and Fires… and Trump’s phone call to his Victims yesterday! This system was already in place and he was the first to use it. He has free reign to call Martial Law on us at any time!

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Not in Democratland. Only Trump and Kavadork in orbit. Any other issue might lead to having to pretend someone cares about it. Besides, those stealthy tax cuts are going to make the Dems richer, too.

Anyway, enough of this silly diversion and back to what matters. Hearings and Trump!

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George, there are multiple crisis–existential crisis–which does not negate what is being done to women, girls and boys and the obvious parallel to the raping of Mother Earth. This is a matter of importance and indicates that we as a people have yet to learn a necessary lesson of valuing opposites–Life is one of unity but we miss it as long as we fight one another and soon it translates into war, racism, exploitation of all kinds. These issues are related because they fragment our awareness of not only human solidarity but solidarity with all creatures sharing a common home.


I’ll state the obvious. Judge Kavanaugh tried hard to be a polished liar but he pretty much cracked wide open when the Democratic Senators questioned him. It smells like Kavanaugh committed a string of sexual assaults and then he lied a lot, under threat of perjury.

I have known in my lifetime a child abuser who was repentant years later. I respect sexual abusers who repent and who try to heal their communities. Unrepentant rapists are a different animal. I have known in my lifetime a serial rapist who never came clean. In his old age he eventually tiptoed into dementia, seriously crazy at times and a physical, weapon-toting mortal danger to his friends and relatives.

I tend not to respect an unrepentant rapist’s friends, especially if they’re involved in a coverup of the rapes.


Whitewash? Coverup? The list of those in opposition to this is an arm long. That arm isn’t attached to a body though. All the words spoken, all the phone calls made, all the petitions signed and all the comments made in forums like this one cannot put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

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Are there other things happening in the world?

The ice caps are melting.

And the population of the planet increases at three additional people per second.


The earth is not your mother. Please stop these fantasies that a planet is somehow part of your heterosexual agenda.

This is why the planet is a mess in the first place. People assume EVERYTHING revolves around heterosexuality and breeding.

Sorry, democrats don’t do anything loudly, but they didn’t have the political clout to stop this. Only a measure of good conscience from the right could have stopped this, and they still can.

The pain is just beginning and before Trump is through many republicans will be sorry for voting for him.

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They used to do much of their dirty work behind closed doors, keeping the women and colored folks in the dark until it was too late to protest. Since our condescending president GW Bush, sticking it to the public has become an open affair.


Thanks for sharing your story. It’s takes much courage. You are right, there is no need for shame as it was not your actions that were shameful or wrong. Yet I understand the embarrasmment associated with retelling these types of stories even decades later, which is also something we should not feel, but this society has such a tendency to place blame and anger upon the victims instead of the perpetrators.

As if the entire Trump administration and the havoc they are reeking wasn’t bad enough on it’s own, this whole SCOTUS nomination clown show has become so farcical that I honestly have a hard time believing the course of history that is unfolding before our very eyes. The times seem so surreal anymore, to say the least.

Peace, love and solidarity, sister!


Voter enthusiasm among Republicans just climbed into a statistical tie with the Dems.

The Blue Wave is looking less and less likely by the day.

Yes, we have the ongoing US for profit wars of terror/aggression that were fraudulently justified beginning with the treasonous 9-11 mass murder destruction, that also justified the destruction of our Constitutional freedoms under the label of national security. The Demorats also went along with that as well.


Thank you, blueseahorse…