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It's a Wonderful Life... For Bankers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/23/its-wonderful-life-bankers


“Its a Wonderful life” is a feel good story. Most people like to feel good and most people like to think the World in which they live in is good.

As such “Its a Wonderful Life” remains a very popular movie and people tend to buy into its message because they want to feel good.

This creates the illusion that what is reflected in “its a Wonderful Life” is a reflection of reality. Embracing this illusion is what allowed the Bankers to steal and defraud and game the system for the sake of the 1 percent.


Warren’s problem is that she grew up Republican (and supports military options), did contract bankruptcy law work for corporations against the public interest until the late 1990s and is now slightly more progressive compared to Clinton and Biden.

As head of the TARP oversight committee, she allowed the too-big-to-fail bankers to keep their jobs, bonuses and right to foreclose while getting government bailouts. Her behavior was worth Trillions to the bankers. Warren (and Biden’s) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) did catch a fraction of the fraud going around during the Obama/Biden administration but making the CFPB a part of the private Federal Reserve doomed it’s future to being underfunded by the Fed and handicapped by future neoliberal presidents.

Without Warren in the race, Sanders would be consistently beating Biden. Warren will fold like a cheap suit at the convention and endorse frontrunner Biden.

https://cdn-static-1.medium.com/_/fp/icons/favicon-rebrand-medium.3Y6xpZ-0FSdWDnPM3hSBIA.ico) [Medium – 11 Mar 19](https://medium.com/@SuperSovietBox/elizabeth-warren-is-not-bernie-with-a-vagina-457f0a93248

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Credit Unions requested that they be permitted to loan up to 26% of their deposits to small businesses from about 10% previous. On c-span, the hearing only had two representatives hearing the testimony and they deferred any decision for six months.

Two fixes are banks not trading in shares, either common or preferred, bonds or derivatives. Banks would return to doing business within one state only. They could still form a group for the larger amounts.

When Chicago banks purchased the Detroit banks, I thought that the chicago folks had no experience working with auto suppliers. Turned out to be true.

Look at what a candidate has done in their life, not what they currently say. Just as Obama kept saying he looked up to Raygun, we should have been warned right then and there that he would cave in to the GOP. Sure enough, he did, right out of the gate. In 2010, the voters showed him that they wanted real GOP power in office, not a DINO Congress.