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"It's About Damn Time": Cautious Optimism as Imminent Charges Reported for Michigan Ex-Officials Over Flint Water Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/12/its-about-damn-time-cautious-optimism-imminent-charges-reported-michigan-ex

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What did Obama’s EPA do to make anything better except lie? Snyder isn’t the only chief executive who failed to serve Flint, and in Obama’s case there were more cities than Flint with sub-standard water. Just one more case where Trumps change from Obama was nil. Both didn’t manage the EPA in the public interest.


Obama went to Flint, and sipped one molecule of water on TV so as to say the water was perfect, then he did nothing. I don’t even think he swallowed any.


Obama looks intelligent, acts intelligent writes books that are intelligent but in the end what good is intelligence, of an individual or of a society that does not implement its highest understanding.

This is not evolution but a sign of why true change takes so long in a country claiming to be so advanced in so many ways but in reality continues primitive behaviour.


let us not forget that Obama and Biden gaslit Flint and then did NOTHING for the people poisoned by their Republican buddies–for many years and counting–also don’t forget that Snyder was touted as a huge supporter of Biden in the last election were the Democrats sucked up to these criminals while dissing the progressive elements of that party–the connections to the political criminals are visible—it is clear that the inhabitants of BOTH political parties are massively deficient in that basic political ingredient–take care of your constituents



As a professional engineer, I want to see some accountability for any professionals who knew the risks and remained silent to their respective associations. There is no excuse for such behavior. Ethics first and foremost.

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