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"It's About Letting Giant Corporations Rig the Rules": Warren Skewers TPP


"It's About Letting Giant Corporations Rig the Rules": Warren Skewers TPP

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has once again taken aim at the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), skewering the corporate-friendly trade deal she says will allow for "open season on laws that make people safer."

Warren makes the remarks about the 12-nation trade deal, which still needs Congressional approval, to progressive activists in a video released Thursday by social change network CREDO Action.


Once again, Warren reveals hypocrisy in condemning the TPP, while enthusiastically endorsing the Democratic candidate for President most likely to support passage of it, no matter what she is saying for the sake of convenience at the moment. Warren continues to disappoint those of us who thought she was a true champion of The People by refusing to have endorsed her natural ally, Sanders, for the sake of being in the winning establishment clique of Clinton. She is doing nothing to convince those of us who will not support Clinton, under any circumstances that we are wrong in our opposition to her. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


Down with all allies or would be allies to our movement! Our cynicism is Pure! Our nihilism is Holy!


Perhaps Liz should have thought about this before she rejected support for Bernie Sanders and threw her now tarnished/trashed integrity and support to Clinton.
Talk’s cheap, and actions speak much louder than pandering - the few Dems who supported Sanders showed great courage and integrity - to say/claim one supports an issue while not standing tall for that issue is political cowardice - few who really see the stark truths of where we now stand and who/what controls/dominates our direction into the future, and have learned the lessons of the past will not shrink from courageous actions - when provided the great opportunity some, who should not have, failed.

The TPP must be taken down along with all who work to bring it to fruition - ie, Obama, the Clinton machine and the Dem hierarchy/corporate establishment and their R’Con allies…


What’s yer point?


Email scandal over?
Hold on.
Researchers have determined it isn’t the emails Clinton turned over but rather her ‘18 minute gap’ of missing emails.
Great article by the author of Clinton Cash in Politico:

Awaiting more from Wikileaks.


So help me out here:
Hillary, Killary, Shillary called TPP the ‘gold standard.’
When Bernie score points by opposing it from the start she changed her position and opposed it.
But at the platform meetings - while both Bernie and Clinton (allegedly) oppose TPP, it failed to be included in the Democratic platform.
I’m beginning to sense this Clinton person speak with fork tongue.
And while the email mess isn’t really over we now have Congress ready to investigate whether she lied to them…under oath…as in perjury:

Time for the David Brock trolls to start spinning a defense on this new investigation.
As far as missing emails- maybe they are in the same folder as the Goldman Sachs transcripts.
Main stream media may have forgotten those transcripts.
I haven’t.
How 'bout you?


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Everyone seems to have forgotten about Hillary’s refusal to release her million dollar speeches to Goldman Sachs. What about that Liz?


The only candidates in the 2016 POTUS race who have never supported TPP are Sanders, Stein and Trump.

Warren’s skewing should help those candidates as much or more than it helps Clinton.


They paved paradise, put up a parking lot, a pink hotel,
a boutique and a swingin’ hot spot.


Why did you allow yourself to be photographed with a major proponent of the TPP then, a senior member of the CCF! Hillary Clinton! CCF = (Clinton Crime Family)


Being that Warren was a Republican, I was not surprised she did not back Bernie. Must be that “socialism” thing.


So should she have expressed support of the TPP?


The fact that she only mentions the middle-class and not the poor, that she was a market supporting former Republican made her suspect to some of us. Perhaps she will continue to speak out against such trade deals but she could have made a difference in actually doing something about them had she backed Bernie.


Check out the song by Jackson Browne “Lives in the balance” totally what’s up today.


Nobody gets Trump more upset than Warren. She can really bring it. She is an invaluable asset for stopping Trump, a major goal of Bernie Sanders. If not for the Congress passing fast track changes could have been made in agreement that might have possibly made it more acceptable. But as it stands it certainly should be rejected. There needs to be a complete rethinking about these trade agreements. There is too much power given to investors. Warren is another strong voice opposing this free trade agreement. Hopefully it will be rejected by Congress. Maybe Congress can’t accomplish much anymore but at least Congress should be able to stop bad things from happening.


Just a reminder of a good one going around a couple of months ago: “There was a proposal to put Hillary on Mt. Rushmore, but they decided they didn’t have enough room for two more faces.”


I’ve said for years that the Toilet Paper Plan was designed to wipe us all out. Many others have concurred. It seems to me that the Clintonostra is just telling everyone, “Don’t squeeze the Charmin.”


Aaaaaaaaand…there goes Warren’s chances of being Vice President.

I’m glad she’s bringing up the TPP (these things tend to get buried quick in the mainstream media), but it’s a bit too late. Hillary Clinton, if she’s elected, will support the TPP immediately. Someone who thought the TPP was “The Gold Standard” isn’t about to drop something that so many of her corporate supporters worked for years on.

Welcome to the future, where environmental laws will now cost us billions to whatever corporation wants to sue the country.