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"It's About Letting Giant Corporations Rig the Rules": Warren Skewers TPP


Thanks for the link. Very interesting.


Liz. you’re CONFUSING me BIG TIME…Does your boss know what you think of the TPP? I think you guys need to talk


They’ll just scrap ‘TPP’ and call it something else


her support for Bernie early on would have put him over the top instantly…


she HAD an opportunity to make the very EASY and very CLEAR choice of endorsing Sanders over Clinton…It would have been an unambiguous decision if she REALLY believes what she says…She also could have continued to NOT endorse EITHER candidate and just kept out of that ‘fight’. That would have been OK by me, but when she went on the campaign trail with Clinton…That just made my skin crawl


“But at the platform meetings - while both Bernie and Clinton (allegedly) oppose TPP, it failed to be included in the Democratic platform.”

you caught that too. WTF?


god I hope not. Republican run ‘investigations’ always just make them look like fuggin idjits…She’d come off looking really good like after the Dowdy Doody Benghazi ‘hearings’…Lets not give her that leg up


well to be fair, Trump’s lack of support amounts to ‘A thing that came out of his mouth this one time’…He stands for nothing and has no convictions one way or the other about anything not directly related to himself


It seems to me that Warren has been turned into a clown for the DNC.


Liz was brought on as cover for Hillary whose owners [the normal Wall Street crowd} immediately told Hillary if shes on the ticket we are gone. Back to the back benches Liz…


She has, she endorsed Clinton.


Umm I felt exactly the same, especially when proclaiming that Hilary has a good heart (she probably has for those who support her) but I wonder!

Warren is a canny cookie and like Bernie has a wealth of experience of the inner working of government. Maybe she is playing the long game. Give her credit where credit is due, we need every influential voice in the fight against the TPP.

It will be interesting to see if she is still on the short list for VP :slight_smile:


Put some action into fighting the TPP http://www.flushthetpp.org/nolameduck/
There are several actions planned for the summer. Check them out and help


Good that Sen. Warren is opposing TPP — but there’s massive cognitive dissonance in her contextual position, because: While she voices opposition to TPP and then simultaneously/parenthetically praises Obama for his nixing of the Keystone XL Pipeline, Warren still makes absolutely no mention of the far more important and disastrous fact that Obama remains, nevertheless, a loud proponent of TPP itself.

Instead of simply praising Obama for his having safely ‘thrown-a-bone’ to (legitimate) environmental concerns RE Keystone, Warren should’ve at least gone-on to challenge Obama on his slippery inconsistency, to wit: Mr. Prez, you really can’t sensibly be against Keystone but for TPP, at the same time – w/o blatantly contradicting yourself…!
Apparently Warren is too politically “polite” for this kind of intra-Party candor… .


I have said it before and I will say it again. It’s put up or shut up time for the democrats. I don’t believe a single word either Warren or Clinton spout. Oh you don’t like TPP. Who cares, Warren will cave like every other spineless democrat. We have all seen this movie before. Your promises mean nothing.


An article on Counterpunch suggested that her main objective was avoiding her emails being subject to FOIA requests.


Let’s hear the same words out of Clinton’s mouth.


If Warren doesn’t like Obama’s TPP, why doesn’t she attack Obama? This woman is such a hypocrite. For the life of me I can’t fathom why people on the left ever thought she was any kind of “progressive.” With Democrats like this, who needs Republicans?


Warren is a smart cookie, I wonder what scheme for her self-preservation she has going. Me thinks she comes out in support for Hillary, who pays the bare minimum of lip service to being against the TPP, but whose heart really feels it’s the “gold standard” of trade deals, which gives Warren progressive cover. Warren knows that the TPP will get passed in an Obama lame duck congress, so Hillary will be off the hook and it won’t make Warren look bad for what would’ve been an inevitable Hillary flip flop (again). In the end, Warren gets some cush job in the HRC administration and comes out still smelling like a progressive. Hmmmmm.


There is no question that Warren has been remarkably… well, flexible in her “heartfelt convictions,” with her own career being her top priority. Good for her, we all admire her ambition and success. But let’s also demand some measure of integrity.

Warren has supported the Clintons since the 1990s, only periodically stepping back when one or the other Clinton was engaged in a particular scandal. Warren is well-aware of the work the two Clintons have put into the “free trade” bills. Bill Clinton had stuck us with NAFTA, so it was no surprise to see Hillary Clinton – in 2015, before launching her campaign – working on pushing the TPP through Congress. For Warren to support the Clinton wing while claiming to oppose their agenda defies all logic.

We don’t need more politicians who represent their parties. We need some who will represent the people, instead.