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"It's Actually AOC Plus 115": Ocasio-Cortez Corrects Trump on Popularity of Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/its-actually-aoc-plus-115-ocasio-cortez-corrects-trump-popularity-green-new-deal


While Biden has distanced himself from the Green New Deal label,

One thing that I have to agree with Trump about is that Biden is a typical, corrupt politician telling the progressives what they want to hear. Joe’s distance from endorsing the Green New Deal speaks volumes about him being in the pocket of big oil and fracking.


AOC is the clearest voice of where this nation must go!


Howie is right on target!


That is exactly the reason that AOC and the Squad have been demonized with the pejorative of being:" LEFT WINGNUT RADICALS"!


And we can’t save the planet as long as half of our discretionary budget is making war.


Joe is quite the contrast to trump, who spells out his horrid positions right in front of our faces. We can choose what method of diversion we want to vote for.

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This is also why we need to have the League of Women Voters take back the debate stage. Under them , 3rd and in some cases, 4th party candidates were able to debate their positions. There was none of this, “You have to approximately 3% in order to be on the stage” BS. The Greens, the Independents, and whomever else would have a fighting chance and most certainly begin pushing the more entrenched parties–D & R–to either step-up or shut-up.


Chris Hedges is depressing, but right, as usual:

"By voting for Biden and the Democratic Party you vote for something.

“You vote to endorse the humiliation of courageous women such as Anita Hill who confronted their abusers. You vote for the architects of the endless wars in the Middle East. You vote for the apartheid state in Israel. You vote for wholesale surveillance of the public by government intelligence agencies and the abolition of due process and habeas corpus. You vote for austerity programs, including the destruction of welfare and cuts to Social Security. You vote for NAFTA, free trade deals, de-industrialization, a real decline in wages, the loss of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and the offshoring of jobs to underpaid workers who toil in sweatshops in Mexico, China or Vietnam. You vote for the assault on teachers and public education and the transfer of federal funds to for-profit and Christian charter schools. You vote for the doubling of our prison population, the tripling and quadrupling of sentences and huge expansion of crimes meriting the death penalty. You vote for militarized police who gun down poor people of color with impunity. You vote against the Green New Deal and immigration reform. You vote for the fracking industry. You vote for limiting a woman’s right to abortion and reproductive rights. You vote for a segregated public-school system in which the wealthy receive educational opportunities and poor people of color are denied a chance. You vote for punitive levels of student debt and the inability to free yourself of those debt obligations even if file for bankruptcy. You vote for deregulating the banking industry and the abolition of Glass-Steagall. You vote for the for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical corporations and against universal health care. You vote for defense budgets that consume more than half of all discretionary spending. You vote for the use of unlimited oligarchic and corporate money to buy our elections. You vote for a politician who during his time in the Senate abjectly served the interests of MBNA, the largest independent credit card company headquartered in Delaware, which also employed Biden’s son Hunter.”

full article:


AOC’s Green New Deal is actually a watered-down version of the Green New Deal introduced by the Green Party ten years ago.


She has to start somewhere; babysteps need to be taken with the climate being as it is in the “Democratic Party” of today.


In '16 there were 4 candidates for Pres on enough State ballots to get enough of BOTH the popular and the EC vote to win if enough folks had pulled their levers - but 2 of them were not allowed on the stage. The CPB, which is NOT a gov’t agency, is run by Ds and Rs - so guess who was allowed to debate …


Sorry, too late for “baby steps” …


Perhaps we shouldn’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.
Too fast will lead to chaos, but we need forceful policies along the way.

We aren’t going to have great politicians overnight either.

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Next thing, she’ll be sending Biden a sternly worded letter.

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a majority of voters support [Biden’s] proposal to invest $2 trillion
over four years in energy efficiency, solar, wind, and related projects

$2 trillion is a lot of money. Where to get it?

Answer: start with the budget of the five-sided building.


I think the best course of action is to state your goals, then settle for 50%. Incremental change is how the human evolution works/thinks, and to try and get it in an “all or nothing” way will give us just that… nothing.

After the 50% is sealed, then (as the saying goes) rinse, and repeat. And I don’t mean that we should wait until another round of elections. Just enough time for the idea to sink in… then round two.

Nothing is gained by a single victory. And if it was that easy, it would be that easy to reverse.

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Trying to compromise with physics, chemistry and ecology will get you nowhere. There’s no such thing as compromise when it comes to climate catastrophe; winning halfway is losing completely, and it means the end of civilization and the extinction of millions of species—most life on Earth. We—those who understand that this is an emergency—been “compromising” with (aka surrendering to) the lunatic right for 50 years, but since they haven’t compromised, instead have only been encouraged, emboldened, and enabled by everyone communicating with their terms, we’ve all continued to move toward fascism.

It’s the same deal with cutting old growth timber. I joined Friends of the Earth when I was in high school, and timber corporations and their political flacks were saying we should compromise and only cut part of the old growth timber. Except 98% of it had already been cut at that point. They wanted half of what was left, then half of what was left after that, and half again, and half again, and half again. This has been going on my whole life. If you haven’t figured out by now they were lying the whole time and wanted all of it from the start, because of their hatred of life and wildness and their nihilism, please stop participating in politics because your terminal naiveté is making it harder for the people who have a clue.

With climate, we’ve split the difference between conservative solutions and actual solutions dozens of times, and the conservatives continue to deny reality in an infinite regression with reality. They denied climate change existed, but simultaneously deployed all the other arguments against doing anything, anyway, using the spaghetti-against-the-wall theory.

When that was no longer working they switched to the it’s not humans and we don’t know what’s causing it and climate always changes and the temporary position-holding I’m-not-a-scientist argument, then the it’s too expensive argument (as if that wasn’t denial of all the rest of the facts about the crisis). Every stage has brought us years closer to the end of civilization with no meaningful action to prevent it; now we’re arguing against let’s-depend-on-innovation and the dangling of a carbon tax as activist bait, both still meant just to delay action.

Many Republicans have come around to lying that they’re for a solution to the crisis they formerly denied existed. Some still do deny it exists, and though the vast majority of Republicans have never admitted it does, they’re now proposing fake solutions for the problem they all (in both major US parties) still deny in some way—existence, cause, seriosity, time left for effective action, etc… (The bizarreness of the contradictions just never stops, nor does it stop being hilarious………though not actually funny at all.)

Unfortunately it was already too late, 30 years ago, for the “solution” they’re now fake proposing. By the time they get around to actually going along with a carbon price, it’s almost certain to be too late even for the Green New Deal to succeed, at which point they may start fake agreeing to the GND in order to…yes, further delay any action at all. (And to put off blame, incrimination, and guillotines aimed in their general direction.) That may happen in the next 5 years. At that point we should be able to get a carbon price passed that’s far too weak and slow to matter, instead of merely talked about. I look forward to congratulating CCL and their allies at that time.

OTOH, if we want civilization to survive, we need to stop compromising. We need to understand that what people mean by “perfect” when they misuse that phrase with climate catastrophe, is not so much “perfect” as survival. Survival is not the enemy of the good, it’s the only goal left. Compromising means not surviving.

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