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It's. All. Gone. Too. Far.

You brought it up yourself. Politicians and legislators must be accountable for the health implications of what they do, right?

You brought up the trials at Nuremberg. The Doctors Trial, and the rules that emerged from that experience…

Doctors or scientists are not permitted to act in certain ways when human lives are involved, right? Everything they do must have a reason, and make sense in the context of healing.

When they want to do an experiment they must inform patients of what they intend to do and why.

Please answer because its very very important. I totally agree with what you were saying there, and like you, I just want to see this issue addressed. I don’t want to see people dying in large numbers in future or present Administration’s here in the US because of murderous “incompetence”. Its bothering me how irresponsible some people in positions of authority have been, as this problem is getting worse.

And whats so horrible, is that the underlying reasons for the mess we are in don’t seem to be the ones we’re being told they are.

Are you familiar with the (Nuremberg, Helsinki) rules for doctors and scientists - including economists and psychiatrists, on medical experimentation which they must follow when humans are involved? We touched on why those rules now exist.

Its money, they want high yields on their investments.

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Only a tiny number of those responsible were punished.