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It's Almost Twenty Years Since 9/11

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/17/its-almost-twenty-years-911

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Once upon a time, we were swarmed here in the Commons with earnest souls unalterably convinced that if US Americans only knew the truth, then things could really change. In retrospect, it seems so quaint & charming. Today we’re assured nobody cares about the truth of anything, ever, in madhouse USA.

To paraphrase Marvin the paranoid android: “Truth. Don’t talk to me about truth.”


After 9/11 “truth” plus one or two bucks bought a cup of coffee. The subsequent two decades of the US occupying the Middle East, among the most expensive examples of action based totally on lies, is one example of many.

That same cup of coffee costs three or four bucks today, yet corporations, their politicians and media they tell us that we have had low inflation…oops there I go again dwelling on “truth”…sooooo twentieth century…the last time we had accurate inflation and unemployment stats was during the Carter regime.

The GOP let 9/11 happen, knowing it was an unprecedented opportunity to move the agenda rapidly rightward, applying more disaster capitalism and authoritarian strategies than ever.

Whereas the Dubya regime only lied one or two times each DAY, the Trump regime lies once or twice each HOUR and 70 million plus Murkins think that is wonderful…you can see where we are headed.


It was with some interest that I read an article where a person was claiming that Russia in fact spent far more on its military then the official numbers suggest . He made much the same claim about China and implicit in his argument was US Military spending had to increase.

The basis of his claim is that Russia got way more in the way of stuff for every dollar spent than did the USA. He used Purchasing power parity to suggest Russia needed to spend less rubles to get a frontline jet then the USA spent in dollars.

Rather then concluding that this due to the massive profits and graft inherent in the US system where they pay 3 and 4 times more then the Russians for the same thing , he concludes the US needs to spend more in order to keep up.


This is true, the truth about 9/11 is too far a bridge to cross for most Americans, my family included. They don’t want to hear about the truth, and will not look at the evidence, not wanting to come to terms with their fellow countrymen’s ability to inflicted so much pain, death, and destruction against their own country, for profitable gains. But wishing it away, doesn’t make those who are responsible for these acts go away, it emboldens them even more.
I have come to the conclusion, that most don’t want to know, because it makes them failures as citizens of this country. We as citizens were given a few jobs by the founders, the most important of these jobs was to keep our government in check, and not allow it to “run away” towards authoritarianism, we have failed miserably, and most citizens refuse to face this truth.


9.11 = & of course, building 7 just collapsed - puff !


Interesting comment that I have thought of before. After speaking to U.S. pilots in South Korea who had just returned form war games with our ally India. They all complained that they got their “asses kicked” because our F-16’s were no match for the Russian SU -57 (I think I have the number right?) which cost one tenth of the price of an F-16.
I later met with a friend of mine who is a top ranking Air Force commander in Canada. I said to him that Canada should buy Sukhoi’s instead of F-16’s and thereby save a fortune on military expenses ending up with better planes for far less. naturally he broke out laughing until he realized that he may be in trouble for even discussing such an act of treason.
Not just American citizens, but countries around the world are pressured to buy over priced, inferior U.S. weaponry all the time. From South Korea to NATO to impoverished countries that align themselves with the U.S., they are forced to buy American weapons of mass destruction simply to remain in America’s good graces. It’s this ‘trickle up effect’ that Wall Street loves so much and that average citizens are forced to live with not only in the U.S., but around the globe. Until America can have a Party that is not beholden to the MIC, I can’t see anything changing in my lifetime.


It’s almost twenty years since the wool was pulled over our eyes…


Whether you believe that 9-11 was a response to American military hegemony around the globe or whether you believe that some evil corporate conspiracy is responsible for the attacks on 9-11, in either case it is corporate America that is responsible for endless war.
Though America never really needed an excuse to bomb anyone, there is no question that the public will rally around the enemy (corporate America) as the State provides the public with convenient reasoning for slaughtering innocent people around the globe. As Biden trumpeted during the Obama years that 'no one died" after the unneccessary carpet bombing of Libya, he was actually referring to the fact that no “U.S. soldiers” died in this genocide which highlights the perspective of a sociopath in which only lives of a particular group (U.S. soldiers in this case) are relevant. This disconnect from feeling empathy for everyone who suffers, is a trademark of any die-hard sociopath. It is this collection of sociopaths who dominate our government today.


That certainly shouldn’t be in doubt. Beyond the elipsis you might verge into unnecessary nationalism or patriotism with “against their own country.”

It’s historic crimes of USA all the way down. Against whomever the hell – anyone in our way, we blow them away. We’re taught as children to worship the “greatest generation” who apologize for grotesque, inexcusable nuclear terrorism, committed by Truman the inhuman. My uncle told me those bombs saved his life, because he was a sailor in the Pacific theater. So much for nationalism, patriotism, and the “greatest” (most cowardly) generation. It’s time to dispose of nationalist blinders to the full scope of historic crimes by the basketcase country formerly known as “the world’s sole superpower.”

Because we’re human first, or would be, if we could be. In a world where truth mattered.


This “greatest generation” stuff is also reflected in various writings I have read about people defending the US meddling in elections abroad. I read an article a short time ago where the person acknowledged the USA spent money in foreign Countries that could be construed as “meddling” but then going on to say it not the same as when the Russians do it. The case being made is that when the US spends those dollars abroad in places like Russia and Bolivia and China and the Ukraine “it to support democracy and democratic institutions” as compared to Russia and China who spend such money to “subvert democracy”.

In other words the USA good and everyone else is bad. A brief mention was made almost as an afterthought regarding instances where the US in fact supported tyranny but these dismissed as anomalies and something that had to be done in the short term so as to promote Democracy and Human rights in the long term.

A load of crap in other words but they believe that crap.


and remember Obama wanted to “move” forward and not make bush and company accountable for the death and carnage he rained over Iraq.


True, every word.

I have a radical solution or, rather, a radical start to the solution - bear in mind that the proud anti-intellectualism and studied apathy that we collectively exhibit as a nation won’t go away overnight.

The solution:

The next time you see one of our “brave men and women in uniform” - remember, now, that our military is wholly volunteer-based - spit on the ground in front of them, call them a coward and turn your back on them.

If you see a homeless veteran, just walk on by.

Uninvite any members of your family on military welfare (or, as they like to be called, “soldiers”) for the Christmas holidays, if they usually come over.

Don’t let these selfish savages take the lot of us for fools any longer.


People’s eyes glaze over when I talk about any of this. 9-11? Do you want to dive down that rabbit how? CD has never even acknowledged that anything was even slightly amiss with the 'official story," as of course “educated people” would never question their government’s tale.

More ‘mundane’ realities, like the “weapons of mass destruction,” or rooting out “Al Queda” in Afghanistan, draw equally blank stares. Perhaps I exaggerate, but if people really thought these wars were bogus and based on lies, they would have concluded this a long, long time ago.

Regardless, trying to explain the fundamental crime of ‘war think’ was a demonstrated failure decades ago. Now, people don’t even know what you’re talking about.


Much American weaponry is way overpriced garbage, which is one reason I wouldn’t be placing any bets on the United States winning any of these “big” wars that so many (including many Americans) seem to desire.

War spending is an obscenity. The only bigger obscenity is the American ‘free press’ and it’s war propaganda, and the fact that so many Americans willingly accept it and believe it.


My father fought in the Pacific theater in World War II, had no love for the Japanese I can assure you based on what he saw and experienced in the Aleutian Islands.

But he was adamant, as was my mother, that the nuclear bombs should never have been used, were not necessary to force Japanese surrender, and were a pox upon the country for which he fought.


Fistfighters for peace!? What the hell, we’ve tried everything else!

But no: expressions of contempt seem like paying too much respect – as if we care what thoughtless people think of us. Seventy-four million US Americans want a fascist moron to be permanent dictator. I’m gonna run clean outta spit.

Many folks in the US military were essentially subject to an economic draft, such that signing up seemed the likeliest way out of a terribly destructive environment, for them and their families. What do you want? Total war of everyone against everyone else?


That’s good to hear. Both my father and my uncle were in the Navy, and felt that, in order to end the war, it was necessary to flash-fry the Japanese. Not just once, of course, but twice in three days. My country reeks of this, uniquely awful in the long catalogue of US American crimes against humanity (culminating in official encouragement of the virus today – vigorously exported it all over Central America, among too many other current crimes to list).


20 years likely means that we are due for another false flag event.

Given the increasing distrust of government, what sort of event do you reckon might galvanize support for an invasion of Iran, the next country on the New American Century list that was making the rounds 20-some years ago?

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I’m hoping donnyjon is too distracted to engage Iran in an all out war but OTOH Biden if he can concentrate long enough or has sufficient pressure from the military and its arms manufactures could find something

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