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It's Almost Twenty Years Since 9/11

Yeah, I don’t know. But I think that the MIC waits for Biden to put the team together and for the MSM and PR to set a narrative scene without Trump squatting between the props. They get sound bytes from Biden at some appropriate point, longer appearances by Harris and some cabinet member, lots of press about gender relations in Iran and theocracy and so forth. All that has been primed for years, of course, but having the president move back and forth at purposes randomly skew to his military has not been optimal, from their point of view. Not extending Covid protections for renters will almost certainly sharpen the poverty draft, but there’s a few months involved in all that. It still allows them time to get pretty large engagement well before 2024.

On the other hand, if Donald wedges down the chimney to give Biden his war for Christmas, lots of people will say that it was all the solitary madman once again. I would say that the camps are really not quite that friendly, though, despite their commonalities, and that there is still some care taken to preserve the American notion that its government is legitimate and grossly consonant with ethical considerations.

I think that they will press for an incident in the Gulf or between Iran and Baghdad once again, and not a big domestic event like 9/11 (knock on wood). But I don’t know. Maybe they have something original. They are not getting the responses from these sorts of things that they did 20 and 30 and 40 years ago.


Completely agree. In a similar way that they don’t want to accept that DT, McConnell and the rest of the wrecking crew are actively working against the U.S. - under color of the flag.

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Anyone who has read one of the emeritus theologian David Ray Griffin’s books is aware of the many unanswered questions surrounding the event.

Thanks for the post.

Are you referring to the lack of public consent or the lack of public refusal to get alarmed by what they are selling in the way of the “evil-empires”. Are people here and all over in fact either becoming informed about the lies/PR or are the citizens too preoccupied with their local issues plus trying to remain sheltered and fed.
Nothing is completely predictable but I’d like to believe that more people are questioning and looking for solutions. There is evidence of more organizations working for improvements in our way of living and the process requires engaging, interaction and educating and I want to believe that I do see evidence of that happening. Perhaps this thought is the result of all the articles and videos that I digest ???

Last time, I predicted a year, it happened in just 8 months.

They probably have a nuke already. A present from the DPRK.

Just sayin.

It is difficult to be certain of this; it’s just circumstantial evidence and subjective observation, but I do think Americans are getting less naive, if perhaps not so much less confused. I am mostly around a different sort of people than I was around 50 years ago, but people seem less caught up in the “Oh, an American president would never do that” sort of fantasy that was so prevalent. At the same time, expectations have become correspondingly abysmal.

What sort of corruption is and is not happening where and when and perpetrated by whom seems to b e a matter of confusion, but even people who criticize ideas as “conspiracy theories” as though that reasonably suggested that they might be unfounded or incorrect are prone to believe in other conspiracies that better fit their own assumptions.I didn’t hear much of that fifty years ago, or forty, or even thirty…