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"It's as Bad as It Looks": Pelosi Under Fire for Debt Ceiling Deal That Hands GOP Power to Kneecap Future Progressive Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/23/its-bad-it-looks-pelosi-under-fire-debt-ceiling-deal-hands-gop-power-kneecap-future


All I can say is Pelosi has shown herself as a corporate hag running interference for the GOP. Any Dem that supports this lady that refuses to do her job and impeach the most criminal president in our history is stupid beyond belief. She’s playing chess alright, as a Republican.


With politicians like these two, who needs R’Cons and trump to destroy damn near everything!
Obviously (to me at least) these two Quisling sellout DINO’s are an enormous part of the very serious problems we face and they either sellout on their knees or do nothing! The frick & frack sellout team continue to sabotage the coming election and progressive chances to beat trump & co, and failing that, sabotage the next prez!! - it’s very like they are working for trump and not even “Democrats” or certainly progressive issues or candidates. Both the feckless cow and Milquetoast Israeli tool need to be impeached along with the orange pustule!


Dim Losership, playing three dimensional tiddlywinks.


With nancy and chuck who needs a Republic?


Pelosi is a right wing _____ from hell. She wants to crush any chance of Medicare for All. She loves her Trump.


Corporate State Democrats are playing the same clucking game as every other super rich jerk that has taken over this country. And they are winning, and have been for over 40 years.


Well, I guess all I can say is, I told you so! But, as usual, nobody listened.




Well then you’d better win the Senate elections.


If you are serious about resisting Trump, you have to resist Nancy Pelosi first.



I will repeat this, which people need to keep in mind; Pelosi went on to the House floor and paid tribute to Pete Peterson, one of the biggest enemies of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Peterson spread lies and ignorance in regards to deficits, what is called public debt and the solvency of programs that should never be insolvent. She attended Peterson’s functions over and over again, she pushed for pay go. She knows what she is doing, she believes in what amounts to total ignorance on money creation, deficits and debt, or at least pretend ignorance in order to push what is a right wing agenda. I don’t care that she calls herself left wing (LOL!), I can say I am the most beautiful human ever. What a person says doesn’t change objective reality.

And, may I add, this type of mindset and worldview makes the nonsense Rand Paul just pulled with the 9/11 first responders possible. He pretended to care about the deficit and public debt, two non issues, because, after all, where is the money going to come from? And won’t our kids have to pay back the debt we have piled up (no, doesn’t work that way). Pelosi makes that mindset and argument possible, and it has no basis in reality. The fact that the debt ceiling, I think, is a perfect microcosm of this political system, dominated by dinosaurs like Pelosi. An outdated process, created when things were radically different, continued on for no logical reason, and used by right wing Democrats like Pelosi and right wing Republicans like Paul to derail anything that benefits the poor and working people.

You folks that talk about reforming the Democratic Party, your argument has been kneecapped by her. If you want your party to be more than a sweaty pile of socks nationally, people like her have to be kicked to the curb, but given the total rot in your party I have little faith it can be reformed. Might make sense to really focus on local third party candidates, like Socialist Alternative has done a little here and there, and then to build from that foundation. But working within this horrible party, as corrupt and undemocratic as it is, with people like her in charge, seems to be a total waste of time.


All it would take is 700,000 progressive people from California willing to move with
100,000 of them moving to Wyoming to defeat Enzi
100,000 of them moving to Maine to defeat Collins
100,000 of them moving to Arizona to defeat McSalley
100,000 of them moving to Colorado to defeat Gardner
100,000 of them moving to Alabama to give Jones the win,
100,000 of them moving to North Carolina to defeat Tillis, and
100,000 of them moving to Georgia to defeat Perdue

and if Tom Steyer withdrew from the Presidential race and pays the relocation costs, its a win-win.


… Deal That Hands GOP Power to Kneecap Progressive Agenda

Which is the point. That’s what Nancy Frickin’ Pelosi wants more than anything - to stop Progressive legislation. This was not a “cave” to the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi is a Republican. Thanks lots, “Liberals” of California, for returning this POS to Congress over and over again.


The issue though isn’t just defeating Republicans. What would the Democrats put in their place? As the leadership has pointed out, many “moderates” were nominated in 2018. What do they offer on policy, in isolation? Do they offer any solutions to our largest problems? Are any of them not propped up by large donors? Even if the Republicans lose, if those that take their place were installed by the DCCC and the large donors, it isn’t as if things will necessarily get better. What will the Democrats’ vision be? What are their alternatives? What solutions do they offer, especially in the wide range of issues where structural changes are clearly needed and those moderates are supported by interests dead set against structural changes? The blue wave happened in 2018. To this point, what good has it done, beyond putting in place things that are less bad than they otherwise would have been? It isn’t as if the Democrats have any policy or ideological coherence, they don’t really even play good defense, so there is nothing to go on the offensive with.


I certainly agree that the more progressive the candidates the better and that it is crucial that the progressive wing of the party gains the Speakership and the Senate Majority leader positions or we will continue to see this kind of two-steps backward/one-step forward politics. However, I am not at all unhappy with the blue wave of 2018 that brought us AOC and Ilhan Omar and Rahsida Talib and also re-elected Danny Davis (the only DSA endorsed incumbent). Those folks do make a difference in the national dialogue - even if they do not have the power to effect needed structural changes.

(P.S. please don’t read too much into my tongue-in-cheek comment above - I was just pointing out the geographic headwinds that progressives face s part of our rigged political system)


Today’s Democratic leadership, the finest Inauthentic Opposition money can buy.


In the above picture. what you are seeing is two stooges pretending to be progressives.


Do the Blue Bitches care if Trump wins? I think not.


Democrats and Republicans, working together for a better America.