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It's as If They're Trying to Lose: Democrats' Optimism Ignores the Struggles of Millions


It's as If They're Trying to Lose: Democrats' Optimism Ignores the Struggles of Millions

Jake Johnson

Writing in 2008, months before the year's presidential election, Ezra Klein — an ostensibly clear-headed, data-driven policy wonk — lavished effusive praise upon Barack Obama, praise that verged on the metaphysical.


Brand Obama was stronger than both Brand McCain and Brand Romney.

Brand Trump is stronger than Brand (Hillary) Clinton.

Is there a Brand Do-Over in the house?


"Instead of reasons for hope, the Democrats offered these voters bromides about optimism:..." And it is an empty kind of "optimism," that wants to continue to push American global hegemony.

I hate that slogan "Stronger Together." - it makes me of the US continuing to use its military and corporate capitalist might to dominate and oppress the world.


I'm sure Clinton has a National Security Adviser or Secretary of State job all lined up in a possible Trump administration.


The CPAC like chanting of "USA! USA! USA!" in reply to calls for "No More Wars" at the DNC really says it all for me.


As long as the Democratic Party continues to rake in billions of corporate dollars, winning elections is an afterthought.

If the Party cared about winning they would not be currently occupying fewer elected seats in state and federal government than they have since Coolidge was in the White House.


So long as there are two (main) parties, it doesn't matter to the oligarchs that run them who wins an election. The winner will rehabilitate the loser because their existence depends on the "other". Notice how the D.s focus on Trump's unsuitability, and not on it's candidates suitability. What would they talk about if there was no Trump?
Maybe some issues that matter, and that will not do.
Duopoly = entrapment.


Another great and accurate essay by Jake Johnson.

Perhaps the greatest betrayal in recent US politics was the shift by candidate Obama and his rhetoric, to President-Elect Obama, the Great Progressive Fraud fully revealed. His betrayals have only become more extreme and morally reprehensible beginning with Obama's Cabinet appointments and advisers, to his ACA and TPP corporate servitude exercises, to spending a Trillion dollars upgrading our nuclear arsenal over the next 30 years to re-ignite the Cold War and make the world safe for arms industry profits far into the future.

I hold little or nothing but contempt for Obama along with all the other DINO sellouts.......R'Cons even more odious and depraved in servitude to the same forces of greed and evil.......and all the smarmy total rubbish convention speeches, deceptive and sugar-sweet family pablum, all trying to sell "unity"/conformity/compliance, misrepresenting past "accomplishments", "devotion to family" deceptions, and sellouts to big-money, war, and profits Uber Alles!

Now Obama has passed the torch of Dem/DLC perfidy to the next sellout.......


This is a well thought-out and sincere article. Yes, the optimistic speeches at the Dem convention were like arsenic-laced bonbons. It was so sad watching interviews with crying Bernie delegates struggling to decide whether or not to support the corporate shill who defeated and subjugated him. The slogan of this convention should have been "Our party delivered in 1932 and 1964, so maybe we aren't as bad as we look now." All that "Stronger together" means is that "Together, the USA and Israel can turn the Middle East into an even hotter hell."


Hand-counted ballots and UN election observers


Deport Diebold.


Thanks Jake, love your articles.
C.I.G Continuity in Government. This is a real thing planned for national catastrophe or to continue the plan through the change of presidents. Oh, it's real alright, GBush announced it and put a name to it, (but it's been there all along).
The Bush and Clinton dynasties live on in cooperation, not separation. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Clinton. Kind of incestuous when you look at the whole of it. Fixed elections are a piece of cake for these people, if Trump gets in it's by design. Notice he too parties with the Clinton's.
Are they trying to lose? Nah, they win even when they lose. Heads I win, tails, you lose, but the continuity is always there.
Optimism? How's that Hopey, changey thing working out for you? To quote Sarah Palin. Obama's high minded speeches are the smiley faces on the continuity of the Oligarchic structure.
It only matters that you don't play the game, not who takes the WH. The plan will go on until no one believes anymore. Their time is coming and they know it. So when you are totally sickened by Trump or Clinton just remember, they are the same.


My 90 y/o conservative Republican father put the DNC so well last week when he said that it was, "The best Republican Convention he had seen in a long-time". It was the most militaristic, jingoistic display of patriotic bull sh*t I've seen since Dubya said "Mission Accomplished!" in '03. Truly Orwellian, especially when we find out that the official, secret Clinton tactic to any Sanders' supporters chants of "No more war", was "USA, USA"! How much more right-wing Republican can they get. When the generals and the billionaires line up to support the Democrat for president, the left truly has nowhere to go with a major party. That is why it is time to "#DemExit" from the party, go to the Greens and support Jill Stein in the Fall. This in the hope of defeating the Red Queen and beginning the takeover of the party for The People after November. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


Thanks again Jake----always look forward to your Monday morning articles!

You write:
"Obama's success represented an astounding achievement for the politics of imagery and personality, for a political message that provides a kind of blank slate onto which voters can project their ideological preferences."

In keeping with that:


I say she's even worse than he is, because she's smoothly embedded into a concealed Fascist system well practiced at deceiving the people about its true nature, while he's still a one man outsider, and obvious in his moves ...


I was just thinking how Hillary might revert back to her true political nature, given her upcoming second defeat in the run for the WH, and campaign on a Repub ticket next time.

I mean, she's damn close to it now.


"the fear of a Trump presidency as a bludgeon to keep progressive detractors quiet" — ultimately offers nothing but unsubstantiated assurances that everything will be okay."



Jake Johnson... Damn this guy's good!


Jake is being charitable when he says the Democrats "IGNORE the struggles of millions". Those millions would be better off if the Democrats had simply ignored them during the past three decades. The Democrats have actually systematically dismantled the middle class that those millions reside in, or should I say, the lucky ones still reside in, as many have been pushed into poverty by the Democrats and their GOP collaborators.


Had to re-post this gem from counterpunch: "Stop Trump Fundamentalists Can Bite Me" "There's no point arguing with fundamentalists"