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It's Day One and Trump Is Already in Violation of the Constitution: Watchdog


It's Day One and Trump Is Already in Violation of the Constitution: Watchdog

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump is already in violation of the Constitution over a lease on his Washington, D.C. hotel, a government ethics watchdog warned on Friday.


Not to mention that all the buildings around the world bearing the President's name are now terrorism risks. I wouldn't stay in one even if I could afford it.


And all the vendors hawking T-dump "memorabilia" emblazoned with his image lining the streets by the Capitol...probably all made in sweatshops in China, Central America, Southeast Asia, Philippines with the manufacturers paying handsome royalty prices to the T-dump regime for the use of his disgusting visage and trademarked "Make Americans Miserable Again and Again and Again" emblazoned on Russian-red ball caps and other crappy apparel. Well-suited for the T-dump crowd.

Nope, no conflict of interest, no emoluments, no illegal profit-taking by the regent...at least not in the T-dump revisionist legal tomes and terminology. Or in the minds of his sycophantic following in Congress, obviously.

I did not see but overheard on the radio (my alarm goes off and the radio goes on and I forgot to shut it off last night) about how fantastic and huge the fireworks display was and I thought, just think how the money spent on a 10-minute spectacle for a petty despot could be used to fund Planned Parenthood nationwide for decades or provide food to community food banks or shelter for the homeless for years and years...in other words, serve so many people in need.



Donald Trump is a Republican president. The House and Senate have Republican majorities. Trump really doesn't have to worry about any of this, because the people who could challenge him are "on his side." What could be simpler for America, or better for Trump?


House Progressives listen up: Each and every day raise a motion to impeach Trump on these conflicts. Each and every day. If you don't you'll be enabling him and tacitly approving of each of his ethical, illegal and unconstitutional precedents of impunity.

Those who oppose the motions will automatically be complicit in his crimes. Use this in two years to win back the House and stop the insanity.


Depends on who has standing to file a suit. If the court determines that say for instance a competing hotel has standing then a law suit can be brought irrespective of what Congress does or doesn't do.


We also need to urge all progressives to register to vote and then exercise that right in the 2018 midterm elections...oust the naysayers, T-baggers and misogynists intent on obliterating the social safety net; support funding perpetual war; stuffing an already bloated defense budget with funds that should be used for Single Payer healthcare or Planned Parenthood or education nationwide. If they remain, our democracy will implode while the world explodes.


I'm with you. Well said.


Excellent point. I had not considered the common law application.

Still, Trump may not have to worry. When the Supreme Court took the presidency from Al Gore, it voted straight along party lines. SCOTUS could protect Trump for a long time y various means.

You may think I'm cynical. I try very had not to be cynical because I find cynicism is not pretty, and I really don't want to fall into that kind of despair. But I have watched the world for a long time, from the perspective of an award-winning journalist. And, frankly, the way the world turns is often not very pretty, either, from the perspective of what is "on the news." The "bad guys" often win.


However, the Republicans have found a variety of ways to disenfranchise legitimate voters. Their State Houses have become very good at that. We need to fight that kind of legislation and administrative direction.

And, for the record, The United Sates in no longer a democracy; it has taken on the form of an oligarchy. Rule by the (few who are) rich, who the elected representative officials are bound to serve through"campaign donations."


Agreed...but we must not give up or give in!


I'm just excited to see Democrats purporting to care about Constitutional limits again...


I do not think you are cynical. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I try to look at both sides but all in all I'm mostly pessimistic. If the bad guys didn't win most of the time the world would be a much better place. We won't defeat the policies coming to a theater near you by singing Kumbaya either.


The GOP should take credit for their own tyrant. I am going to call my Red State rep again, and say just what you said, only a bit different.

"I expect you to each and every day raise a motion to impeach Trump on
these conflicts. If you don't you'll be enabling him and tacitly approving of each of his ethical, illegal and unconstitutional precedents of impunity."

"When you return to town on your break, we can have a little community get-together, and then you can explain, if you have not raised a motion to impeach, why not. And don't try the Coffman-run-out-the-back door routine (indecently also my old rep when I lived in CO) .

Thank you so much for the words and the idea, simple and brilliant. Cheers


The Trump family has already demonstrated during the transition that they intend to make as much money as they can off this gig. I think we can be pretty sure that they will continue this behavior, but with a little more todiscretion.

I wonder how many laws Trump will have to break before this Republican Congress starts to notice.


Here's what else all of us can do, ourselves, right now: Contact the White House (haven't looked to see whether you can still send e-mail direct) and let them know we do care that djt hasn't released his tax returns. Demand that he expose himself (all entendres intendred).