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'It's Disintegrated, Basically': Last Fully Intact Canadian Ice Sheet Collapses

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/its-disintegrated-basically-last-fully-intact-canadian-ice-sheet-collapses


Seems the whole world is melting. More on the Italian glacier:


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The age of a stable climate (if there ever was one) is over. The Great Unraveling continues…


Where are John Kerry and Buzz Aldrin after their trip to Antarctica?

Trump is terrible on the issue of Climate Chaos. But he’s upfront about it.

Obama was terrible on Climate Chaos. But he took a bow for signing the just-short-of-useless Paris Accords, after making sure that they contained “voluntary” commitments to self-defined reductions in emissions from each signatory nation. And not a single nation has achieved its self-defined reductions.

But as the election approaches we get hand-wringing and crying about how bad Trump is from the LOTE voters here – along with lecturing and vote-shaming to promote Joe Biden, who gave Obama a standing O as he fracked and drilled and pipelined us toward extinction.


I sit and watch all the Newtonian-based scientists fall flat on their faces with climate change projections. They are so far off it’s like believing False News items.
We’re in a non-linear reality now. Projections are useless. Every event builds on previous events in quantum fashion, bigger and faster. Busy hurricane season? You can bet your final petro dollar it will be something we can’t even begin to prepare for. First it was 2100 as the year to aim for in terms of changes in our human Western based lifestyle. Then it was 2050. Now it’s 2030. Go for 2022 even if we were to ban burning of all fossil fuels, stop all deforestation, stop all factory and mono culture farming globally. We now need to look at non-Western cultures and status and self worth based on our connections with all things, not on what and how much we buy. Partnership, not competition. Darwin basically doomed humanity with that skew on evolution.


:bomb: The fuse to the Global Methane Bomb has already been lit. We just don’t know how short the fuse is.
Also: Darwin wrote about his observations of Intra and Inter species cooperative collaboration for successful mutual survival. Giving those population groups a higher success rate overall. :wolf:


:point_up::grinning: “Past performance does not guarantee future results.”
:wave: #ByeDon2020

The reason why the predictions of the scientists is because they use the most conservative range of possible effects. For that is at least of what will happen. It’s bad enough that people refuse to believe even the most conservative estimates.
In all the reports there is a range. But most scientists refuse to go out on a limb and use the wider estimates.


You’re right, past performance typically provides the pathway to how much worse things will get.

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that is so unfair to Obama who blocked drilling off the coasts and some pipelines, improved auto and truck efficiency standards, invested in energy-efficient rail transportation, promoted solar and wind energy, demanded the coal plants reduce carbon emissions, advanced appliance and lighting efficiency standards, and more. Those who spew hate to Obama serve the Trump regime and the fossil fuel interests


Obama personally turned the Paris Accords into a joke. And he loved oil, baby:



“Researchers are predicting 2020 will be in the top five hottest years on record…”

That is until next year, which in all likelihood will be even hotter - after all this is not an aberration, it is a trend. Just how much heat can we tolerate and still survive? Seems we are going to find out. Melting glaciers are a huge warning but since the prevailing attitude is that nothing can really be done, nothing will be done.