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It's Finally Official: Limiting Abortion in the Guise of Helping Women is a Sham


It's Finally Official: Limiting Abortion in the Guise of Helping Women is a Sham

Jessica Valenti

In a major victory for American women, the US supreme court sent a powerful message on Monday in its Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt decision: that laws purporting to protect women’s health while limiting access to abortion are an unconstitutional sham.


Nothing Final about it.
They will keep coming at you.
Day after day, minute by minute.
The pathetic underbelly has nothing better to do. They can't think for themselves.
The hawks will find a way to restart their hate.

Roe v Wade was supposed to be final.
The NRA and the anti abortion camps target the ill informed and helpless in the society with misinformation campaigns and jobs to do their dirty work, while paying sub par wages.

The fear mongering that we allow our masses to absorb everyday will ensure more clinics being closed, and the folks doing the dangerous job of helping those truly in need being targeted and harmed.


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So as to remember Wendy Davis' contribution to this cause: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jun/26/texas-senator-wendy-davis-abortion-bill-speech .


Roe v Wade was decided in 1973. Before that hundreds of women died from abortions annually. After that the number of abortions performed annually remained the same but the safety increased dramatically. Most American families want 2 children. To achieve this, the average woman spends about 5 years pregnant, postpartum or trying to become pregnant, and 30years - more than 3/4 of her reproductive life - trying to avoid an unintended pregnancy. By the time females in the U.S. reach age 45 they will have had 1.4 unintended pregnancies, and 43% will have terminated a pregnancy.

As is the case with some political candidates, everything available to avoid unintended pregnancy, doesn't get publicized much. Postcoital contraception, AKA morning-after pills, is available for up to 5 days to give someone a second chance "if the condom breaks".


The rational reason is, abortion takes another life, so it is not just about the woman's body.


How do you feel about war, TJM? It's not only the dead soldier; it's his/her family and other loved ones. How about the wounded. etc. In both cases, war and abortion, prevention is the best approach. With pregnancy that's not always possible, e.g. rape. In war how often does that happen. We don't hear much about that.


Rare moment of courage from the Supreme Court!


As a Texan I watched with great dismay as the TGOPers put this law into place. Our local news is already filled with statements by our supposed "lawmakers" to come up with another scheme equally offensive and suppressive of a woman's right to chose and other health care options. Once again I must question why the Corporate-DLC New Democrat Party was not on the scene to fight this horrible bill? But for state and national pro choice advocacy groups there would have not been organized advocates defending a woman's right to choose. I am sure that most of us remember State Senator Wendy Davis and "her pink tennis shoes filibuster". While Senator Davis was able to briefly focus the spotlight upon this horrible law and despite the fact that thousands of ordinary women and men from across our nation gathered in Austin to continue to focus upon preservation of the right to choose, no politicians of either gender of the national Political Establishment was there standing with Senator Davis and her fight against said bill. On this issue it is certainly indicative of the Corporatist Democrats abandonment of any "Progressive Values" that existed before the Clintons were the face of the Corporatist-DLC Coup that destroyed the FDR Era Democratic Party and put in place the Corporate Zombies that themselves are The Establishment Of Both Wings Of Our One Party System.

If our country were not now plagued with Corporatist the so called "abortion fight" would have remained in the realm of a woman's personal choice and not have morphed into a "religious fight" for both sides of the issue. Unfortunately next to Racism, Misogyny is the easiest socio/economic/political isms to inflict upon our fellow members of Peoplekind.

Despite the overwhelming support here in Texas for a woman's right to choose and access to effective medical treatments and equal rights in health care the central problem is the lack of at least one political party that supports women as members of We, The Rabble. As long as the values of The Political Establishment do not represent We, The Rabble these skirmishes to keep us in their yokes of oppression will continue to render our political voices nonexistent and/or seldom heard as it was through this heartless and truly morally repugnant bill.

This struggle is far from over because very few in either wing actually give a Father Frucking damn about the rights of any of us - especially when it comes to a woman's right to control over her own body. As I listened to the political mouthpieces in state after state demand that women be probed with medical devices in order to deprive her of her medical rights I began to think of this and other bills as being part of "The Reverse Pinocchio Movement". The politicians of Both Wings escape seeing their own noses grow but we all know where their "lies and other manipulations" are growing. If only they had mandated vibrators in those "intra vaginal ultra sound devices" their misogyny would have been "perfectly expressed". And a woman's right to control her own healthcare will continue to be "a self-induced problem" until we not only take money out of politics but also revoke the tax exemptions of these Christian extremist churches who openly and defiantly use their churches as political action committees to laundry the untold amounts of "dark money" poured into these churches by the Nefarious Billionaires Club to keep this and other issues roiling in our political arena.

Unfortunately those who seek, in order to control us all, to deny each and everyone of us our individual and collective rights under our now effectively shredded Constitution will not rest until we are all either literally or figuratively in the chains of their politics - if one still considers the "conformity of totalitarianism" the actual enjoyment of such rights.

As a historical note the New Bosses that are pretending to be the Texas Gubner and Lite Gubner and their current crop of "legislative steers" are worse than the Old Bosses. And I believed, for a nanosecond, that it would be hard to find someone worse than Little Ricky Perry. However our new Choir Boy Gubner makes Perry look like a moderate in that Greg Abbott is drunk upon the vapors of his own right wing Christian Extremism.