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'It's Going to Take Everyone': Demonstrations Planned Nationwide to 'Save the Post Office From Trump'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/17/its-going-take-everyone-demonstrations-planned-nationwide-save-post-office-trump


If DeJoy can be cracked by Schiff (I’m assuming, AOC, better yet), perhaps we may just have another impeachable offense. It probably does not make sense to proceed along those lines just yet, however letting the idea play out in many news cycles might be useful. Many people are saying so. Just the other day, someone told me, “sir, I am really upset about this post office business.” Don’t fuck with the People’s mail you orange blight on this nation. Forty-five, a number that will live in infamy.


Short of a few million people marching on DC and dragging Trump and his sycophants out of the White House and placing them in stocks along Pennsylvania ave, nothing will change between now and January 22.
As this thing plays out, I am more and more apprehensive about America’s future. Fascism has a solid foothold in America. It will not go away without fight. I don’t believe for a second that the Democratic Party is up to leading that task.


I share your fears as well as your assessment of the Democratic Party frankly. However, at present, we have little alternative to voting for the democrats, if only because of the extreme unfitness of our current president, his quite probable serious mental illness, and his belief that he has dictatorial powers, and the state of the republican party overall and the senate in particular.

Trump appoints sycophants and blatantly self serving clowns who should be in jail and not in positions of power. He subverts and skirts his constitutional authority blatantly and repeatedly, uses the White House as a profit making entity and hides behind the hateful leadership of Mitch McConnell to reinforce his machinations. We are all aware of his incredible total of provable lies, well over 20,000 in three short years and counting.

This nation is in peril, and Trump must go! That means voting for democrats today and, once elected, remaining involved to force these newly elected leaders to do the right thing. There really is no other choice.


Here’s some Express Mail to the “Common Dream’s” Editorial Board:

Far Greater than just “Bernie Believing” — “Our Revolution” has now begun!

YES — we are now far beyond simply calling for Bernie’s “Political Revolution” — we now have started an American people’s “Political/economic, social & cultural Revolution Against Empire”.

With the Communist Emperor of Belarus bragging “I won’t leave until you kill me”, and the sane and solid Republican Senator, Mitt Romney, alarmed that Emperor Trump is trying to destroy our U.S. mail and our democracy — I have taken the ‘direct action’ in my newest demonstration, march, and protest double-sided sign to shout-out:



and on the other side


and here’s a wake-up to the “Post”:


We will be there.


We should support the Post Office and leave the GATS agreement we created in 1994 that puts it on the road to privatization. lets leave the WTO, and dump the two fraudulent parties.

Otherwise they will push the voters out of the country and literally replace the entire workforce with guest workers, the children of the global oligarchy. Thats their plan.

We dont have a chance against workers who in many cases work almost for free. Thats what this is all about, a theft of the nation, world and its futures by the rich.

Dump GATS, Trump and Biden.


Remember the gop created this mess in the first place. In 2006, Congress passed a law to require the USPS to prefund 75 years worth of retiree health benefits in the span of ten years—a cost of approximately $110 billion.
If we remove this absurd law the recovery will be swift. Then extend all US states time allowed for votes to be counted, problem solved!
Btw, to top it all off the money is intended to be set aside for future Post Office retirees, the funds are instead being diverted to help pay down the national debt. VOTE against the gop, like your life depends on it.


Tampering with the mail is a federal crime, as they say – so openly sabotaging the Post Office because you know you’re about to lose… there’s an obvious extreme quality to such tactics, consistent with sending fake soldiers to Oregon, and with desperation. Orangeman couldn’t be more obviously desperate about his chances of looking legitimate. He’s damn near given up on looking legitimate. But it’s all bluster and puffery, isn’t it?

Are US Americans really such wimps that we can sing “Oh well!” about this, that we can be simply bullied into losing everything, instantly? That seems to be a general expectation around here, in the Commons. Persistent resistance to police terror notwithstanding.

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Another exercise in Futility by the House Of Representatives.

All this Posturing is meaningless unless you get the Senate back in session and good ole Mitch agrees to put it up for a Vote.

I cannot understand why Nancy thinks it makes sense to bring the House back unless they can actually do something that can Stop Trump from dismantling the Post Office.

Complaining before National TV cameras is useless and only shows that the Insane Bigot in the White House has Veto power over whatever useless Legislation you pass.

Start flexing some muscle, have the Sargent At Arms Arrest the Post Master General and do not release him until you get some honest answers.

Otherwise, all this posturing as though you are going to do something meaningful, besides take a Vote that will wind up in the Garbage Pail, is a waste of time.

Drag Louis DeJoy before the appropriate committee and do not allow him to refuse to show up, otherwise us the Sargent At Arms to drag him into the Peoples House for questioning.


Although it will take Nuremberg style trials to actually bring Trump and his appointed hit men and hit women to justice, the August 22 demonstrations to save USPS are the right focus at the right time.

Yes, I know Trump and the GOP will claim that antifa is behind these demonstrations, but it will look bad if the GOP sends secret police to these demonstartions.


Demonstrations , congressional interrogations , impeachment’s ,
fact checking gotcha sessions , insults , psycho analysis , tell all books,
comedy routines , etc etc, don’t mean sht .
Absolutely NOTHING has altered Donny’s support and nothing will .
He refuses to obey the law and his followers are shameless idiots that have created an alternative " truth" also known as bold faced lies .
If you want to get rid of this guy it’s going to have to involve something illegal and very distasteful .

h ttps://ips-dc.org/how-congress-manufactured-a-postal-crisis-and-how-to-fix-it/

Congress - that means both parties folks…the villain we love to hate and boo and curse, well it seems this was not his idea…

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Are you saying no democrats supported this law?

In the 3 1/2 year media circus that ensues surrounding the appearance of prosecuting DeJoy while he remains free, and at the same time allowed to continue his and Trump’s coup, while at the same time having to fight the uphill battle against Barr’s justice department; well…by then the elections will long be done and over with, and Trump will have broken a half million more laws, as will all of his appointees and lackeys in the senate and house and supreme court. In any case this is assuming that there would even be an honest and comprehensive prosecution which 'has not been done so far, and will not occur anytime soon under a false opposition party.

In the end it will likely be the NY prosecutor’s office who will bring drumpf down.


I will be present at my local post office in Berkeley which we saved from closure several years back, yes under the damn democrats and Feinstein and her husband who would have benefited from real estate deals being made for the property. This time I will be masked and practicing social distancing for the hour at 86 years of age. what have I got to lose but my precious vote and the chance to oust the murderer in chief and his republithugs and their evil doings.


I fear you are correct. We progressive voters find ourselves once again between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, we have a man who has already kicked us in the nuts. On the other, we have a guy who sort of promises not to kick in the nuts, unless he at some point in the near future decides we need it. But if he does, he promises to apologize. Maybe.
As time plods on it has become more and more apparent that the relationship between the Democratic Party and it’s voters is an abusive one at best.
We should all be tired of wearing the gimp mask.


How about organizing hundreds of thousands of Americans to sort the mail?

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Yes I agree RDD. Dr. Brandy Lee and others have pointed this out.


I don’t want to get into the major issues with Biden/DNC/dems/duopoloy/oligarchy now ---- we’ve beaten them into the ground on CD’s and know that both systems as they exist will ultimately collapse the empire.

We don’t have time for a 3rd party and 4 years (or more of trump) will be like the handmaids tale for women and people of color


That is IF we can make it with an imminent BOE, Greenland melt and climate chaos in all corners of the earth.

Right now sea surface temperatures around the u.s. are off the charts HOT and people are not talking about this! This hurricane season may be another Jenga block removed that brings us closer total collapse.

Correct. The nation and the world is in peril. This man is about as sick as they come and his supporters will be emboldened beyond belief if he manages to stay in power.

I never thought I would come to this (voting for that POS Biden) but I have. As a victim/survivor of sexual assault it will literally make me puke to vote for Biden (who I believe assaulted Tara Reade) and know that Clinton who I believe 100% is a rapist (among other vile things) is featured at the “convention” this week.

But even women that I’ve worked with in VERY abusive relationships sometimes can’t leave without an exit plan in place. When women leave abusive relationships that is the most dangerous time . . . we are in that place in this country right now.

We need a plan and we must leave the abusers. And they are abusers.
There is no large scale, cohesive plan right now and this what worries me most.
There are inklings of one that seem to be germinating-----

I don’t believe the Green Party is the way out. They are simply NOT taken seriously and have had plenty of time through many election “cycles” to gather momentum. It is NOT there with GP.

It must be something else . .