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"It's Happening," Declares Jeremy Corbyn as Early UK Election Reports Suggest "Longest Queues Ever"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/12/its-happening-declares-jeremy-corbyn-early-uk-election-reports-suggest-longest


Let’s hope those millions of youth in the UK who registered to vote follow through and vote. Their (and our) futures are at stake. Vote Labour.


maybe this will be the start to stem the march of fascism in the world. All of South America seems to be back in the 50’s with their recent fall to authoritarian rulers. Lets hope that the Democratic Socialism of western Europe holds and starts to spread to the whole world and to the US in 2020.


I think we’re jumping the gun here. Wait for actual results.


One significant thing would be expressed if Labour win and Trump is defeated, it would be a rejection of zionists–right wing jews, right wing christians, and their supporters–who love Trump and Avigdor Lieberman, and who hate Corbyn.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone,
I hope that Labour wins a tremendous VICTORY. This will be a stumbling block to the right wing/conservative/;fascists in the United Kingdom. They will need to be in power for at least four or more decades to really repair the damage and move forward. Unfortunately this will not translate to the other side of the pond as the uniparty has its hands around the throats of the 99%. Here it will take a real revolution to even attempt to fix the problems of the last four decades. It could easily take a century of fits and starts in repairing all of the damage done here. I, for one, am not that optimistic as the right seemingly has a stranglehold on government and their attitude is “WE AIN’T GIVING UP POWER”!!!


I like Corbyn, I hope he wins in Britain and Bernie wins in the US. The rest of the world will follow suit.


The Zionist banking MAFIA has a strangle hold on every aspect of life in the USA. Look at today’s topic, Israeli agents in Congress are punishing Russia for opposing the Zionist plan for the greater Israel by supporting both Iran and Syria. So they are applying indirect pressure through their bought agents in US Congress.

I don’t quite go that far to suggest “all of Latin america” has fallen back to fascism. On the contrary the recent coups in Brazil and Bolivia are reactionary events. The US was wealthy and strong in the 50s thru 80s but no longer is anywhere as string… The US had no real opposition back then neither economic nor military. Yes the USSR existed but they were toothless. Today we have stronger opposing military and economic powers both in Russia and China. The US has been living on borrowed money and time, is weaker interns of economy and military power. We have the internet to spread knowledge, the petro dollar is losing ground by the day. Those little dictatorship regimes in Brazil and Bolivia are living on shaky grounds. It’s a matter of short time before the revolts will topple them for good.


I’m not that up on British politics. Who is more likely to win if more people vote in Britain. In the U.S. it would probably mean the Democrats but what about Britain. Does anyone have a take on that?

Agreed, but it’s not too early to make a conclusion about UK’s voting system. Long lines mean their system is as fucked as ours. If vote by mail is the only cost effective solution do that. But all democracies must have a system sized for 100% participation.

Good luck Jeremy!


Corbyn has been in something close to Sanders territory, polity-wise: dismissed out of hand by party stalwarts of his own party, embraced overwhelmingly by young folks, alternately ignored or decried as utterly impossible, ridiculously unreasonable by M$MBS. The polls seem enrolled in a tenacious anti-Corbyn, anti-Sanders campaign. There are a lot of reasons Corbyn could lose. If he wins today, I think he should send a fine old bottle of good Scots whisky to the White House, with warm gratitude for Orangeman’s indispensible assistance.


From Wikipedia’s article on “Postal Voting”:

“Since 2001, any elector [in Great Britain] has been entitled to request a postal vote (known as postal voting on demand) without giving a reason…”

Timebr – This is exactly the kind of rhetoric that gave the Tories and their media friends the excuse to (falsely) allege that the Labour Party was anti-Semitic. But aside from tactical considerations, your comment reveals a kind of tunnel vision. Yes, many Zionists sadly channel(ed) European racism in their views of Palestinians and in their feelings of entitlement to territory. Yes, the state of Israel and Israeli companies are eyeball deep in many deplorable intrigues. And yes, there are many people of Jewish extraction who are rightwing, who are corporate officers, or who are regressive politicians. But what your rhetoric overlooks is that the vast majority of reactionaries in our Congress and state governments, in our corporate leadership, in the deep state, etc. are NOT Jews. Indeed, if we look around the world, there are no uniquely “evil” ethnic groups or governments. They ALL have or have had sordid track records at one time or another. Yesterday’s victim is today’s oppressor. Yesterday’s scourge (e.g., the Vikings) are today’s social democratic models. The kind of broad-brush typing of groups, or singling out of groups, is a primitive mode of thinking about problems, unless you really believe that we are not the same across the species. Please think about this.


Thanks for the info. That’s the way it is in my state (CA) too. It can still have the long line problem unless you could grab a ballot that day and skip the line by filling it out and dropping it off. So unless the state or country is entirely vote by mail (OR I think) the resources put into the non mail voting system still must be sized for worst case. I want to cry when I read about long lines on the rain in Ohio. Hopefully it isn’t that bad in the UK.

As someone who was an adult in 1973, I find your reference to the Soviets pretty funny. Guess you didn’t hear about how we were on the brink of nuclear war and Nixon had our fleets placed on Red Alert. I was a child living in Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis of '62 and remember that as a pretty scary time, too. Lots of fun at school, ducking under our desks “if we see the (nuclear) flash.” You obviously are pretty ignorant to that reality and seem to be making your pronouncements based on “in restrospect” knowledge that didn’t exist then. To those of us who were aware and living at the time, the Soviets were anything but “toothless.”

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Although as I understand it, the question re:results is whether the older traditional left in the North of England (North versus South class politics) will bother to vote for Corbyn or vote for some version of soccer/ pub culture and Merry Ol’ England.

We would do well to remember that the 2016 Brexit referendum also enjoyed very high turnout, and “Leave” prevailed. Now a voting base very angry at having been completely ignored - except to have been called ignorant, racist, and xenophobic - are turning out again. This is not a normal election, and we would be advised to not apply traditional interpretations of turnout.

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Thank you critical thinker, I appreciate your thoughts on this.


I agree.

UK mail voters must apply for a mail-in ballot at least eleven days before election day. Long lines could mean that many people decided to vote within the past ten days. (Postal voting is free, so the UK has mail voters, but no fee-mail voters.)