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"It's Happening," Declares Jeremy Corbyn as Early UK Election Reports Suggest "Longest Queues Ever"

Thanks! The question of Zionism and Israel is complicated, much as is our own theft of Native American land. However, if all ethnic groups were required to abandon land that they stole from other groups, going back to the Pleistocene, we’d all have to vacate in favor of the now extinct Neanderthals, Denisovans, and Homo afarensis. We have to find another way to achieve justice and equity. Tribal and nationalist thinking, while understandable from a historical and evolutionary perspective, are now threats to our species survival. Can we form a strong primary identity as Homo sapiens sapiens? That is the question!

The other big question is, What drives insatiable human greed? and why have humans everywhere been unable to effectively police their human predators?

We are both on the same side and I am so appreciative that you read my post with an open mind! Thanks.

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Dear Webster,

I think you landed up in the wrong blogsite. You probably should be posting on The Hill.


It would be a disaster… for corporate America but a huge boon for democracy. because the U.S. is NOT a functioning democracy, Corbyn would give hope to the pro-democracy forces across the globe. As for “Hobnobbing with terror groups”, neither Hamas or the IRA come close to the terrorist policies of the U.S. The U.S. is after all the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world as is openly on display now from Bolivia to Yemen. Corbyn’s “distasteful America” falls in line with most young Americans who recognize the U.S. government as nothing more than a corporate tool to advance special interests. Corbyn is necessary for the planet to survive the coup by multinationals to seize power from the electorates. Go labour!


Please stop.

Just stop.

Stop with the emotionalism, the innuendo, the fear-mongering, the projection, the gaslighting, the psychobabble.




I’m guessing out of all the 46,000,000 voters in the UK that possibly voted today that ‘issue’ would be uppermost in the mind of about 5 of them and they are probably shortly to be sectioned under the mental health act. Talk about co-opting a cause to a racist end! Is Karl marx included in your list of evil right-wing jews?

Traditionally, the young don’t bother voting, or even registering to vote, only 25% during the brexit referendum bothered, whereas the older voters usually do, 80% in the brexit referndum. I’m guessing that galvanised the young and they’re regretting it now hence huge numbers of them have registered to vote this time round, so if lots of young people do get out and vote for a change, it will probably swing in Labour, Greens, and Liberal Democrats, favour.

That’s where we part ways i guess. Palestine was a free independent nation occupied by vast majority indigenous Arab Palestinians with full UN membership, flag, embassies around the world just like any normal nation. The UN didn’t exist when America was settled by the Europeans, Palestine occupation supporters tend to bring north American Indian tribes up a lot but it is a flawed counter argument. The world body fixed the internationally recognized borders once and for all after WWII. Israel did not exist and the Israelis claim on Palestinian land is baseless and a diversion from Israeli criminal, illegal and immoral behavior. Israel must leave the post 1967 occupied lands as per many UN resolutions and world opinion.

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Maybe cos there’s a little bit of predator in all of us. They have supporters, look at Trump. Look at Hitler. Look at Genghiz Khan!

Sounds good to me!

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As per the BBC the media in the United Kingdom relies heavily on exit polls when making a call as to who won the election. They have found exit polls are very accurate. The same is true here in Canada where they tend to match results.

The exception to this rule appears to be the USA where they can significantly vary. I leave the reasons for this to your imagination.

A Corbyn victory would be more then a little welcome. Of interest to me is also what goes on in Scotland as there a good deal of support for independence there.


Actually, we agree on this. The optimal solution would be at this time to have one, bi-state ethnic state, if those people could avoid killing each other. Failing that, there should be a return to 1948 UN-determined boundaries, with Jerusalem divided. But again, this is a pan-human issue: just think about recent land grabs around the world like New Guinea (Irian Jaya), the attempt to gobble up East Timor, the Crimea, perhaps Tibet, and effectively Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, the Amazonian basin, etc. It’s bigger than Zionism (which doesn’t mean that we should be silent about Zionism, but that we need to be balanced). Exclusive focus on Zionism blinds us to the pan-species nature of the problem. Cheers!

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don’t lose sight of an even bigger earthquake from this issue if Corbyn pulls the upset: the propaganda model that has kept us in chains for over a century just got put on notice that’s it’s time is up. As big as a Corbyn win would be, frankly, this is much bigger still. It means we’re learning how to reject patent mind-laundering from “official sources”.

Give 'em hell, Real Labour. And set the fake corporatist Blairites adrift at sea.


I have to disagree on one IMPORTANT thing you stated in your reply. You refer to that great liberal/progressive station MSNBC as M$MBS which is totally, completely, disparaging the great name of the Liberal institution that like a shining star opposes the evil Fox Corp kinda like Superman.

Just kidding. I’m going to use your “M$MBS” whenever I refer to that network that has “Tweety” and that fucking god awful Brian Williams as “hosts”.


Actually, dear Patricia Scully, my usage of M$MBS is meant to embrace the entirety of what I otherwise refer to as “the Agitprop Machine” – not just Dame Rachel’s mighty microphone for disseminating confusion and ignorance.

“Dissemination of ignorance” sounds paradoxical at first, but it’s become a major focus of my researches lately. It started with Willa Cather’s classic (buried) biography of “Mother” Mary Baker Eddy (from whose evidently persuasive ignorance many in my family continue to suffer terribly) through a fascinating account of antebellum US Mesmerism by historian Amy Ogden, called Credulity, and now I’m having ever so much fun with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s fictionalized remembrance of the Brook Farm commune, called The Blithedale Romance. Literarily and philosophically, delusion is a rich vein to plumb.

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If something like that does not happen we can further contemplate WW3. That seems to be where power and greed together end up.
Corbyn and Bernie 2020 and beyond.

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Main$tream Media BullShit


From the following article:
‘For workers and young people, despite the insidious divisions fostered over Brexit, the decisive issues are social: falling wages, brutal exploitation, rising unemployment and the destruction of vital social services.’

The “mainstream” in there has always made me uncomfortable, like referring to non-whites as “minorities” – maybe not quite that uncomfortable, but a close second, because it implicitly marginalizes those of us who don’t see things the same way ad-agencies do. An SF ad-agency got noticed lately for their “Better keep it tighter than the babysitter, honey!” suggestion of an exercise bike as a nice xmas gift for your zaftig wife. That’s mainstream something, alright. I’m not convinced (at least, not yet) that most people are as crude and idiotic as M$MBS makes them out to be.

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the variance in exit polling is often a result of right wing intransigence to pollsters. it’s similar to the campaign against the census they started waging in 2000 (I worked that sucker) where they were encouraging GOP voters to not cooperate with the census.

it isn’t proof of a grand conspiracy. it’s largely a bunch of reactionaries giving the bird to “libtard” journalists or wonks.

Yes, i typically call it corporate media.