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It's Happening: US Senate on Verge of "Going Nuclear" Over Gorsuch


It's Happening: US Senate on Verge of "Going Nuclear" Over Gorsuch

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

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All eyes on are on the U.S. Senate Thursday, as the showdown over President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, reaches its apex.


As long as people can be so easily corrupted by pride, money and power, institutions such as democracies will stagger and collapse. We need to raise a generation or two of ethical people. Until then...I have little hope.


Bush was illegitimate. The GOP SCOTUS who selected him was illegitimate. Trump is illegitimate. McConnell is illegitimate. Gorsuch is illegitimate. The House under gerrymanders is illegitimate. Republicans under the 1% are illegitimate. .


Will we - the people - ever be able to bring down this reign of illegitimacy?


The don't care about "all" americans - only "their" americans. Behind their gated communities and police protected offices, they could care less about what happens to the rest of us. Why would they compromise when they don't seem to need majorities in the elections and they use money to manipulate everything?


If Gorsuch was as ethical as Repugs say he is, he would step aside in order to preserve the integrity of the court. SCOTUS becomes a bad joke with the nuclear option in place.


When you consider that pundits across the political spectrum concurred that John Paul Stevens (nominated by Republican POTUS Gerald Ford in 1975) was the most left leaning justice on the SCOTUS at the time of his retirement in 2010, SCOTUS HAS BEEN "a bad joke" for at least the past decade.

To objectify the record note that Ford successor Carter was the only full term POTUS to never have an opportunity to nominate a SCOTUS justice, so Clinton and Obama were the only Democrats to nominate justices subsequent to Steven's nomination and confirmation.


Mitch McConnell epitomizes the modern victory of the Confederacy.


This is a kind of palace coup, where you change the rules when things aren't going your way.on

Similar to what a gaggle of neoliberal states did against Venezuela at the Organization of American States on Monday (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and some others); they replaced the president and vice-president of the Permanent Assembly (while they were out of the room and because they opposed holding a special meeting on Venezuela that violated Venezuela's sovereignty) with the Honduran delegate. Then they published a resolution, with no discussion allowed, as having been by consensus.

I thought I should add that I'm definitely not trying to sidetrack the discussion -- it just seems to be a horrible coincidence that the Senate coup is taking place in the same week as the coup at the O.A.S.


We the people outnumber them. Remember the guillotine?


It takes at least a generation to generate a generation, whether it be ethical in general human terms or completely dysfunctional, and with environmental transformation (read global heating), overpopulation, and increasing chance of the catastrophe of nuclear war there isn't enough time. As a species we're toast.

Sorry folks.


And don't forget Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, a son of the confederacy no doubt.


How much longer b4 that Conway c#nt says "let them eat cake?" Hell, at this point it could be the donorrhea that tweets it some morning after being shut down again ... *I have little climaxes everytime I imagine dolt45's and the turtle butt's heads rolling :heart_eyes::smiling_imp:


I HATE the U.S. Let's really go nuclear and end the whole thing.


So, what do Democrats do when they have power? Do they do these strong armed tactics and force through a progressive agenda, especially in regards to economics, that radically departs from the rightward trajectory the country has been on since Reagan? Of course not, since they have no such agenda, which is why the government is now filled with two minority parties that are both deeply unpopular. We’re basically a more developed version of Colombia. Not sure where this all goes, but it seems that democracy or the two party system will collapse since neither has tons of legitimacy and the government is dominated by corrupted mediocre people with no morals or social consciousness. If the two parties make it impossible for another party to emerge, likely, then they’ll bring the system down with them. This isn’t class war, it’s a class slaughter, the working and middle classes have, until very recently, not even fought back, and I don’t see either party interested in any class struggle on behalf of working people. I’m personally done with incremental nonsense since the people calling for this have played a strong role in things getting incrementally worse.


A poem called ...


There is a sense of fatalism in the air.
Something cynical in the stench
of self interest and personal gain
that chokes the throat with betrayal!

This game has been played far too often
where Dems will fight the good fight
marshaling a fierce unity, only to end in failure
because always a few Dems vote Republican.



He so badly wants to join the court of such great men as Clarence Thomas and Atonin Scalia.


Good post, and an excellent point here. I was watching a Michael Hudson youtube interview recently (I think it was this one.) in which he pointed out that in 2009 Obama & the Dems had the White House and both houses of Congress: So what did they do? Betrayed us all to the oligarchy. He even said at one point:

Trump is Obama's legacy.

It's going to be awfully hard to conduct a successful class war when there is so little agreement about who the enemy is.


Pity the Dems didn't have the balls to do this when they had the opportunity.

Anyone else ever watch "professional wrestling"? Remember the sick matches between the 98 pound weakling (paid to take a thrashing) and the buff 260 pounder?

Need I say more?


The horse has left the barn. Now anything goes. Anything. Their rules, not ours. They've asked for it. Let's not disappoint them.