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It's Love for Coal, Not Workers as GOP Gives Miners 'Slap in the Face'


It's Love for Coal, Not Workers as GOP Gives Miners 'Slap in the Face'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A bloc of Democratic U.S. Senators on Friday is threatening a temporary government shutdown over a short-term spending bill that shows Republicans' love for coal extended not to the workers who've toiled in the mines.


Bye in large, the coal miners of West Virginia and Kentucky couldn't wait to line up and vote for Trump.
Sometimes when you do goddamn stupid things they come back to haunt you.


It makes the DNC refusing to learn the lessons of not nominating Sanders all the more tragic.


Joe Manchin came close to converting to the Republican Party, according to Mike Papantonio and some other sources. Other than being willing to help the miners in his own state, he will not come to the aid of other common Americans.


It is truly stunning the way the republicans take the hatchet to anything that benefits the people and people, dems included deal with it like its a policy and not a con. It's extortion to put it in a must pass spending bill. Till democrats wake up and start really fighting these thieves with all they have we are screwed.


Manchin should talk to his daughter about the meaning of " inhumane ". Those $700 epi-pens sure add up here for the new outrage meme, " the workin' class hero ", indeed. So, what's a single, hard workin' mother to do? Tell Joe Manchin " to go xuck himself " sounds like a good starting place.




My maternal grandfather died of lung cancer after a career centered in the coal mines of southeastern Ohio. Of course, that was long before the establishment of safety standards, health care, and pensions. Right.

He knew enough to see all four of his sons and two of his three daughters got college educations and never set foot in a mine. (The third daughter had to come home from her 2nd year of college to help her mother nurse her dad to his death, and to take over some of the breadwinning.)


Few West Virginians would have voted for Sanders either. He was part of the "war on coal" too, remember?


Did your grandfather smoke? Coal miners get pneumoconiosis (black lung) but lung cancer is not associated with coal mining. There is radon produced by the rock in the mines, but the ventilation to remove the explosive methane is much more than that needed to remove radon as well.


The first shot fired over the bow... Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) urged the Democrats to "just give in..." Imagine the length and breadth of Mitch and Paul's To Do List. It's not going to be a do nothing congress anymore, as long as they have millions of people to undermine. Next!


Now I want to see and hear all of those Coal Miners and those Working Class Republican Voters getting out and marching on Washington over their wanted Republican outcome. NOW they will surely see the light of their CONNED votes, as Republicans are in their offices laughing at them and at the rest of us who'll be under their FACIST RULE for the next 4 years. WORKING MEN and WOMEN deserve better than the THUG REPUBLICANS we are stuck with now! GET OUT and SPEAK UP! Working Class Voters need to stick together over issues that can really create good outcomes. SAY NO to REPUBLICANS!


Details of my grandfather's health and death were not the point. He died in the 1940s, before even my father met him.

My point was historic unconcern for miners' health. And that, though I now advocate to leave coal and other fossil fuels in the ground, I'm proud of my heritage.


Slowly the Trump regime's Cabinet and extremist direction is eroding the demographics that gave him the electoral college vote (?), but losing the popular by over 2.5 million - many more people and groups beside coal miners will soon see and realize the true face of the depraved Trump & Co!

I don't think Trump has ever espoused "caring" for any demographic, our common environment, healthy air and water, animals or a sustainable future - especially in this bizzaro "election" - only divide, create & fan hatred and bigotry.
To CARE is foreign to that creature! It's likely he hasn't "cared" for anything or person, outside his family, his entire pathetic life, only "the deal", money, power, exploitation of others and our Mother Earth - to gain advantage and profit at the expense of all others, to despoil - now more than ever - the MO of a person with zero Moral Compass, sense of justice, or integrity!

More evidence for this truth will surely follow!


Republicans will save the coal jobs but not the coal perks for workers.....lol....Got to love them republican values......GOP assholes are stupid but the voter base is even more stupid.....lol...love it...The GOP wants to blame the unions for the(miners) misery...what a hoot..Republicans excel in misery of the American worker... it is all they peddle to the stupids....

When 4 yrs Have passed I wonder if the stupids will put him(Trump) back for another 4....When the standard of living for all workers goes to shit will they buy into the conservative utopia dream(nightmare)?


Will I feel sorry for any Trump voting miner who is harmed by this? Not one darn bit. I will be there to laugh in their face and say "What part of 'Republicans don't care about you!' did you not understand?". Screw them. They voted for it, they'll suffer the consequences of it.


Well, the Democrats caved in. In the final vote, only 36 of them voted against Republicans to "keep the Government going." I don't know if this saves the miners' health care at the cost of losing their pensions or not. It does seem to set a precedent. "Democrats cave to..." may become the new mantra. Same as the old mantra.

What IS it like in Costa Rica?


There are some rich people who have empathy and help people, but many do not because they live in a bubble.


There deemed a "right to profits" due to those Corporations as sacred and inviolate and legislation always passed so as to maximize returns on investments so that the 1 percent can grow wealthier.

There are no workers rights or rights to a fair return on the labor that the workers provide. This is just seen as another cost and impediment to profits. This is the essence of Capitalism. The system works to serve Capital , not labor.


I understand what you are saying, but I couldn't imagine wanting to do this kind of work unless they don't have a choice?