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It's Mueller Time: Special Counsel Submits Report to Trump's DOJ


It's Mueller Time: Special Counsel Submits Report to Trump's DOJ

Common Dreams staff

This is a breaking story and may be updated... Check back for possible additions...

Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday submitted the highly-anticipated report based on his nearly two-year investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion between the Trump campaign or obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump.

According to the Associated Press:



The findings should be made Public first and foremost, but all of it was given to another Trump appointee, Barr. By the time we get a whiff of any of it, guaranteed it won’t be what Barr got. This is more than an Outrage. I expect nothing …same I did with Comey / Clinton. We’ve been HAD… once again. Think I will watch another Game of Thrones rerun… Much better story than the boring nonsense we have now.



OK - so the duopoly is sitting back having a cig after the knulling around going with this and going with that. Criminal activity will apparently continue to be treated from the perspective of their donor lobbyists to assure that the knulling around will continue to extract as much as possible from human society and wrap those chains globally. Do not allow them distract from the matters at hand

Public Banking
Tax Equity
Fossil Fuel divestment
Arms divestment
Green New Deal
Public transport and Infrastructure reconstruction
Think global act local
Tune in turn on and drop out - and no, you don’t need drugs to do this



"Praise the Lord."

Perhaps the “stroke” that will save our country is close at hand.



Well, well.
This is not the end, boys and girls… This is just getting started. Buckle up.
Good thing there’s not much at stake. (o, civilization, humanity, countless other species, but no big deal)



I’m awaiting Russian Maddow’s interpretation of the
Report, I’m sure it will cool calm and unbiased with lots of dots connecting, a giant maze of names.



Hmmm how interesting that the Barr person listed the "Russian thing first. I don’t even worry about that . I was more interested in Cambridge and those people…sigh----I didn’t believe Bush and co. on anything anyway----we have had a government doing charades for a long time now.

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I hope Mueller’s report does not become a distraction for folk engaged in grassroots community based organizationing.

Establishment Democrats have asserted that Trump colluded with Putin to overthrow US democracy. But, there is no authentic democracy in the US, so I don’t expect Mueller’s report to show much. Trump has claimed he never collided with Russia. My sense is that he’s to stupid and inept to do so.

Establishment Democrats will be more emboldened to silence progressive voices and to insist that people vote for the lesser evil candidate. Republicans will become less restrained in the venom they spew asserting that those who criticize Trump are, essentially, guilty of treason.



0 indictments for a Trump-Russia conspiracy, and no more coming. There was no there there, and there never was a there there. Oh, the Schadenfreude. What did it accomplish; Trump will run on this, and will he ever, thanks idiotic dems, led by Miss McCarthy herself, Rachel.



Russia-gate has always been nothing but CIA war-mongering B.S.
Russia did not bring us Trump. They are not the enemy. The Russia-gate propagandists are the enemy of democracy and peace in the world.




This is enough to make me want to end my financial support for Common Dreams. It’s making more sense that it’s supported through ActBlue - the DNC shilling funding agency. Meuller is a hack who lied us into war, and the Democrats lost to Trump because they’re self-serving and corrupt. Get TF over the Russiagate nonsense already and look in the bloody mirror. And to Common Dreams - you’re no better than a two bit DavidBrock shill rag.



This is a recent article (by Thom Hartmann) on Barr’s role as helpful assistant to W:

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Right - so much at stake, so many patriot$ in charge.



Let us try to remember who got things right, like Glenn Greenwald, Caitlin Johnstone, the late Robert Parry, and Aaron Maté:



Just because the American public paid for numerous reports, commissions, studies, etc. etc. sure as hell doesn’t mean they actually get to read them.



A friendly warning: I made a similar comment a couple of years ago, and despite over a decade of supporting CommonDreams with my donations and scores of comments, they punished me… quite cruelly.

Despite the fact that my comments were routinely in the top few liked comments – one of their all-time most “Faved” commenters – my entire history of commenting was REMOVED from this site. I called CommonDreams and spoke with a very sympathetic person. She was appalled, actually, at the censorship. Yet nothing happened. No one got back to me. My comments were never restored.

Needless to say, I’ve hardly commented since. And my criticisms of the CD staff writers and establishment-friendly editorial policy have only grown.

So beware.



Its going to be bumpy ride from now on. This is only the beginning. Lets get the show , “impeachment” on the road. Hmmm with no indictments for the orange top I wonder how trustful the Muller report is.




It seems Common Dreams has been infiltrated by hacks from David Brock’s Correct the Record after that operation shut down. It’s unfortunate because this used to be one of the last good sources of journalism.

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I’ll put my money on SDNY, thank you. I don’t trust Mueller. Besides, Trump is too stupid to collude willingly. He thinks of nothing but himself. But the others around him…