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It's Not Just Corker: 14 GOP Senators Stand to Reap Millions From #CorkerKickback


It's Not Just Corker: 14 GOP Senators Stand to Reap Millions From #CorkerKickback

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Trump, who made much of his fortune in real estate, would also stand to profit from the provision


Fleecers gonna fleece…


Which is why multi-millionaires shouldn’t be allowed to represent us in congress. And why they have single digit approval.


The provision is bad, one bad piece of bad legislation. The larger points are (1) the way many of these senators have been bribed to vote for it, and (2) as Corker admits, they don’t even know what is in the bill - they haven’t read it. The height of corruption, hypocracy, and ignorance. If this is the way the extreme way the GOP senate operates (and the House too, and too often nearly as bad among Dems), the whole system needs to be transformed…or blown up and then done over. Since the beginning of this country, the government has been organized to favor the wealthy and propertied. Now is just its most extreme and in-your-face example.

We need to correct the flaws in the system that advantage a small elite and disadvantage the rest of us, especially the poor and people of color.

The recent election in Honduras has been stolen. The US is not far from that, if it has not already happened. How much more are the people willing to take.


Very likely that some Democratic senators will benefit, too, but at this point, it appears that Shumer is holding all Democrats to a no vote. The Dems, however, have been relatively silent and muffled in their opposition, though at least Bernie Sanders has made some much needed noise. Bottom line? Welcome to one of the greatest thefts in the history of Congress.


The added bonus for Congresscritters voting in favor of the kleptocracy are the lucrative K Street lobbying jobs awaiting electeds who retire or lose an election.


The same as jurists with any perceived conflict of interest must recuse themselves from deliberating a case, so too must political representatives who stand to gain advantage or wealth by their votes, should be forced to recuse themselves, else this entire “tax-cut” scam is a travesty and charade of criminal proportions!

When the voting reps have already gained wealth or advantage from other entities or individuals via campaign-contributions or other mechanisms - AKA bribes - the issue of criminal culpability is large. How can this farce, written in secret and pushed thru before any accurate understanding of its consequences are realized/understood, be foisted on the American people? The haste with this largely hidden and rushed bill is being pushed should tell all there is to know - it is a scam and criminal theft! A “Christmas present” not to the American people but to the 1% and corporations that the 99% will be forced to pay-for!


Given that all or almost all senators are in the 1%, they will all benefit from this tax scam. An all-Dem no vote is a striking example of the difference between the two parties.


Or, just as likely, it’s an all-too-common display of Democrat “principles” when the outcome is known beforehand—or did you think that only Trump knows how to play to his base?


Who Does Congress work for?

It’s not the 330 million of us. It’s become quite clear they are working for themselves and an extremely small minority.

If they’re not representing the masses, and stealing from all if us, don’t the masses have the right to remove them?

If someone is stealing from you and your house, you have a right to shoot them if you feel your life is threatened.

Folks, looks like we have our legitimate reason to remove these theives.


Yet, these assholes do get nominated, and the system is so rotten that they win elections too. The fact that these people are in a position to do this says a hell of a lot about both the parties and this system on the whole.


As Emphyrio points out, any Representative or Senator who has a conflict of interest with a particular bill, one in which his/her vote would enable them to benefit financially from, they must recuse themselves from voting on.

If they refuse to acknowledge their conflict of interest and continues to vote for a bill that will favor them financially, they are breaking their vow of impartiality, and need to be removed from office and charges of theft lodged against them by their state’s attorney.


Well, the Democrats are bad enough that they can’t beat these rotten peoptle in elections and it is easy to vote against something as illogical and unpopular as this bill. If Schumer can’t keep his party together on this monster then he and his party are as bad as his critics on the left say they are. It does show the difference between the parties, but that is a reflection of how utterly horrible Republicans are, and it isn’t enough anymore for Democrats to just prove that they arent as bad as a fascist party that only a quarter of the country now identifies with. I cant pay the damn bills with the comforting thought that things could be even worse if a Republican won, especially if things get progressively worse with either party in power. It is important to critically analyze how we got here, and we got here in part because of how bad the Democrats are too.


Easy to vote no and go on record as such when you know you’re going to lose, anyway.


What we need is the same type of article showing how much Trump would be reaping from the Republican tax scam. How much will his businesses reap? The news media is missing a great opportunity to embarrass Trump and the Republicans with their ridiculous Tax scam.


What a great picture, a perfect ensemble of these thieving dinosaurs. And we (collectively) vote for these people. So now all of us will reap the rewards of others’ stupidity.


Fine. But why not mention the Democrats who, to preserve access to military industry campaign contributions, have been UTTERLY silent about our perpetual wars and our growing special ops activities around the world. I mean, mere graft and venality is certainly despicable–but the Democratic silence on the wars is even more devastating.

I don’t like either, but dammit, we can’t expect Republicans to change or to behave. We must, however, expect better from the other side.


That should be done, yes, but the problem is that Trump has yet to come clean with all his accounts and holdings, even his recent tax returns. Other presidents do this as a matter of ethics when they take office, but, of course, Trump can’t even spell that word. He should never have been allowed to slide on this, but, of course, those are the kinds of doors no one in Washington wants to start opening.


Well, given voter turnout, more accurate to say that they are in power because of people not voting. With Corker, for example, what percentage of the voting age population actually voted him into office? Seems that the system itself is now on trial with these monsters, or at least it should be.


Yes, but because Amerika is only a democracy in name and really a plutocracy backed by its mafia; the police and military, and most of the 535 Congressional officials back the MIC. The system is so corrupt, it seems to me, the only way to get rid of the rampant, ubiquitous, and egregious government, corruption is a nonviolent revolution.