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'It's Not Just Keystone': Midwest Gears Up for Massive Tar Sands Fight


'It's Not Just Keystone': Midwest Gears Up for Massive Tar Sands Fight

Jon Queally, staff writer

A large protest in Minnesota this weekend is designed to show that the resistance to tar sands goes well beyond Keystone XL, as numerous environmental and social justice groups come together with Indigenous communities across the region to make their unified demands clear to all: "keep toxic tar sands out of America's Heartland, fight for clean water, clean energy, and a sa


The Mid-West should “gear-up” because it is their water and land the was sold to the interests of the Canadian dirty oil. Their elected leaders are all corrupt. Government will not help them protect where they live. Instead their rights are being given to corporations through “trade” agreements like the TPP. Even those in Alberta, where they were supposed to benefit from the dirty oil, flipped their government last month. The Kochs had more power than their elected government.


Such is the power of CAPITAL in a Capitalist society. Those with the greatest concentrations of it wield the greatest power. In this type of “ownership society” even a nations Governments are owned,


Well, with all the activism in Minnesota recently I find this much more hopeful to associate with this state than “hot dishes” however tasty (or not) they might be. Solidarity!


Now this can only be labeled as a jutsifiable war going against the biggest enemy of America and the planet…Corporate Amerika!!


Yes, I have not been hopeful… over the last… who to hell knows… been loosing hope for a long time now… but, this… does show me that the fight… is getting bigger…that’s a little something…


So, I still say, that most people do not even have a clue… that this type of thing is going on… or the REAL consequences… like with the EPA study that just cam out… so, on all the main stream news stations…it was reported that the EPA said that Fracking does no harm to drinking water… then, I read a piece on another website and the whole situation was turned around… who do I believe?>… Well, we know the EPA is really a watered down piece of crap institution… So…


The EPA has done some good work under their current leader. I am suspicious of the right-wing publicity of this article. They will not let homeowners who are damaged by fracking in Texas even protest the fracking. Fascists.


We’ve lost another fighter: Jean Ritchie, 92. Traditional singer and poet, teacher, social worker.

I come from the mountains, Kentucky’s my home,
Where the wild deer and black bear so lately did roam;
By cool rushing waterfalls the wildflowers dream,
And through every green valley there runs a clear stream.
Now there’s scenes of destruction on every hand
And only black waters run down through my land.

Sad scenes of destruction on every hand,
Black waters, black waters, run down through my land.

O the quail, she’s a pretty bird, she sings a sweet tongue;
In the roots of tall timbers she nests with her young.
But the hillside explodes with the dynamite’s roar,
And the voices of the small birds will sound there no more;
And the hillsides come a-sliding so awful and grand,
And the flooding black waters rise over my land.


In the rising of the springtime we planted our corn,
In the ending of the springtime we buried a son,
In summer come a nice man, said, “Everything’s fine—
My employer just requires a way to his mine”—
Then they threw down my mountain and covered my corn,
And the grave on the hillside’s a mile deeper down,
And the man stands and talks with his hat in his hand
As the poisonous water spreads over my land.


Well, I ain’t got no money and not much of a home;
I own my own land, but my land’ s not my own.
But if I had ten million - somewheres thereabouts—
I would buy Perry County and I’d run 'em all out!
Set down on the bank with my bait in my can,
And just watch the clear waters run down through my land!

Well, wouldn’t that be like the old Promised Land?
Black waters, black waters no more in my land!


Stephen Harper and Barack Obama should live where there is fracking. The Keystone Pipeline will turn the Great Lakes into the Not So Great Lakes. They will be turned into tar sands.