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It's Not Just Shkreli: Another Pharma Giant Quietly Hikes Drug Prices



Hot off the govt. presses, the Patriot emerged newly formed at over 250 pages RIGHT after the 911 event.

The TIPP is said to run about 1000 pages, and few "law" makers have had the opportunity, permission, or luxury to even read it.

One can be pretty sure that hiding within the fine print of Obama's alleged achievement, "The Obama Health Care Act" are odious features that permit, if not encourage, the worst of Big Pharma's patent owners to raise prices in these astronomical (and equally immoral) fashions.

Was it George Carlan who warned (as does any Fool or court jester who speaks Truth to power) that citizens must beware whenever any policy is handed to them as a "reform"?


I will grant that this is somewhat of a fantasy given our giant ag-business model and the crap they feed us , but many of these meds would not be needed if the population as a whole were healthier...the only hope is that our youth become more aware of healthy lifestyles and food choices and that gradually these toxic leeches die off as their potions become irrelevant.


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Big Pharma hikes costs on their crap and make-up "diseases" and conditions to push other useless deadly rubbish. At the same time politicians shill for big-pharma to shield them and increase their monopolies and greater profits. Politicians like Andy Cuomo make a mockery of cannabis reform and availability to the people making it so restrictive/draconian most people who need and would benefit from safe, effective and inexpensive cannabis will never get it. Cuomo is an example of the worst in American politics, a manipulative, vindictive, corporate/'developer" whore who will do or say anything to advance his and his clients position at the expense of average people!


"No price reductions were reported.": LOL!


In my opinion, the pricing practices of the pharmaceutical companies/cartel, the health insurance companies, and the national health care providers, hospitals and clinics make the mafia look like honest business people. In most cases, you have no idea at all about the cost of services at most hospitals, labs and clinics at the time their service is provided and needed!

When it comes to the total CEO compensation of these gangsters, there is no moral limit. Let's take a brief look at CEO compensation of some large pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers in 2014 as compared to the average worker's wage of $35,239 in the U.S.

(Note: I only selected five that were at the top of the list. Many more, like Pfizer, are further down the compensation list of shame.)

Leonard S. Schleifer, M.D., Ph.D
Regeneron Pharm. Inc.
Total Compensation: $41,965, 424.
1191 times the average worker's wage

Jeffrey M. Leiden
Vertex Pharm. Inc.
Total Compensation: $36,635,468.
1040 times the average worker's wage

Larry J. Merlo
CVS Health Corp.
Total Compensation: $32,350,733.
918 times the average worker's wage

Lamberto Andreotti
Bristol Myers Squibb Co.
Total Compensation: $27,062,382.
768 times the average worker's wage

Wayne T. Smith
Community Health Systems Inc.
Total Compensation: $26,441, 382.
750 times the average worker's wage

Source: http://www.aflcio.org/Corporat...

While workers produce the products and provide the services that generate wealth, it is the capitalist class that collects and accumulates that wealth. There is no equality under capitalism … only tyranny.


yep, in following the money all things become clear.
so, if the meek really are slated to inherit the earth, I can't help but wonder WHEN? when might the world be free of corrupt and greedy industries? sorry, channeling my frustration through tepid humor-laced sarcasm.


yes, fear mongering, economic disparity, gmo foods, pesticides, preservatives, soil, air and water pollution. pharma meds are largely designed to treat a symptom, not promote a healthy immune system. anti-depressants increase likelihood of suicide and suicidal thoughts. sleeping pills create fatigue, anti-inflammatory drugs destroy cartilage, and on and on. not saying that medical intervention isn't necessary at times, but the White Coat syndrome has contributed to a lot of the increasing chronic illnesses. Just don't ask your doctor "if this is right for you."


Duuuuuhhhh!!! Of fucking course it is not just "Shreki"! It's called "free markets" and "capitalism". Good fucking grief!


And going on down....



UBS said Pfizer increased prices by 20 percent for anticonvulsant Dilantin...

But who would ever buy Dilantin? This important antiseizure drug used by epileptics (Phenytoin) is a century old. Far cheaper generic forms have long been available. Why is "Dilantin" being made and sold at a premium price at all?


Headline sez: "It's not just Shkreli ..."

— As Pfizer is among those too big to jail, in that respect it IS "just Shkreli".


That is precisely the issue.


Please don't put all drug requirements down to just a needed change in diet / lifestyle. This is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. The first drug listed in the article is Dilantin. I have to take it for seizure control and seizures are not due to my lifestyle - I am vegan, do daily yoga, raise much of my own organic food and what I don't raise, I buy organically. I have tried alternatives medications and as of yet, none have controlled the seizures. I continually research other alternative possibilities. But until one of those alternatives proves successful, I won't go without medication because, while a seizure causes harm to me, depending on where it happens, it can maybe cause harm to someone else. If I would die, no big loss. If I were to harm another ... well, that's a risk I won't take. I'd rather take medication instead.

Everything is shades of grey, my friend. Everything.


George Carlin- with an "I" and not an "a"-


The Major stock holders of this firm are the same as Monsanto, and their last name begins with an R and ends with an r, and they are NOT good fellers-
If Exxon don't kill you, Chase Manhattan, Monsanto or Pfizer will...


Yes, today they treat the symptoms instead of looking for the cure- In so many cases Doctors spent very little time in lifestyle and dietary training that could prevent so much of todays medical problems- Look up the "China Study" for A closer in depth study-The most comprehensive, long term, study of the most individuals ever done on disease prevention and long term health- "Third World Traveler" site has A good overview of this study...

excerpted from the book
The China Study
The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health
by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., 2006, paperback



My first thought when i saw the pic was we won't get a rise out of the congress men and women till the price of viagra goes up 1000 %


More frustration channeling.......WE need to figure out how to pfk over Pfizer. A supply of monkey wrenches are needed.