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'It's Not Just That You're a Crook': Watch Jon Ossoff Eviscerate Sen. Perdue Over Insider Trading, Covid Lies, and Healthcare Attacks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/its-not-just-youre-crook-watch-jon-ossoff-eviscerate-sen-perdue-over-insider-trading


Vote all the bastards out now! You lie? Goodbye! Peace


every 5 minutes there is some revelation of behavior that in a rational universe would result in resignation or arrest. because i don’t have the energy to get upset every 5 minutes, i’ve pretty much gone numb. however, the purdue situation is especially ridiculous. this guy received inside information regarding the pandemic and used it to purchase stock in a company that produces protective gear. the fact that he is still a united states senator makes me want to punch a wall


Yes it seems the crooks are running the show these days. Maybe a polygraph can be administered before letting a crook take the seat in whatever institution they are headed into. Or better yet, after the fact, string them up the way they do the dissidents in “The Handmaid’s Tale” TV show. Make an example of them for all to see what happens to crooks in office everywhere.


Nah, they’ll just return when the fervor calms down some in some other place or institution. Toss 'um in the clink with all the nasty ones that actually belong in prison, let them feel some real pain for a change.


You have spoken for a whole lot of us.
It is a good example (Osscoff) of why I would never lump all democrats negatively.


So, what will Ossoff do to stop Senators from using insider information for profit? Will he push for an investigation into those Senatorial Intelligence Committee members who profited from Covid-19, Dianne Feinstein, Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler, and James Inhofe, a violation of the STOCK Act? Oops, that will mean going after Dianne Feinstein, so better to “let the past stay in the past” as Washington tends to do when the target is one of their own.


“ . . . members who profited. . .


I believe that we have a new VERB to add to the English language!

“OSSOFF,” now means TRUTH TELLING that sets you free and the nation free too!

Senator Perdud backs the ability to OSSOFF—to speak truth to power!

I believe that the power to OSSOFF was used against those British by George Washington! : )


Gotta be careful in house. There are arcaine rules that disrupt honest badgering, or calling out of individuals. And when it is down to “us and them” nothing is solved.

True, they have worn us all down by the sheer number and brazenness of their onslaught of criminal behavior. How about we stop prosecuting poor people for minor drug crimes and start upholding the law and go after white collar crimes with tenacity? How about you don’t get the best lawyers money can buy while poor people get public defenders fresh out of college? How about all lawyers are in a state pool and you get the one the court assigns you in a random drawing? I bet that would reduce white collar crime. There’s two justice systems in this country, rich and poor, black and white.

The investigations on Perdue should produce something for the future -
and hopefully also take care of Purdue – if Trump doesn’t PARDON him.

But NEW DEAL regulations on Capitalism used to prevent a good deal
of financial corruption like this – that’s why these criminals worked so hard
to overturn the NEW DEAL.

We’re NOT reinventing the wheel here – there is nothing that Bernie Sanders
was talking about that was in any way radical – NEW DEAL had Rent Controls
across the nation, NEW DEAL had regulations on Wall Street, on our free press –
to ensure that advertising wasn’t as prevalent as it is today – to ensure that the
NEWS was reported appropriately – and undue attention not given to groups
who weren’t supported by the public as we’ve seen for so long with the anti-abortion
violence. Where has our press been in going after the Supreme Court for so many
of its fascist rulings – from the 2000 Election to allowing W Bush and Trump to pass
huge amounts of taxpayer funding onto the Catholic Church here? How many levels
of our courts are corrupted now by “unqualified” judges – and corrupt judges – like
Roberts, for instance/Brook Bros. Fascist Rally to stop the vote counting in Miami-Dade
County mandated by the Florida State Supreme Court?

Citizens United – lessening the power of the Voting Rights Act – constant attacks on
Roe v Wade – failing to protect the nation against the intrusions of CHURCH on our

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Mr. Perdue is a strikingly stupid-looking man. He appears to have no inkling of ethics or epistemology. No understanding of metaphysics. No comprehension of the proper relationship between public and private. No background in political theory. No background in the classics. No familiarity with aesthetics. Completely unskilled in making qualitative judgments. Just a measly little bean counter. A number himself, he believes that all people are just numbers. No culture. No taste. Just a crude, vulgar, crass, stupid, maladjusted & maleducated little ratfucker. And just think: degenerate ratfucking nihilists like Perdue are the heart and soul of neoliberal governance, on both “sides” of the GOP-DNC junta. Let’s be candid.


The STOCK Act was supposed to end this kind of shenanigans but it was a paper tiger with rules for congress critters different than those for the public (much like their healthcare). It actually made it harder for the FBI and SEC to investigate members of congress, white putting on a veneer of concern.

Thank you — In the morning I’ll read the piece you linked to.

And . . .

My comment, “Evidence?”, was not meant skeptically — I know nothing about this and was and am looking to learn.

Thanks again,


I would cry for the plight of my childhood home state but for the fact that it is not alone. This election will only be effective if we take the Senate as well as the WH. I see a future bleaker than I can imagine. The Game of Thrones is a light comedy in comparison.