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It's Not Just Water That's Poisoning Our Kids; It's Also Our Collapsing Democracy


It's Not Just Water That's Poisoning Our Kids; It's Also Our Collapsing Democracy

Raffi Cavoukian

What in the water is going on in North America?


The game is rigged, alright, and it's gone global!

The following excerpt is repeated as an antidote to those C.D. posters who daily chip away at Americans' alleged integrity, intelligence, and engagement instead of understanding how powerful global cartels (the elites/oligarchs/plutocrats) have become:

"British Columbia’s provincial government, however, seems out of touch with the times. People are fed up with corporate lobbyists and tax breaks for the rich; they resent balanced budgets at the expense of teachers and much-needed social programs. What’s needed is a people’s government, one that respects its social and environmental duties."

What had formerly been done on the 3rd world with the state of the Niger Delta (water, in particular) serving as Exhibit A, is now being done elsewhere.

Just as the War Machine discounts the major losses of life it causes as "collateral damage," the corporations regard regions as Necessary Sacrifice Zones. Flint is one, and so is this province in Canada.. with surely more to come, if these maniacs manage to push through their TPP and TIPP style inverted "laws of trade." (If called by their true names, they'd be termed swindles of absolute plunder rendered legal through corruption operating on all levels.)

Definition of A Sacrifice Zone: "A company being allowed by our government to dump contaminated soil in our watershed is an affront to democracy. And it is a threat to our survival as a community.”


return to the rule of law. do not allow a pass for the wall st ponzi, the corrupt oil cabals, the buying of top positions in regulatory agencies by the same interests that scream about 'too much government' when they're the ones turning it into a garbage heap.

Yes indeed this iconic image does contain a pitchfork


Its astonishing the corruption and subversion of our regulatory agencies has progressed/descended to the point that what is arguably our most priceless resource, the basis of all life on Earth - water, is contaminated, polluted, and wasted to generate money - paper - profits, as if it were infinite - it is not, as will continue to be shown in ever increasingly stark examples!

"Only when the last tree has been cut, and the last river poisoned, and the last fish caught, will we realize we cannot eat money"

Also written as:

"“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.”
Cree Native American Prophesy


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If true, then Trudeau IS their Obama; and Trans-Canada pipeline owners have probably already sent checks to lawyers to prepare documents suing the U.S. for blocking any would-be pipelines.

Sure to be fun for all... least so, the Indigenous tribes on the front lines of landscape carnage so vast, the word rape fails to adequately define it.


People have to be fully aware of the toxic legacy that the model of resource extraction leaves on our enviroment. We have shills on these boards that will pop up when Nuclear power discussed (or more recently the lead in the water of Flint) who proclaim that radiation in soils and water and lead in the same is "natural" or that the only reason we see levels rise is because "we have better ways of measuring it".

The Gold Rush In California happened over 100 years ago. Up in Canada in the Klondike there an even greater Gold rush that happened over a century ago. The legacy of these mines is still with us today. The waters of those areas are still contaminated with higher levels of mercury and it estimated that it would take 10000 years before those levels return to more "natural levels". Those heightened Mercury levels are indeed man made but given it has been that way for well over a century and will linger on for another 10000 years as far as these shills are concerned "it is natural".

This remains a fundamental problem with the way business is done by these "Business friendly" governments. Each of them KNOW about the toxic legacy of Industries that were in place 100 years before. The US Government KNOWS about all those Super fund sites that will take billions and billions of dollars to clean up. The Government of Canada KNOWS about how streams and rivers were polluted by industry years before. Yet, even as they all KNOW that, they promote industries that do the same things those industries did 100 years ago all while preaching the idiocy of "regulations get in the way of wealth creation" whereby in 100 years time we will be collectively paying billions of dollars to clean up the mess these industries leave behind today.

It mind numbingly stupid.


They already have, I believe it's 15 billion.



Thank you for this link. A number of social anthropologists say that Earth is in Hospice... and are advising people how to handle their grief.


You nailed it - the famous rant from the right claiming over-regulation is killing business. The only thing this under-regulation is doing is killing people and creatures and poisoning everything.