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It's Not Just What Exxon Did, It's What It's Doing


It's Not Just What Exxon Did, It's What It's Doing

Bill McKibben

Here’s the story so far. We have the chief legal representatives of the eighth and 16th largest economies on Earth (California and New York) probing the biggest fossil fuel company on Earth (ExxonMobil), while both Democratic presidential candidates are demanding that the federal Department of Justice join the investigation of what may prove to be one of the biggest corporate scandals in American history.


In what passes for the U.S. judicial system, a young woman who's on a date with a Black male and sitting in a car when he makes a drug deal ends up going to prison as an accomplice to this "crime."

But Exxon, a company whose business practices have already led to extreme weather events which have caused both the loss of human life and the destruction of significant ecosystems continues its reign of terror.

In reading "Dark Money," I am up to the chapter where the Koch Brothers' and their brain-trust take aim at academe and LAW schools in particular. The goal is to turn pro-business practices (without the slightest concern for human, animal, or plant life) into what passes for legal scholarship. And it worked.

Lies that lead to habitat loss along with perils to human life should qualify as Crimes Against Humanity!

Here is what's going on since The Weather Channel merely covers bits and pieces and no U.S media DARES to put this type of encapsulation together. Seeing the visuals... and this compilation represents just ONE month's events,.. makes the brutality of "business as usual" all too clear:


"The trouble with fracked natural gas -- other than what Tillerson once called “farmer Joe’s lit his faucet on fire” -- is this: in recent years, it’s become clear that the process of fracking for gas releases large amounts of methane into the atmosphere, and methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. As Cornell University scientist Robert Howarth has recently established, burning natural gas to produce electricity probably warms the planet faster than burning coal or crude oil."

I don't think there's any dispute over the FACT that all this fracking is causing an uptick in earthquakes and some of these taking place in the Midwest could "tweak" the New Madrid fault line.

The RAPE of Mother Nature is having major repercussions... yet still the high-tech. rapists prey on.

From the article:

"But if Exxon seems hopelessly set in its ways, revulsion is growing. The investigations by the New York and California attorneys general mean that the company will have to turn over lots of documents. If journalists could find out as much as they did about Exxon’s deceit in public archives, think what someone with subpoena power might accomplish. Many other jurisdictions could jump in, too."

Don't forget... when Exxon first polluted the coast of Alaska (Valdez) and faced millions in fines, its lawyers whittled away at the judgment keeping the matter unsettled. Over the course of that interim, many who would have gained from the lawsuit died.

Exxon is very practiced at twisting law in its own favor.

As the effects of global warming continue to represent a greater global threat than any war (engineered or otherwise), the solution will have to be global. The Oil Barons have corrupted the legal practices in many lands by purchasing politicians, judges, and even heads of state.

It is time for the energy practices that are destroying this planet--and putting ALL LIFE IN JEOPARDY--to answer to a body that represents the interests of the World's People.

That's why Obama is being pushed to fast-track TIPP and TPP... these treaties not only anesthetize laws that protect labor and the environment, they prohibit citizens from seeking redress. In other words, they essentially set a framework that allows corporations to be The Deciders in everything from what we eat to the quality of the air we breathe. Koch-Brothers' style "freedom" on steroids.


We are fortunate to have such true leaders as Bill McKibben, when (almost) all our politicians have no functional moral compass, or empathy, or compassion or understanding of anything beyond making deals with the Devil!

We should all be very grateful to Bill McKibben for his dedication and tireless activism for Mother Earth and Her creatures!


Exxon is simply bad, there doesn't seem any way around it but I would say the best strategy to a adopt is change things so we no longer need oil or natural gas as a source of energy. Oil is largely used for transportation. We can at least switch to electric cars powered by solar energy. Planes and ships represent a more difficult problem but alternative fuels, such as biofuels, would seem to be the answer. Oil and natural gas are widely used for heating. Switching to electric heat pumps for heating would eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Geothermal can be helpful in many instances. We can eliminate the need for natural gas as well as coal power plants by turning to renewable energy such a solar, wind, and hydro. Hopefully Exxon will be made to pay for what might be crimes but the best way to deal with Exxon is make changes so we don't need their products to produce energy.


Because Exxon is a person with the Constitutional right to free speech, it also maintains a right to negative-speech (not speaking), a fifth amendment right to not incriminate themselves, and the same rights from search and seizure that we the people do. And we can't forget its liability protection, so the corporation Exxon never has to pay the actual costs of any wrongdoing.

Take away its Constitutionally protected human rights because it is not a human being, and all of a sudden, We the People can compel Exxon, and others, to act in the public interest. Corporate charters could be structured to provide the necessary "privileges" those entities need to conduct commerce in a stable environment, and can be revoked should wrongdoing be proved, including lying to the public and putting the public at risk for the sake of profit. The people could search, seize, and force corporations to be truthful. The possibilities are endless, once corporations are forced out of the political sphere and contained within their economic box.

There's a growing movement to do just that, and I sure wish Bill McKibben would get on board.


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What we are actually fighting here with Exxon is the control which our Founders gave to a select
few males -- an elite patriarchy -- over our allegedly people's government, it's wealth and its natural
resources. It is that patriarchy which we must bring down.

Re Global Warming -- our scientists have actually known since the beginning of the Industrial
Revolution the harm being done to Nature.

In 1957, our scientists presented the model for Global Warming to the public -- it has long been
understood that burning fossil fuels creates Global Warming.

Additionally, we must also face the harm done by wars, empire, MIC -- something which I think
is clear to the public and which many of our elected officials recognize as a threat -- i.e.,
note Rahm Emmanuel's comments re "f--king liberals" citing what is in his mind is the peril of
liberals who want peace and who would end to the MIC.


I am 100% certain that no one deconstructs the Dark Agenda of patriarchy more than yours truly.

I am not sure if your intent is to rewrite the Constitution or what it is that your post is aiming at.

And lecturing me on war and empire when I daily talk about the preponderance of the archetype of Mars and what the war-worshipping culture means and results in? What would motivate that?


We need an end to war so that there is money to fuel the world's smartest people to try and find, collectively, the answer to our energy catastrophe. The world's next "moon shot" has to be undertaken and now if there is to be any chance for our next generation and all other forms of life on Earth. Yes, and at the same time let the trials begin. There is a lot of space available for the real criminals: political, corporate and corporate banksters.


This is such an excellent article -- thank you Bill McKibben.
What Exxon has done to the earth just makes my blood boil. They (and frankly the oil industry in general) have committed a crime against the planet. How should we deal with this crime -- shut them down immediately and completely? Whatever money is left over from them safely removing all of their oil operations and cleaning up all of their pollution...use what's left to fund alternative energy building? Of course throw all of the executives in jail. But I think we as a nation need to clean house of all of the politicians who voted against Climate Change regulation. It's not enough to say they were fooled by the false "scientific studies" refuting Global Warming. Anybody who doesn't think we should immediately act on aggressive plans to combat Climate Change should be thrown out of office, immediately! Perhaps the public could sue these politicians to get them out of office without their pensions. Enough is enough! We cannot start to salvage our country and the rest of the world until these reckless politicians who block every attempt to do the right thing are thrown out on their asses, and replace them with people of integrity who truly care about the planet. And with Bernie as president maybe then we will be able to accomplish something.


Sioux Rose --

Remember me -- ?

I certainly know you and your posts and everything you have posted here -- and support you.
You used to know me and my posts.

I apologize if this sounded like a lecture --
I was trying to reinforce the idea of much being wrong -- and certainly
beginning with our schizophrenic Constitution.

What motivates my posts is anti-domination, anti-fascism.

If you wish me to, I won't respond any longer to your posts. I will continue to read them, however.


This isn't a subject you'll hear discussed very much -
on some websites it's a taboo subject --
But it has been going on for more than 25 years and the spraying is at the least
across Europe, as well.

Geoengineering will destroy all planetary life if not stopped
A team of scientists from the U.K. recently admitted that geoengineering schemes, which were previously excused as "conspiracy theories," are very much real. They also admitted that such projects "could harm billions" of people, blocking out sunlight, toxifying soils, and polluting oceans, all effects that exacerbate destructive changes to the climate

"Personally, I find this stuff terrifying," explained Dr. Matt Watson, a climate scientist at Bristol University, to BBC News. "We don't like the idea, but we're more convinced than ever that we have to research it."

Besides damaging the ozone layer, which is one of the earth's natural climate control mechanisms, geoengineering actually shrinks the atmosphere, leading to massive changes in precipitation patterns. The result? Animals end up going extinct, large areas of land become deserts, and biodiversity comes to a screeching halt.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052751_geoengineering_methane_emissions_ozone_layer.html#ixzz40akAk2JG


You juxtapose the quote from Dr. Matt Watson to make it appear that his work proves the crackpot "chemtrails" nonsense that @Joseph77 promotes. But Dr. Watson is saying no such thing. Here's the source of his quote:

Dr Matthew Watson, lead investigator of a £1.8million ($2.8 million) project to pump chemicals into the atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays, said using such technologies will become inevitable if humanity fails to stop global warming. The Bristol University academic has already suffered a major setback, when much-trumpeted plans to send a huge balloon into the air to test his scheme was scrapped over a patenting dispute. Last week, he admitted that despite the millions already spent on research, scientists are still decades from seeing their dreams turn into reality. And he said they could indeed be dangerous. The schemes could see rainfall patterns change, droughts spread across the world and the ozone layer damaged beyond repair. 'Personally, this stuff terrifies me,' he said. 'Whilst it is clear that temperatures could be reduced during deployment, the potential for misstep is considerable. By identifying risks, we hope to contribute to the evidence base around geoengineering that will determine whether deployment, in the face of the threat of climate change, has the capacity to do more good than harm.' But he added that it would be 'unethical' not to try the technology.

So in fact Dr. Watson hopes to be allowed to run an experiment to determine if pumping certain chemicals into the atmosphere to reduce atmospheric absorption of solar radiation could work in the future, but he's been blocked from running experimental tests. That's the extent of his geoengineering work, and what he is terrified of is the unintended consequences if humans do try this in the future.

And the chemicals that Dr. Watson hoped to do a single experiment with to test their ability to reduce solar radiation in the atmosphere, have nothing to do with any supposed massive ongoing program spraying metals aluminum, barium and cadmium all over the Earth, the crackpot "chemtrails" theory that Joseph77 is pushing.


Here's an honest report about a recent conference involving scientists who assert that we should prepare for future geoengineering schemes in the face of climate change. Note this section including Dr. Matt Watson:

But not everyone wants to see geoengineering given the green light, and the Berlin meeting has convened to bring these views together, rather than quietly usher in a new age of exotic experimentation. Mike Hulme, a professor of climate and culture at King’s College London, wrote in a blog on the conference website, that geoengineering remains an undesirable “fantasy”. “They offer technologies that will not just compensate for a disturbed global heat balance; they will end up doing far more. They will inaugurate an era of never ending experimentation with the global sky,” he said. “In their search for ever more control and adjustment, they will convert the world’s climate – all our climates – into something relentlessly unnatural.”
One of the dangers is the blurred line between experimentation and actual geoengineering. While the scientists to whom RTCC spoke agreed that no one really wanted to do engineering, and certainly not any time soon, small scale projects to test the waters might be sensible – after all, it remains unclear whether geoengineering is even feasible. But, says Watson, there is “no bright line – at a large scale, research and deployment blur. “To do it at full scale you’d have to learn as you went along. Small experiments may have no realistic risk, but they carry indeterminate possible societal risks. Does it open a door for people to do bigger experiments?”


The last time there was discussion of geo-engineering was post Manhatten Project, when atomic scientists were seeking peaceful uses for the "bomb." See: Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Geo-engineering is not natural and scary as shit.


Bullshit. You are hooked on "chemtrail" nonsense. There is NO SUCH MASSIVE PROGRAM of worldwide spraying of metals that you keep insisting WITH NO EVIDENCE is "real".

Please share with all of us the link to the "evidence" that "bees are now dying from aluminum poisoning."

The actual campaign that is going on regarding "chemtrails" is a disinformation campaign to distract us from the REAL AND CLEAR CAUSES of climate chaos.


web --

And one has only to look up into our skies to understand what is going on --
This material also falls to the ground and has been analyzed.

Good luck on the denial --



Our government is also responsible for not having stopped this campaign to lie to the public
about Global Warming.
James Hansen has even discussed the fact that the government changed some of his
reports on Global Warming.

Our oil resources should have been nationalized 100 years ago --
but now, oil is part of the "national security state" -- No oil/No war.