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It's Not Working


It's Not Working

What happened this weekend: Sgt. La David Johnson was buried, as his family and fellow soldiers wept. In still-stricken Puerto Rico, 85% of residents still have no power, 30% have no water, and surgeons are operating by cellphone flashlights. To help, all five former presidents hosted a "Deep from the Heart" benefit concert, raising $31 million. And for the third consecutive weekend and 75th time, Trump went golfing, twice.


We all have pie-in-sky dreams, admit it…one of mine today is…those 5 at the concert walk into the Oval Office and boot that golf bag out…hey, I can dream can’t I?


That is true…we all know what a $$@$&@ Trash a/k/a Trump is.
But please don’t praise 5 “presidents”, (really gatekeepers for the oligarchy)
for being “wonderful” that they raised 31 million dollars == something, by the way,
the 5 of them could have divided up themselves to give in a check themselves…
…ALL FIVE OF THEM are largely responsible for these “natural” disasters
by their policies, their hand-outs, their kowtowing to the fossil fuel corporations…
they are complicit…
so all 6 of them should be criticized, and you know it.


The demented dimwit IS NEVER WORKING…just strutting around to make it look like he is doing something aside from signing executive orders to undermine our democracy, our environment, world peace, and putting all life and the planet in jeopardy. Blaring his vitriolic invective either through the anus on his face or via twitter. A more malevolent monster has never occupied the WH and we all are paying the price.

John Adams and all presidents throughout our nation’s history deeply lament what we are experiencing with this kleptocrat and his henchmen:

White House History: https://www.whitehousehistory.org/photos/adamss-blessing-was-carved-into-the-state-dining-room-mantel-in-1945

Adams’s blessing was carved into the State Dining Room mantel in 1945

John Adams’ blessing is engraved in the marble mantel in the State Dining Room. The benediction reads:

“I Pray Heaven To Bestow The Best Of Blessings On This House And All that shall hereafter Inhabit it. May none but Honest and Wise Men ever rule under This Roof.”

The words are taken from a letter written to Abigail Adams from the President’s House by Adams in 1800 and were engraved on the mantel in 1945 during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Carter is the exception.