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"It's Off the Charts": Catastrophic Flooding Wallops Midwest


"It's Off the Charts": Catastrophic Flooding Wallops Midwest

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Nebraska residents are bracing for more record-breaking river levels as major flooding continues to affect portions of the Midwest.

The still-unfolding catastrophe caused at least three known deaths across the region.

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Every week at least one unprecedented weather catastrophe. It’s only a matter of time before this compromises critical infrastructure, such as nuclear power plants.

Extraction of fossil fuels must be categorized correctly, as the one thing worse than a crime against humanity: a crime against Life itself - and prosecuted accordingly.



I posted this website on another thread.




Thank you for beating me to the punch. A great site for all that wish to be informed.



I happened upon it whilst looking for the recent floods in kenya. I like that the information is worldwide. Puts a bit more perspective on the problem.



Local paper just did a big article yesterday on NuScale, the small modular nuke business headquartered here hoping for a license to spread all over the world. This article fluffed the company shamelessly, trivializing the risks, and implying the NRC was carefully looking out for the public interest by asking a large number of questions and taking a long time to issue a license. The new technology is claimed to be safer than regular nukes like the ongoing Fukushima disaster which just had its eighth anniversary, because it is claimed to be able to shut itself down without electric power, but nowhere in the article does it say what would happen in a flood. It would store the radioactive waste on-site, but just until our benevolent government figures out what to do with it. I’m sure we’ll never have a flood or earthquake spew the waste all over in the meantime.



Well, I’ve been down into the bowels of Yucca Mountain on the Nevada Test Site where the US Dept. of Energy for whom I worked at the time was proposing to permanently store high-level radioactive waste from civilian reactors. That was in 1987 and there has been no progress on the disposal issue to date to my knowledge. The can is being kicked down the road as it increasingly is dented and rusting away.



Seems a lot of water has been unleashed in Trump Country… aww, that’s too bad…



So were you gloating when super-storm Sandy devastated New York?

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Many of our fellow Common Dreamers are being affected right now with these rising waters.

Let’s be respectful of their dilemma.



I also have heard of no progress on the disposal issue. The article mentions Yucca Mt.:

“Spent fuel rods will be stored on-site until the federal government decides to allow reprocessing (as France long has done) or establishes a permanent storage site (the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository in Nevada has been on hold for years because of environmental concerns and political opposition).”



The Niobrara River ( surprise river or the very horizontal river-Native American ) is a very good rafting river, or used to be, in the spring. The area is the first place, in my childhood days, I visited in 1957. Still have the pictures and some great memories. Yellowstone and the whole 9 yds.
That being said, Nebraska and Iowa are fairly flat lowlands, the Platte River is a mile wide and a foot deep, as well ( old joke ). This flooding has been trouble for 170+ years, but the land and water development and diversion, coupled to sudden temperature changes is some fairly new phenomena. Along with more intense tornadoes, you’d think people would start catching some clues, here. I guess we’ll find out. Yikes.



I feel for these people. I seen plenty of flooding where I live (usually from hurricanes), but it’s always been warm or fairly warm, can’t imagine dealing with this almost freezing water with chunks of ice in it.



Around my relatively flat environs, this time of year presents a real dilemma for kayakers like me.

The water in the local river is running high and fast with a Class II (or IIIish) rapid nearby – that’s fun.
The water is also cold as hell – that’s dangerous.

Think I’ll wait until April.



I am actually looking forward to Mr. Mueller opening the floodgates in Washington DC soon.

That flooding should provide the Trump crime family with troubles for many years to come.

In SDNY we trust.



Wait till April, Tank. We don’t want to lose you.



Literally, my first thought when I reached the top of Yucca Mountain (looking around at all of the craters on the Nevada Test Site formed by in-ground nuclear weapons testing) was “this looks like a great place to store nuclear waste, let’s have lunch.” I am so glad I left nuker-kookerville.

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I here you. Living in the deep south, just the sight of that water with the ice floating in it gives me the chills.



Kinda scary ain’t it when you can see the totality, as you say. We are in deep waters here and it will only get worse :-((((

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Yes. Literally.

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