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It's Official: Global Carbon Levels Surpassed 400 ppm for Entire Month


It's Official: Global Carbon Levels Surpassed 400 ppm for Entire Month

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Marking yet another grim milestone for an ever-warming planet, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed on Wednesday that, for the first time in recorded history, global levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere averaged over 400 parts per million (ppm) for an entire month—in March 2015.


Al Gore is going to have to buy a taller Scissor Platform Lift.


Anybody who mentions Al Gore in reference to climate change, is still using r w talking points from 2009.


I wish you were wrong, but I fear that you are 100% correct.

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I hope like hell that I am wrong, but it looks to me like it will take some worldwide plague like catastrophic event where millions die because of global warming, before anything will change.

Like superman’s parents the parents of the future may have no other choice but to send their children to another planet because the earth will be doomed to be virtually uninhabitable!


That’s the rub. If we left right now, under our current propulsion methods, it would take us tens of thousands of years to even get to the nearest Galaxy with earth like planets, with no promise of finding a habitable one.
No, for the time being we must make our stand here.
Sucks Huh?

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If we all migrate to the moon, our kids will be able to fly just like Superman due to the lower gravity.
And any CO2 that is generated on the moon will just waft harmlessly into space.
We need to build a train to the moon right now!

No, I agree - we are in deep trouble.


When they first discovered the life forms that thrive in the deep sea volcanic vents, I began to wonder. They are not CNO organisms. They exist on the gasses and material spewed from the vents.

  • The conditions our probes have found on Venus seem somewhat similar to to the heat, pressure and chemical conditions in the deep sea volcanoes.
  • I wonder if, as we poison our own ecosystem, even unto the oceans, perhaps these creatures will survive and even flourish. In a few hundred million or billion years, perhaps something new will develop and evolve.
  • Whatever comes next, I hope they do a better job than we have.

There is no practical way of decreasing the concentration level despite the hype of 350.org. In fact the level will only peak when industry stops emitting. Oceans will continue to absorb emissions so become more acidic, warmer and unfriendly.


Bill Gates will save us all with his plan to spew seawater into the upper atmosphere to create a cloud cover that will reduce temperatures. What could possibly go wrong?

I guess I am a little dubious of any technological fix. We have really messed up this time and our owners are in denial because any rational actions would interfere with their personal profit goals.

Imagine a world without windows and gates… It may be closer than we think…

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Using our common intelligence has the potential to transform our collective action. I’m glad Bernie Sanders has entered the political campaign because he is saying what no other candidate is saying and yet millions have been knowing is the truth.


As I red the comments I am struck by the sense of defeat.
Maybe that is right.
I would like to see people consider and write about how to live in the changing world. How to plan for climate change. Water needs. efforts to save animals, Seeds. trees. water.
New ways of getting water out of the air.
Homes that are efficient
In short. plan to and learn how to live in a world that is changing. For the worse.
Humans are adaptable,


I believe that the “terraforming” of Mars remains entirely in the realm of speculative sci-fi, and has only moved more into the realm of fiction as an understanding of the loss of the Martian atmosphere more than a billion years ago has become better understood from the rovers and orbiters.


Without a magnetic field, they say it is hard for Mars to retain an atmosphere.

We can always hope that “Total Recall” will solve the problem.


seems ironic that some of the governing entity s in the country are forbidding the mention of climate change in such changing times … “Titan” is a sci fi story of the last nasa trip to the moon of Saturn . The story is interesting , somewhat glum but the ending is surprisingly like what some here see . Too bad the science fiction writers have for ever had more vision than our fearless leaders .


YES, THERE WILL BE ADAPTATION… but …it will be done in the name of money making and adaptation… is not… mitigation of co2… in other words… it’s great to adapt to a changing world… but, IF WE DO NOT STOP EMITTING AND i MEAN STOP… like today, we push ourselves to runaway catastrophic climate change… THERE IS NOT ADAPTATION TO THAT… and so… since we WILL NOT BE STOPPING TO EMIT CO2… TODAY OR TOMORROW… or even slowing it significantly enough… we can kiss our asses good by… the only way my idea of this will change is if all of a sudden, TPTB… decide to get some brains… put some actual real adaptation in place by getting rid of Capitalism… but at the same time… put programs into place to keep people from starving… debt for giveness, land grants… oh and take most and I mean most of the money away from the rich… and give it to people so THEY CAN ADAPT… but most of all stop modern industrial civilization… or slow it down to a crawl… just enough for some medical care for all and … maybe some renewable equipment… BUT NO GDAMN BATTERIES… WE CAN ADAPT TO LIVING AS HUMANS DID FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS… with night and day… there is not way the place that holds all the lithium… wants billions of people feeding off their land…

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There is nothing to do except scurry about trying to survive the oil age of the planet. There is nothing in the world that can stop the insanity - less the Earth runs out of fossil fuel. Lack of food and water will doom most inhabitants and the blood lust of police will thin the global population.

The people most likely to survive are the ones that will bring us to Armageddon.


Thanks for your reply.


Nice response. Guy McPherson may have the last laugh, although he clearly finds no humor in the almost inevitable extinction of most life on earth through human folly.

Oh, also. turtleridge2, don’t count on Bernie saving humanity. You have a much better shot with Stein, but as with the last time she’s probably not even going to make it to the debates.

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I have heard her speak … on Democracy Now… and some other places… but not much… what I did hear is that her content/platform is great… but, gee, her presence… needs some work… her voice etc… is very … I mean… it sounded like she was going to cry when I heard her… she sounded a little weird… now, there are also some other people in high positions whose voice sounds even worse… but, they are not trying to be president… I don’t mean that she shouldn’t be president for this… I am a registered Green now… but, I wish her voice carried more … weight… hopefully … her words… speeches… can make up for that…