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It's Official: Unabashed Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Now Youngest Women Ever Elected to Congress


It's Official: Unabashed Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Now Youngest Women Ever Elected to Congress

Jon Queally, staff writer

Making it official that a talented young candidate running on an unapologetic progressive agenda can unseat Democratic incumbents "who are ideologically and demographically out-of-touch with their voters," Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday night won her race for the U.S. House of Representative in New York's 14th District—making her the youngest female member of Congress ever elected and a leading voice among those pushing a much bolder agenda for the party.


At least this is one good news tonight.


The moribund Democratic party is incapable of winning because they don’t want to win. Winning and leading just gets in the way of preserving incumbent seats and bribe-taking. We can hope that Ocasio-Cortez pans out as an actual progressive but with Cuomo as a mentor her prospects are not good.


IF the two Koch/Corporate parties had allowed a liberal/BLUE WAVE tonight, it would have not
only scorched Trump and the fascist dictatorship he’s running, but it would have hunt the DP’s
flow of corporate money which they don’t want to sacrifice to save anything – even the planet/

Nor will they have any trouble stopping Ocasio-Cortez as she’ll receive no support from the DNC
and will disappear with the next cycle.

I think we really need to see the anger and begin to move on these two parties.

Keep in mind, this isn’t something that Evangelicals did, or the NRA did, or Wall Street did – or
“Harry & Louise” did — this is the work of Elite-Patriarchy which is ensuring that the world will continue to be run the way they want it to be run.
Those others are all fronts and useful tools for both of our corrupted parties.

The way Elites-Patriarchy fund themselves and hold authority is via “Christianity” and Capitalism – that
is until they have such control over our government’s wealth that they no longer need them …
And please – for any FEMALES here – STOP buying Hallmark Cards!!
Drives me nuts that someone in my family will send me a card which cost them $4.99 or more!!
Get yourselves some watercolor blank cards – and a children’s paint set.
Cut out pictures if you can’t paint – and mine the internet for “greetings” or even check out a few cards
for ideas.


After seeing her support Cuomo, I have to wonder whether there is more Damnocrat than Socialist in her.


she’s also not even remotely working class. that’s a fiction. she’ll do her job. she’ll play ball with power. let the faithful be disappointed. Again.


I am hopeful that Alexandria— will be serving in a way that reminds people of the ancient library at Alexandria, where minds from around the world gathered to share and support knowledge— The world needs a coming together of minds for what is best for the entire world, and so starting with this 21st century ALEXANDRIA-----I feel very happy and hopeful that a ray of hope has snuck in between the layers of negative Trumpism. Oh yes, let there be light : )


Unless some of you have something concrete, I don’t think that we know what Ms O-C’s relationship with the Democratic Party is. She has obviously bent to the DNC will pretty extremely, if indeed it was as extreme a bend as her announced platform would suggest. She endorsed Cuomo, of all people and of all things, and she called on people to vote Democratic across the board.

The party has a history of allowing relative progressives in states and districts where they do not have a lot of choice anyway (I am talking Bernie Sanders and the Kennedys here folks, not anybody radical). There is some utility to this. But there is no movement to be made around people who will go ahead and back Cuomo or give unqualified and unconditional support to a party.


In the end, it wasn’t a bad night and in fact I would say it was fairly positive if you were a progressive. Don’t forget we are fighting two enemies, Trump and democratic establishment. We have a legislative check on the first one and the second took key losses especially in the Senate. It seems pretty clear that progressives are what propelled the Democrats in the house and kept it from being a complete $hit show. Pathetic leadership from Pelosi, Schumer and the other corporate tools and now is the time to put the boots to them. Progressive democrats have the political ammunition to ouster these feckless idiots. The campaign starts now and it should be relentless. Pelosi first and then chucky cheese.


That is my concern as well; although, I didn’t know she wasn’t working class.


I guess the Dems took back the House after all. I will be looking forward to them not doing a damn thing to resist the republicans agenda.


If our Congress was made up with Bernie Sanders clones and “Ms O-C” clones we would be one helluva lot better off than we are now, that’s for clucking sure.


personally, I"m fine if she was. It doesn’t mean all that much other than it’s rare. But Bill Clinton was from dirt, and look what happened to him…:slight_smile:


On election night, right after the networks called the House for the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi surfaced for the first time in the long campaign, like the undead.

Watching her taking the podium with her grand children as if she personified the Democratic win, a wave of nausea came over me. She thanked the Democratic ‘leadership’ by name, everyone a neo-liberal, a super delegate. Everyone on stage had a hand in the Democratic debacle of 2016, and none had a hand in the win they are shamelessly celebrating. She spoke of reintroducing ‘transparency and openness’ to government, without shame and without reflecting upon how, stealthy in the shadows, the DNC tilts the playing field still.

In a list of things she said the Democrats will now do, there is no mention of the environment, no universal health care, no college tuition relief, no income mal-distribution, no ‘no’ to corporate sell-out. Not a word about the thousands of young people ringing door bells, getting the votes out, marching behind Bernie to the polls. With sunken eyes and frozen smile, Pelosi could not bring herself to congratulate any of the vibrant new Congresswomen and men who would gladly replace her as ‘leader’. I hope they do it soon.


bar –

My comment was …

Nor will they have any trouble stopping Ocasio-Cortez as she’ll receive no support from the DNC
and will disappear with the next cycle.

Allegedly Ocasio-Cortez is a liberal with a liberal or even socialist agenda –
That’s not what the Koch/DP is all about. One or the other has to change - right?
When we ask which of them will change or compromise, my opinion is it won’t be DNC.
If O-C finds a way to remain popular with liberal voters, then her next choice is to exist as Bernie does.

Mario Cuomo wasn’t by any means a liberal, but the press labeled him one as politics shifted to the right.
Same for Andrew Cuomo though the government has shifted since then to the extreme right.
Pretty much, there are no liberals or moderates of either party still in government/Congress.
I wasn’t aware that O-C had endorsed Andrew.

And, likely your second paragraph is absolute truth.


drone –

Not sure how Ocasio-Cortez began her rise – was she someone found by Bernie Sanders?

Did she come out of the Dem Socialist Party?

But obviously she’s been one of the more successful liberal candidates leading to this mid-term
election. Public seems very happy with her, her platform, her ability to explain her stand on issues
to the public and to get their support.

My feeling continues to be that we need to build something outside of the party (like Bernie Sanders
has done) to challenge the party itself to force the leadership out – right on down thru Congress.
You may have seen my comments on Fannie Lou Hammer and the Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party?
Something that would be as a big a flying wedge as that was.

And that we cannot continue life as it is – not with so many in US living in poverty and without health care and with seniors under attack and Medicare. Every day that we pretend that we can go on in the same ways is just pretense. We know it’s wrong. Poverty in US is only increasing!

We need to continue to attack all issues knowing that they ALL profit Elites-Patriarchy and expose that reality. And continue to expose the Koch Bros and other large corporations. There is sentiment out there for what I am saying as we see with lawsuits being attempted against corporations for harm done to the planet/nature. Global Warming is an immense and growing Wild Card and there is growing awareness of it.


Only in Orwellian Amerika can the woman who wrote this about a right-wing war criminal can be considered a “socialist”…

John McCain’s legacy represents an unparalleled example of human decency and American service.

-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


The truth is that the US voting electorate is not sold on democratic socialism no matter who is “selling” it. So unsold is the voting public on democratic socialism that they will even suffer the most boorish and obtuse president in the history of the US than try something different…


Perhaps Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest. Out here in Dubuque, we’re claiming that 29 year-old Abby Finkenauer, who was elected from Iowa’s First District, is the youngest. Someone will straighten this out for us. I’m pleased with the victories of both of these fine young women!


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on John McCain’s death:
“John McCain’s legacy represents an unparalleled example of human decency and American service.”

The US ruling class (and MIC!) has nothing to worry about from AOC. Although the working class has a lot to worry about if they think that she represents socialism.