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It's Official: Unabashed Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Now Youngest Women Ever Elected to Congress


That’s great! Now let’s see what she will do to keep her her new job. She’s got a lot to prove, as winning means nothing if you don’t do anything with it.


A eulogy focuses on the best parts of a person’s long life journey, now no more. As for his other parts, we have all done and said things not sterling. Be charitable.


We need to appreciate, and perhaps enjoy, and maybe even take full advantage of the next two decades of women moving into these high level government positions. As they move men and their entrenched attitudes, particularly the “good ole boy” club mentality, out of the way, and make room for more level headed debate, we will see a level of honest politics likely not seen before. I suspect forces beyond our control that will pit money power over these congress women at some point and they will become the average of the whole body. The young folks that vote them and the next batch or two in will see the best legislators in a while.


Really? Have we all personally bombed innocents, as McCain did in Vietnam?

Have we all followed that up, not by public confession and reparations, but by lobbying for the regime-change and war that has killed hundreds of thousands of other innocents across the Mideast and Africa, as did John McCain?

John McCain was a monstrous mass-murderer. Ocasio-Cortez’s whitewashing of his blood-stained history is indicative of where she will lead… to the Right, and to more war.

Watch what she does. Just watch.


Not a chance.


I’m glad she won. She is much needed fresh blood and youth in the moribund corpse of the Democratic party. However, let’s hold off hailing her as a progressive. Up til now, it’s all been talk. Let’s study her voting record from here on out before we label her progressive or social democrat. Her endorsement and mentorship by Cuomo does not bode well, but she deserves a chance to prove her progressive creds.


Screw charity. McCain was a war criminal and war monger with many lives on his conscience when he finally shuffled off this mortal coil. There’s a special place in hell reserved for him and his future cell mates, Kissinger and Cheney. AOC could have been discreet and simply said nothing or the blandest of condolences to the family. To praise that monster demonstrates a willingness to “play the game”. I predict she’ll fit in quite well in the DC swamp.


It’s that easy my friend. It took a democrat machine and a mafia mob twisting arms to get Kennedy elected.A massive amount of cash and grass roots effort to Bill and Hillary the most votes. they were partly as you sat, BUILT. But today we need someone already built. An Obama, an O’Roark, a Cortez, that can do what Bernie and those others did.
Jill Stein did not have the name recognition nor the person presence needed to impress the public. Sad to say Ralph Nadar lacked something as well. Probably need a ten years younger Jerry Brown type.


I suspect that only you could live up the progressive standard you apply to others. Were you on the ballot?

Or perhaps you’re just a new troll here. Guess the jury’s out for now.


To praise that monster demonstrates a willingness to “play the game”. I predict she’ll fit in quite well in the DC swamp.

Precisely. Ocasio-Cortez is another Obama - an Democratic militarist disguised in liberal clothing. Lately, she has been obediently parroting the Deep State’s Russophobia - the single most dangerous politics in the nation.

Because she is the best the DNC can vomit up these days, and because actual antiwar leftists are mocked and muted by our corrupt media, the rubes believe this woman is actually a socialist.

But it is not possible to be a socialist, and to support Amerika’s wars of aggression, nor its Neocon warmongers.


Congratulations Alexandria.

You deserve it.


Interesting to read the World Socialist Web Site’s comments pertaining to Ocasio-Cortez. She’ll surely be taking as much money as possible from AIPAC; and, she’ll do nothing to stop the perpetual war machine. Here’s some of the article; but, please take the time to read it in its entirety.

The Democratic Socialists of America: Providing a “left” cover for a right-wing Democratic Party – Jul 21, 2108 – Patrick Martin - WSWS

"… both the candidate and the DSA itself are a million miles away from genuine socialist politics. They don’t frighten the bourgeoisie in the slightest. But there is something else at work: the legitimization of a specific brand of extremely mild social-reformism, for the purpose of applying a new coat of paint to the dreary and discredited signboard of the Democratic Party.

This is a necessity to maintain the political monopoly of the corporate-controlled two-party system in America, in which the Democratic Party is supposed to be the “left” political alternative. After a half century in which the Democratic Party has completely abandoned any serious proposals for social reform, and has worked actively to slash jobs, cut wages and make conditions of daily life worse, such a facelift is of critical importance for the ruling class.

The DSA does not represent the emergence of socialism, nor is it even a legitimate expression of a growing radical upsurge. As with the campaign of Bernie Sanders, it is a defensive reaction of the Democratic Party and the ruling class motivated by fear of a genuine movement of the working class…

…And most tellingly, not a word about foreign policy: the DSA’s version of “socialism” is completely compatible with the defense of the interests of American imperialism around the world. This is the most critical point, under conditions of ferocious infighting between rival factions of the ruling elite over foreign policy, particularly in relation to Syria and Russia…

…There is little doubt that since her victory in the primary, Ocasio-Cortez has been “taken in hand” by politically more experienced elements in the Democratic Party and the capitalist state, and informed that a bit of radicalism is all right, but there are definite areas where she must not rock the boat. The newly minted Democratic candidate for Congress has quickly complied, abandoning several of her more “left” statements from the primary campaign, including the call to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as well as her (very occasional and tepid) criticisms of Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people.

… Ocasio-Cortez will enter the US House of Representatives after the November election, and if the Democrats win the majority, she will be arm-in-arm with newly elected colleagues whose previous experience was as CIA agents, military commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan, or war planners at the Pentagon, State Department and White House.

This fact underscores the real character of the DSA and its entire effort to “reform” the Democratic Party. Ocasio-Cortez and the DSA are propping up one of the two parties of American imperialism, while seeking to block the emergence of an independent movement of the working class directed against the capitalist system and all its political defenders and apologists." (bolding added for emphasis)


Jill and Ralph lacked money and exposure.

Had Jill Stein been given the opportunity to debate the two bleached Blonds, and had the MSM given her a platform to speak from as they did with Trump and Clinton, the American people would have recognized their mistakes in supporting Status Quo.

Bernie also had a fantastic opportunity to join the Green Party after the Democrats submarined his campaign, however, he chose to support the Corporations.

So it goes in the Kleptocracy that We the People continue to support, election after election.

Is it insanity?

I say f#€king A.


Bernie also had a fantastic opportunity to join the Green Party after the Democrats submarined his campaign, however, he chose to support the Corporations.

During the last election, Jill Stein mentioned that she had reached out to Sanders with email and with multiple calls in order to discuss strategy, possible cooperation, etc. Stein said that Sanders did not respond in any way to the outreach of the Green Party.

Not one call nor email returned, not even a form letter from a lowly intern. That Ocasio-Cortez is a protege of Senator Sheepdog is no coincidence.


Bernie showed his true colors at that moment, and it was green, the color of money, not Green, the color of progressivism.


Given the senate losses, schumer should be the more vulnerable.


One of your own opposed Barbara Lee here. Got about 12% of the vote, pretty much tracking what Republicans get against Lee when they are on the ballot.


Or Jill Stein could actually try getting elected dog catcher someplace.


I am afraid that she might not be so much a Bernie Sanders as a Barack Obama, willing to make progressive noises, but a dedicated global corporatist neoliberal-neoconservative right down the line with no attachment whatsoever to her currently stated position.

It is too early to know, at least for me, but her allegiances have been a bad sign.

One way we might be able to tell early on is to see how much favorable corporate press she gets. If she gets favorable coverage in the NYT, CNN, MSNBC and such going into the next election cycle, then it would seem pretty certain that DNC allegiance has been sealed and her agenda largely or wholly abandoned.


How long before the good people of America see the democratic con!