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It's Official: Unabashed Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Now Youngest Women Ever Elected to Congress


Perhaps you missed the (Dr.) in front of her name.

Do you have a (Dr.) in front of your name?


The answer to those questions can only come from all of us watching these newly
elected candidates as they move into Congress and to continue to push a liberal agenda.

And, I presume, that we should all become more familiar with the Democratic Socialist Party
– its ideas on changing government to return it to the people, its candidates and its platform.


So what. I can put a Dr in front of my name; and, I get flack here, frequently.:grinning:


You obviously didn’t take the time to read the article I posted above; or, you wouldn’t be hypothesizing such a dream.

On second thought, I apologize for being harsh. It appears you did look at the post. But, you don’t agree with the statement that
“…The DSA does not represent the emergence of socialism, nor is it even a legitimate expression of a growing radical upsurge. As with the campaign of Bernie Sanders, it is a defensive reaction of the Democratic Party and the ruling class motivated by fear of a genuine movement of the working class…”?


According to Paul Craig Roberts? Ain’t gonna happen.

What This Election is Really About – Nov 5, 2018 – PaulCraigRoberts

"…So again, America is having an election in which nothing of any importance is discussed.

Unless the American people rise up in armed rebellion, they are finished as a free people, and, of course, they cannot rise up in armed rebellion. Not so much because the police and every agency of the government has been militarized as because Jewish cultural Marxism and the Democratic Party’s Identity Policics have the American people disorganized and at one another’s throats. Cultural Marxism and Identity Politics have divided the American population into victims and victimizers. The true victimizers and true victims are not part of the picture, which is a construction that serves ideological agendas. It is not the oligarchy that is the victimizer, but the Trump-voting white male. It is not the multi-billionaires, but the marginalized former manufacturing and industrial work force that is the source of oppression. This former work force is black and white, but the Democratic Party’s Identity Politics has blacks and whites at each other’s throats.

My conclusion is that America is doomed. The people, with few exceptions, are not smart enough to continue to exist. Perhaps the outcome of the elections tomorrow will change my mind. If the vote goes to the Establishment, all is lost."


Ricky –

Obviously, quite a number of people here had negative information on Ocasio-Cortez which
would have profited us all to know – and we didn’t get to know it.

This is important stuff which can still guide us re O-C, but we should have all learned about much earlier.


The only point that I was making with BWilliamson, was, that Jill Stein was a practicing Doctor for decades before choosing to engage a political career.

What is your Doctorate in?


I saw it, you saw it, it’s only a matter of time, right?


Call me –

No – I didn’t have the time to even see your comments nor the linked article –
rather I came in to reply to someone who had replied to one of my comments on this thread –

And as I do with comments I make, don’t imagine that anyone here can read everything nor even
near everything. We are dependent on one another to keep one another informed as much as

But I have looked at it now –

World Socialist Website – by Paul Martin

Under conditions where the Democratic Party is openly aligned with the CIA, FBI and other national-security agencies in a McCarthyite campaign, charging the Trump White House with being an outpost of the Kremlin, the pseudo-left group Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is seeking to provide a “left” cover.
This fact underscores the real character of the DSA and its entire effort to “reform” the Democratic Party. Ocasio-Cortez and the DSA are propping up one of the two parties of American imperialism, while seeking to block the emergence of an independent movement of the working class directed against the capitalist system and all its political defenders and apologists.


And have no reason to argue with it –

Nor was my suggestion that we need to know more about the DSP and what it is actually doing the
first time I have asked for information from anyone here who is more familiar with it! We can only be
as good at doing what we’re trying to do as the information we get on candidates. And on those
allegedly helping to move government to the left.

There are still a number of comments here which I haven’t read – and nor have I succeeded as yet
in seeing opinions from last night and new articles today.

And having read THIS just now –

On second thought, I apologize for being harsh. It appears you did look at the post. But, you don’t agree with the statement that
“…The DSA does not represent the emergence of socialism, nor is it even a legitimate expression of a growing radical upsurge. As with the campaign of Bernie Sanders, it is a defensive reaction of the Democratic Party and the ruling class motivated by fear of a genuine movement of the working class…”?

I did come upon that quote in the my reading of the WSWS article and I am grateful for the information.
However, I don’t think we’d be better off without Bernie Sanders – his past campaign and his present activities certainly help ease some of the confusion on issues which citizens suffer and thereby move
voters to the left. I also rely on him for information, frequently, and look for his comments on issues.
For instance, what are the real figures on unemployment now?

Just want to add that there can’t be a “genuine movement of the working class” until we feel our way
through it by increasing activism. And I’m not necessarily looking for more marches. And while I do
think that some of the voter confrontation with elected representatives hasn’t yet found its floor, its own
correct levels where it will be helpful, I would very much like to see it continue. For instance, I thought
the “elevator” confrontations between females and FLAKE were impressive as to the urgency the women
felt to tell their stories and I thought it was an excellent example of “truth telling” as it has to happen here
in the US and around the world. These confrontations, imo, are on the right track and will improve.

OVERALL – the issue of “truth telling” is a huge one – currently being played out in Maine in between
State Officials and Native Americans there where the need has resulted in a “Truth Commission” …
and if you’ve gotten this far, you will notice that it is a very CURRENT issue and one of a pattern which
has played out on this land from the first of the time of the invaders, to the Church Schools and then into
the 1970’s!!

--------------- For anyone interested –

Was just watching a program on PBS earlier about Maine’s program to separate native children
from their parents and place them with white families. It’s an incomplete story as yet (though I’m
not sure if this is a series) but they have approached it with a Truth Commission. But actually
they found it very difficult to have native people tell their truths when surrounded by “whites” in
the audience. And the abuse was also at times sexual.

“1977 US Senate report (p. 287) found that as recently as the 1975, Native children in Maine were 19 times more likely to be removed by child welfare workers than non-Native children. Many children experienced devastating emotional harm in homes that shamed, demeaned, and erased their culture.”

I want to repeat one of the stories –

A woman who seemed to be in her 60’s related that she and her sister had been placed with a white
family who were very racist. She recalled herself and here sister sitting in a bathtub of bleach believing
that soon they would be “white” and accepted. She also recalled that boys at her school would tell the
native girls that they were only good enough to be used for one thing.

That story for me paralleled the example that Thurgood Marshall made of a young “black” girl preferring
a “white” doll to a “black” doll when given the choice in a study; and which was used as an example of
the damage that segregated schools were doing to “black” children. (See: Brown decision)

Again, I don’t know if this is a series – but many of these native people have 50 and more years later
difficulty in living with the great harm that was done to them, beginning with being taken from their families.

What bothers me a bit is that we’re not connecting the dots to the perpetrators who are the same whether we’re talking about Slavery and Segregation and its violence against Africans here, or whether we’re talking about the oppression of females in patriarchal societies and the violence against females historically which reduced them to financial destitution with few options over their lives, who they would marry, or their own children. Nor whether we are talking about Jews and their oppression in the Papal States which has continued to be carried through to current times by “Christian” teachings. All of these persecutions and oppressions are carried out for the benefit of the perpetrators.

It’s all basically the same story no matter whose oppression we’re talking about – and of course Homosexuality is also included in this. And many more – “heretics” who wanted to challenge “Christian” versions of the truth.

As I’ve just commented elsewhere, the demonizing of survivors – whether Native Americans, Women,
Jews – is really about keeping the attention OFF of the perpetrators.

REACH and truth telling of native people in Maine -


THANK YOU for the push on getting to read your comments – very helpful!

And it makes clear that we are striving for an economic system that every people have a right
to – one that satisfies their demand for democracy, separation of church & State and to be free
from military dictatorships. An economic system that does not exploit nature, animal life or other
human beings. And which treats all equally. Certainly we know that social responsibility to our
fellow citizens is a great part of it – so I doubt that that word can be abandoned.

Now – as a final question – is there anything to be gained from DSP in their platform or ideas for
reform - or is it completely worthless endeavor? Obviously, they’ve succeeded in their effort to
put a fake socialist into the DP and the Congress.


Clinton, dud
Obama, dud
Sanders, dud
Warren, insignificant

But this time it’ll be different!!

Do we get the picture here? Or are we going to insist on doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome? What’s that called?


From my perspective, America was doomed
with the egregiously, fascist assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK AND THE GUILTY HAVE USED PATSY’S… SO HAVE NEVER BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR TREASON! And that same cabal of criminals, with different people, is still in existence, and I would argue even though I have no proof, probably had something to do with 9/11.


von –

The thing about both Clinton and Obama is that they did a great deal of right wing damage
to the nation – Bill overturning 70 years of Welfare Guarantees.
And in the end turning a government surplus over to “W” – and a nation “free of enemies” as
was noted by Colin Powell and Condi Rice … “where we would have to invent enemies in order
to go to war.”

Obama – allowing banks and corporations to go free from accountability for what was actually
a depression (by his own words, but scrubbed from Yahoo hours later). Nothing new there.
Also torture – NSA spying on Americans 24/7. (This was our Constitutional expert!) WARS.
Stopping the COLA’s for two full years and then replacing them with a COLA which is a tiny %age
of what it formerly was, all done under Obama’s appointee - Alan Simpson/GOP, a long time enemy
of previous COLA’s. This was a major blow to seniors which means tens of thousands of dollars for
each one – and even more for couples. Try this example: a $50 a month increase announced for
the following year and what its absence has meant to each senior over this now 10 year period in its
compounding and accumulation. And replaced by a something less than 10% of that increase now.
Also keep in mind that each year, the increase grew.

However, I don’t see that Sanders has done any harm by any means to the nation – there isn’t
perfection, but I don’t see harm. And I’ll relate again, that challenging the CIA/MIC is a very
dangerous mission.

I think we all knew when we voted again for Democrats instead of the Greens we’d prefer to support
that this wasn’t going to succeed. But perhaps we can say we are somewhat at this moment a bit
better off than we were previously – and we must all continue the active push to the LEFT.

And in this two year period many more Americans have moved our states into the BLUE.


#1 You are very free with tarring anyone with the label of “troll” who doesn’t agree with you. Nor am I “new” to commondreams. I have been a long time reader and blogger. Why don’t you read a few more of my future posts before labeling me a troll.
#2 You are presumptuous to think you know anything about how I live my life and my “progressive standards” or values. I happen to be old fashioned and put country before party. I don’t play the Red Team/Blue Team game and my screen name reflects my political evolution in the wake of the dirty and corrupt 2016 primaries and elections. The “purity” meme is getting old. Find some new material.
#3 If you read my post directly preceding the one you are criticizing, you would see that I wrote AOC is a welcome addition of new blood and said we will have to wait and judge her progressiveness on how she votes from here on out. My point, as others have pointed out as well, praising McCain as an exemplary American and endorsing Cuomo does not in the least validate her as a firebrand progressive that will help transform the Democratic party.


Sanders’s function as a Democratic tool is to give Dems a little credibility. Millions gave money to him, only to be scammed out of his rightful nomination by the Dem Party.

He didn’t call them out as he should have. The Dem Party would have been destroyed once and for all but instead he choose to abandon the nation to protect the Party.

Challenging the Established order is indeed dangerous but why run in the first place? Did he think the system would just get out of the way?

Bernie is the kind of rebel Liberals love: nonthreatening and trained to heel when told.


According to CD you’ve been here since Oct. 16.

Sorry if I offended you, but I stand by the substance of my comments. I don’t think we should be raising the bar so high that no one can clear it. We should also take the victories that we can and move in the right direction, rather than wringing our hands over whether the world falls short of our vision – it always will.


von –

I understand your position on Bernie Sanders as a “tool” –
but I don’t exactly see it that way as he is often educating the public and strengthening the liberal
opinions and ideals of American citizens.

Millions gave approximately $400 million to Sanders – but in 2018, Koch Bros. alone gave $400
million to the GOP. Obviously must have also given something to Koch/DP?

Again, politics can often be dangerous to your health and life. We don’t know WHY Bernie felt
he had to nominate Hillary but he certainly looked tussled about and rumors seemed to confirm it.
Had Bernie tried to run the campaign he ran without the DP banner, no one would have heard him.
Bernie could not have brought down the party, imo. It will take a much more active mass force
from all liberal Americans to bring down the DP, or to make a shell of it we can re-occupy. We don’t
have a lot of time left, btw.

From what I know of Bernie over the years, he has been great about getting truthful info out to the
public. And I think that’s what his campaign was all about. And letting each of us see just how
damned LIBERAL this nation is and how LIBERAL the thinking of its citizenry.

There are many things we can do to bring down the Establishment/Elites –

Let me repeat some of the ways – STOP supporting “Christianity” – male supremacist religion –
and do all you can to STOP supporting Capitalism –

STOP eating animals which will interrupt the long chain of violence the practice involves -
and help Nature/Global Warming. And your own health.

If they attack net neutrality be sure that we let them know that we will drop CABLE TV in return.
Consumers have a right to get the services they pay for and to rebel.

STOP buying products which Koch Bros. sell in your grocery stores –

I’m a LIBERAL – and I don’t see this harm that you’re suggesting that Bernie has done.

As far as I can see, we may be a bit better off right now that we’ve been in two years.


" where a working class woman of color can defeat a 10-term incumbent and his Wall Street-funded machine."

Working class?

She graduated from an university and her father was an architect.

No, she wasn’t richly employed as a bartender in Manhattan, but I’m sure it paid more than Starbucks.


Starbucks is the ceiling for working class and bartending is above working class? Wow! How far we’ve fallen!


Some might say 9/11 was the continuation of the Kennedy assassination, as much of the evidence the FBI had on that murder was kept in WTC Building 7, where the FBI had their offices. Remember Building 7? That’s the one that collapsed EVEN THOUGH NOTHING HIT IT. Right…


Would that were an option, Psych. As is, I don’t see how we distinguish whether she’s a Sanders of sorts or an Obama of sorts–a compromise or a Trojan horse.