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It's On: Clinton and Trump Face Off in First 2016 Presidential Debate


It's On: Clinton and Trump Face Off in First 2016 Presidential Debate

Common Dreams staff

The first 2016 presidential debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump takes place Monday night beginning at 9pm ET.



The Bloomberg fact checkers should be very busy tonight.


Required for watching tonight's debate: mind numbing drug of choice, puke bucket, hot shower nearby.


Even when Trump and Hillary are telling the truth they're lying.
It's the alternative universe they live in.


It's amazing how those in charge in media miss the most fundamental things. Like, if it happens at 6 PM...where does one hear a replay later? I checked out the first link G Advanced Search gave me (about who's gonna win it, some dilettante blabbering on and on), and ya know...what did YouTube offer on the sidebar for alternative links?? NOTHING.


Why is there so much election coverage of some foreign country's elections?


OK, I must have read some west coast item, but really the directions aren't much around on the net. I'll be lying down so I'll miss the Bloomberg fact check. It won't check what's relevant...financialization wrecking economies and delusional neocons who wanna off Assad yesterday and then complain about Russia and Iran. What are the complaints...worth using little nuclear bombs? Fact check that.


Do I get a prize?
I warched 26 minutes and started to get sick ..


Law & Order discussion: is it about Wall St. & the federal tax code, per chance? My housemates are watching and dinner's on, are millionaires disussing Wells Fargo Bank, perhaps?


Sanders would have brought in economic factors to this stop & frisk thing. Clinton's skirting the inner city matter...unbelievable points racked up for the inverted totalitarianism candidate.


You don't get a prize; and, neither do I. I've been sitting here, trying to watch this crazy nuttiness; and, I just heard me say to myself, "Sorry. I can't continue to do this." ; and, I closed the window. -- What a waste of time! And, the strange thing is my stomach doesn't feel that good; but, maybe that was all the house special fried rice and beef teriyaki I was stuffing into my gullet. :rice:


No thank you. I am instead watching my Seattle Mariners win a ball game.


Trump horrible...loses badly. Clinton shows true colors in failing to forcefully oppose TPP and NAFTA.


Trump fails to clear low bar set for him. Clinton fails to reach out to progressives.


Stein would no doubt have crushed both of them, had she been allowed to participate, which of course, the powers that be would never allow.


Nah, morbid curiosity is human nature. As much as we hate to admit it there is something inside people that makes them want to see a trainwreck. There is a reason why the expected most viewed presidential debate in the history of the U.S. so happened to star the most hated candidates in the history of the U.S. The silver lining though is that this curiosity hopefully will allow people to better see the truth, that there is no hope for a livable future with either of the parties.


I split the differents, here. Smoked some legal " trainwreck " while watching the Mariners and I'm listening to Stein, Is this a great country, or what?


Yes! In the 11th!


Stein did crush them. She livestreamed her responses to the questions, and she was terrific. Her audience did not see Hillary and Donald, but heard them. You can watch Jill's livestream here: https://www.facebook.com/drjillstein/videos/1302970866409767/

The video begins with Jill just waiting for the debate to begin, so at first I thought there was something wrong with the sound. But it begins about a minute in.