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"It's On": Pelosi Officially Asks Nadler to Prepare Articles of Impeachment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/05/its-pelosi-officially-asks-nadler-prepare-articles-impeachment

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The litmus test for whether someone is a Trump troll or whether they’re a true progressive is whether they cheer this or naysay it. I cheer it.

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This is very good, although the ogre will not be kicked down the road in the Senate trial, it was very good to read in a Robert Reich article that by being impeached by the House of Reps., he will NOT be able to be pardoned for any crimes, so…that will probably, hopefully be IT for the marmalade monster. Got to take any victories that become available.


Put simply, a candidate for president should resist foreign interference in our elections, not demand it," said Stanford Law School professor Pamela Karlan.

I guess Pam has never heard of Aipac.


Jeepers, I’m sorry for failing some BS DNC LLC loyality test. I believe it was Representative Tlaib who long ago wanted to “impeach the motherfucker!” for all his BLATANT, sneering corruption, insider trading, emoluments, graft, embezzling, unconstitutional self enrichment, lies, money laundering, slaughtering of innocents, stochastic terrorism… which Media considers presidential! Throwing another election, cui bono?


Loyality tests? Labling inconvenient truths as treason. Calling truth speaking, life-long Keynesian Democrats “Trump Trolls” why not just nominate Cheney, Shrub or run zombie Reagan?


Does this mean that Pelosi has her entire caucus on board?

I ask because I suspect that a few will not vote to impeach.
You know, in those all-important swing districts.

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Impeach away. But then I like to be fair and balanced.



Start the #impeachment of Donald Trump, then continue with Mike Pence, then Mitch McConnell and the rest of the republicans. Arrest the Secretary of State, Attorney General and anyone else who defied subpoenas. They declared war on US society — citizens and residents. Defend yourself.


We are such “forked tongue” speakers! I try to mentally tally the number of countries’ “elections” we have interfered with and I cannot add them all up. Trump’s biggest transgression is he is not a “professional politician”. He refuses to play the game. Granted he is a pig, a misogynist of explicit declaration, he committed the cardinal sin of talking to N. Korea (etc). Pelosi refused to take impeachment to task for one of the most murderous, criminal administrations in our history, Bush 2 and now we are to acknowledge that DT is worse and deserves that process???
Wake up America!
(Caveat: no use for either two major political parties for 40 years or more!)


The districts “swing” because the Democratic candidate often is just a Republican - promoting Republican policy. My “D” Senator was the critical vote empowering Republican policy over and over… turning off Democratic voters, triggering apathy and swinging the state to the right. Now Claire is on MSNBC pushing to the right against New Deal Democrats.

It’s all about policy; it’s not a magic “D” that makes neoliberal/Republican policy “good”.


See this:

Overthrowing other people’s governments: The Master List By William Blum

Add Ukraine (2014) and Bolivia (2019) to the list of governments overthrown by the U.S., and Syria to the list as an attempted overthrow.


Let’s just assume for a moment Trump will be impeached. It takes 2/3 of the Senate to convict him which is an unlikely scenario. Regardless of the outcome we are still left with the fascist agenda that has found its way into political mainstream for a long time. To believe that fascism in Amerika will end with DT is at its best naive. As a progressive thinker I demand nothing less but a political system change. Bernie Sanders has a plan for that…


Harmed our national security ??

EU provided Ukraine 10 Billion dollars since 2014. I do not know how much made it to Dubai accounts. But there was enough left over to purchase arms that will stop the Russian tanks. Our 400 million dollar donation does help them have ‘more is better’.

Why didn’t we donate earlier if it is a national security issue??

I am reposting a comment by me about 10 days ago. I think is quite appropriate here:

Hey gang.
This is not a left vs right war.
This is not a Democrat vs Republican war.
This is not a fascist vs socialist war.
This is an up vs down war.
This is a war of the haves vs have nots.
This is a war of the 1% vs the 99%.
This is a battle for survival.
Bernie. 2020


Thx for that “redpilled”!
I keep Mr. Bllum’s book “Killing Hope” at my elbow. Someone else appropriately mentioned “AIPAC” in one of the first comments.
The “Sheeple” are baying to be entertained and fleeced, once again.

The distraction of this Kabuki Theater continues…

Do I want that asshole impeached? YES!
Do I believe it will happen? No!
What will be the outcome of this? Rump’s dumb ass supporters will get stronger while issues that need to be addressed are ignored in the (alleged) media.


Who needs the Ukies? I’d be satisfied if he resisted domestic interference in elections … ‘demand it’ where it would really count.

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Thank you DARKAGESAMERICA, my sentiments exactly. They may have caught us somewhat flatfooted to begin with, but now it’s on, trumpista’s. Bring it, we are ready, or at least should be, better be.

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It’s all of those & so much more. Nonhelema, Degonwadonti, Nat Turner & Mother Jones all knew who’d won, which side WE were all on, and unlike us… where do we go from here?




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