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It's Past Time Congress Reined in the President's Emergency Powers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/01/its-past-time-congress-reined-presidents-emergency-powers


I’d say its past time people stop believing America’s corrupt and captured congress has the people’s best interests at heart, or that they are in anyway a functional safeguard against tyranny.


One important feature that should be included in the proposed reform: prosecution of Presidents who declare an “emergency” that is discovered not to be an emergency.

Otherwise, this important reform will not go anywhere until there is complete campaign finance reform, a tax on military and “emergency” lobbyists, and closure of the revolving door between military positions, elective office and corporate lobbying.

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Reforming the NEA is just the beginning, but I doubt it will get enough support in Congress to pass. Both parties have invested in giving the office of the president more and more power for political gain when their party occupies the White House. What do we have to show for it? Right, a president who would be king or the next emperor.


The law as it stands today, lends itself to abuse.

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This current love affair with the President-As-Big Chief-Potentate-Ruler-King is the antithesis " of gov’t of the people, by the people, for the people. " It’s another bad decision courtesy of a very corrupt SCOTUS. A court bought and paid for by elites, the 1%ers, the real scum that HST wrote about when he penned, " the scum also rises " about Nixon’s Administration.
It lets Congress Critters, Federal Agencies, rogue Federal Administration employees, the Alphabets; permanently entrenched in our everyday lives, escape their responsibilities large and small.
It’s a crooked and rigged system, everyone knows it and only remains in place for one reason, it’s the known evil as opposed to a more unknowable evil.


We need to revisit several issues, some dating back to the Civil War. Are we a “more perfect union” when more and more power is taken from the people and concentrated in WashDC?

this important legislation is an opportunity to have the people speak through their popularity elected representatives.

Originally, legislature was supposed to govern. The executive was to stay on watch when congress was adjourned - which was most of the year back then.

Affirm. And originally a lot more governing was done by ourselves, in our communities, counties. Next whatever left over at the state level, and only what was truly left over at the national WashDC level.

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You are correct. To gain progress, the local neighborhood has to have local attention and frugal solutions with high quality results.

For example, school has certain grades being tested for three weeks. Then the teacher added two more days, reusing the prior test section and adding more questions. This is a three hour nonstop exam - nutz!!

The solution may be to stop herding so many diverse talents into the curriculum’s square box and sometimes permitting students interests take a bit of teachers time. We must have our children be able to read. If they get to ninth grade and do have difficulty, they drop out in tenth grade at age 16.

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Not my experience as a school kid. At certain grades we had to take the Iowa proficiency tests. There was nothing greatly memorable about them. I think each test took about an hour.

If “what is tested” is well-coordinated with “what is taught”, then it is no big deal, except maybe to those teachers of those schools paranoid that their students will do poorly on the test.

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