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It's Past Time to Stop Endless War


It's Past Time to Stop Endless War

Barbara Lee

President Obama has shown leadership by sending Congress his proposal for a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) on ISIL and by recommending a repeal of the 2002 Iraq AUMF. Now my Republican colleagues no longer have an excuse to prevent a debate on the ongoing half-year war in which the U.S. is currently involved.


Barbara Lee speaks for me.


Americans cry about the cost of welfare but gleefully support the cost of warfare. I believe we have our cares crossed.


Sure. As if it’s “Americans” rather than deep pocket corporate interests, not the least of which are bankers who grow fat/$ on war profits and the MIC along with its labyrinthine weapons makers that have come to THESE particular fiduciary priorities.

Before the false flag followed by 13 years of NON-STOP mass media & film saturation in FABRICATED official narratives of all too real events, perhaps 20% of the U.S. population would support war. Polling a heavily propagandized people is merely a measure of the success of MANUFACTURED consent, if it could be called that.

This President has not shown anything in the way of leadership. He’s a puppet for the elites and their New World Order Agenda.

Barbara Lee DID speak for me (as well) when she initially opposed this blanket “Unitary Executive” free pass on all war all the time; but she gives Obama FAR too much credit. He’s greasing the skids for the next martial M.A.D. insider cum President.

There were excellent and time-tested reasons why The Founders specifically placed the decision for war outside of the hands of one mere, flawed mortal.

The false flag paved the way to eviscerate the checks and balances installed to prevent THIS very thing. The fact that BOTH parties have become beholden to the Neo-con Make-War machine hardly lends comfort to the HORRORS that both are working to normalize.

Watch for falling debris!


Yes, Rep Lee was the only one. Think of that and the damage that followed because she was only 1. How many will stand on the floor of the House now and back the repeal of the hastily passed 2001 AUMF and propose a new way ahead for thwarting international terrorism? Let the debate begin. If the debate is weak and the POTUS is again given another AUMF, it will be a telling sign that the Republic is weak and the Congress has fallen under the spell of the Pentagon’s promise of success, an empty promise and literally a bankrupt policy. Sometimes it only takes one person to show another way. See what Rep Lee says here about that way. I support trying that path instead of staying on the insane one we’ve been on since Bush declared victory.


Well put Siouxrose. I particularly like the statement… “Polling a heavily propagandized people is merely a measure of the success of MANUFACTURED consent” that gets to the heart of the problem. The fact that Barbara Lee was the only one who voted against the AUMF and the war in Iraq, is a confirmation of just how disconnected the population is from reality. Since Day 1 on commondreams.org though, I have never seen a comprehensive plan on how to dismantle the mainstream propaganda.


Excellent points across the board Siouxrose. Barbara Lee writes as if she is unaware that Obomber has proposed his own, new, sweeping mandate for endless war. What’s up with that?


I’ve just finished Karen Armstrong’s, “Field’s of Blood” and the core thesis of the book is that the core of empire and the core of the modern nation state is the ability of a ruling elite to inflict war, terror on its own or another nation’s population if those people do not submit to the elites who flex that power. So far in human history we have not seen any other viable way to orgainize a nation state. Jesus had a vision of the kingdom of heaven but he was, as Karen Armstrong said, “crucified for his troubles.” Of course history teaches another tragic lesson for empire, that the game of empire is not worth the candle . The USA is now just acting out another tragic chaper in an epic which could be titled, “The Terror of the Human Species History.”


Every time I see a HumVee I think that the Military Industrial complex has Become the Military Industrial Marketing complex. So called camo gear, and other military trappings pervade fashion, and people still use stupid phrases like Support The Troops and my personal favorite Thanks For Your Service.

Even San Francisco, a theoretically marxist empire by Fox News standards, we still celebrate Fleet Week and go gaga for the Blue Angels. The DoD has a massive media budget, and the typical fawning acolytes in Hollywood keep cranking out crap like ‘24’ and American Sniper.

So long as people stayed glued to the Lying Box in the living room, we are not going to change our Spartan pugnacious ways, I fear.


So True. Years ago I read “War and Peace” in about an eight day run and I haven’t had a good thought about War since.


So what do most Democrats do about it? Just what the Republicans want: they don’t vote.


As much as I agree as to the behavior of our mercenary class and the medias coverage of its love of war does not change the world view of America. The world believes this class is supported by Americans and it is our direct or indirect silent support that gives it power. Our dissent is neither loud or effective enough to change how we are viewed.


Just an idea:
535 senators and representatives. Suppose they each knew that if either body voted seriously against the war machine, a member of either the Senate or the House would have something bad happen.
Maybe a disease or an accident, or the sudden death of a child. Nothing that could be blamed on anyone. But those in the know would know.

And if this secret threat was definite and believable, which it would be especially after the anthrax episode and perhaps other events that are questionable, { such as the death of Michael Hastings) no senator or representative would want to be the one punished as an example to the others to never cross certain lines.

I have no evidence for this theory (which, as a theory it would also apply to whoever is in the Oval Office). But it makes sense to me, and would certainly explain a lot.

I began to think this way when, with apparent irrationality, Nancy Pelosi said impeachment was “off the table” years ago re Bush the Younger, followed by things such as, for example, Congress’ general inability, or unwillingness, to wind down the wars, and Obama’s failure to make good his Guantanamo promise.


Barbara Lee has (if any is left) the most supportive constituents, so she is most likely to be able to speak out a bit - yet when I read here on the Comments of CD I am left wondering if anyone else here is ABLE to hear what Chis Hedges has been teaching us for years now? Is the denial level as deep as I suspect - or is the self-destruction of our nation and world as blinding as I am left imagining, just too MUCH to countenance as we are left twirling mostly - for all the ways we are being bedeviled by the system, too numerous to outline here as they are so well covered by CD daily?? Let’s work to awaken to these harsh realities - and look for ways to do things that mean we have not abandoned our sense of personal responsibility, please… Meanwhile, write a Postcard at least to Kathy Kelly if you haven’t yet: 04971-045 - FMC Lexington Satellite Camp - P.O. Box 14522 - Lexington, KY 40572. Pax, Elizabeth