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It's Time for a General Strike, Because Trump Treason Demands a Brave Response


It's Time for a General Strike, Because Trump Treason Demands a Brave Response

Will Bunch

That’s more than just the title of a suddenly highly relevant Sinclair Lewis novel about the rise of an American dictator, written in 1935 — another era when despots were on people’s minds, for some weird reason. No, “it can’t happen here” long been the national motto of a United States of America that has long thought itself immune to the slings and arrows of everyone else’s world history.


It was “time for a general strike” when the Democratic Party failed to demand a Florida recount and the SCOTUS installed Cheney and his puppet Dubya in 2000.


Case of misplaced priorities. A major action, a general strike, to address the symptom? This is merely partisan b.s.

If there was any real integrity to the self-labeled “Resistance”, it would not be focusing primarily on the symptom - like the inept doctor who prescribes a skin ointment to address a systemic infection.

The political system is indeed riddled with a systemic disease - and it may be terminal if not addressed. Many here know what it is, so no need to spell it out for them; but for the author and for other shallow liberals, I’ll do so. It is the corrupting influence and control of both electoral and policy politics by concentrated (corporate) capital; and the capitulation of both major parties to it.

What some call a kabuki theater and others a “bad-cop/good cop” play is the pretense that either side serves democracy, the public interest, or is any other way “for the people”.

So if you’re going to call for a general strike, do it for the right purpose: to restore hope for democracy itself from the inside out; as opposed to a knee-jerk response to the POTUS and a fantasized Russian threat to democracy.


A general strike is a very romantic idea(l) but would not, ultimately, happen in the current climate of outspoken apathy. If enough people could take a day or three off, maybe enough crowds could form; I, as would most other people, would get flat-out fired for pulling such a stunt. Burning a few vacation days wouldn’t accomplish anything. As with most people, I can’t afford to go on strike, working for a business that is owned by a family which recognizes few, if any, worker’s rights. The sad fact is, the Bill of Rights, largely, does not cover the workplace. No matter how I feel, the mortgage payments must be made.


Thank You. It IS time for a general strike…and it doesn’t have anything to do with the Tweeting Idiot of Orange. It has everything to do with how we are forced to live and what our nation is doing to people around the globe – and the biosphere itself.


The Russia-gate BS is playing all over the so-called progressive news sites. I’m thinking a propaganda campaign of this scale might be a harbinger of deeper, & more lethal, Deep State machinations.

Watch your six…


Okay, I guess I need to be educated …
I am a democratic socialist with conservative economic values because I believe in simple mathematical accounting in daylight along with transparency over the collection of taxes and how the government spends them.
Progressives are hysterical about Russia, I am not. What is wrong with me? I believe they hacked into DNC, and supposedly purchased about 500,000 worth of news stories on Facebook, but I do not believe this influenced our "democracy" (ha!) at all or caused Trump to win. I think the propaganda in our country in the billion via corporate media has way more election influence. I think our corrupt voting system and the DNC and right wingers caused trump to win, and I think the DNC would rather any republican win over a democrat socialist.
I do not think Russia hacked Hrc’s emails, because Julian Assange said they did not, and I think he has the credibility in the matter.
I think that if Russia hacked US computers, so what? Does the U.S. CIA and Pentagon not hack, spy, and undermine our democracy and influence other countries’ elections even by coups d’état in favor of global corporations?
Do leftists wish we were at war with Russia, or just at war with everyone perpetually as long as the Democrat party goes along with it?
Are the CIA and Pentagon and FBI now the left’s best friends, patriots upholding democracy everywhere?
I dunno!

i like boycotting corporations that are undermining democracy, caring naught about the environment, and enriching the rich, and appreciate the information about brands to boycott.


I have long felt a general strike could be a valuable strategy–Of course in the old days when there were large active unions abroad in the land, it could be made effective–I thought initially that any US city that Trump traveled to for any reason should call a general strike in that city–At least effective as a tactic, something that would likely grow and galvanize the public–It seems to me the new “socialists” who are popping up everywhere should consider this traditional tool.


Hey Will! You set the example and suspend your Daily News column as well as your blog until Trump is impeached, assassinated, or whatever, and Pence takes over! Checkmate!


Hmmm???..We are to use the unity of labor and the power of the unions to usher in a new president, one that will still represents Wall St rather than use the strength of the people to change the nature of society and the economic basis of the system.

Sad that this is supposed to be a radical alternative


I can’t see any group successfully organizing a general strike. Millions of workers are loyal Trump supporters. I think his main support is among the working class. Most of the energy to stop Trump must be directed into the upcoming election as well as stopping Brett Kavanaugh from taking a seat on the Supreme Court. There is always a need for more volunteers for phone banking, text messaging, and door-to-door canvassing. The Democrats need to flip two seats in the Senate and hold all their seats to control the Senate. There are at least five Republican seats that can be flipped. With gerrymandering dealt with in Pennsylvania and there is a good chance of picking up some House seats there and in many other states as well. A general strike is a hail Mary and maybe even a longer shot than that. It could work in a country like France where is is part of the political scene but it isn’t part of politics in the US. If people want to do something useful find candidates to support and volunteer to work for them or help national organizations like Indivisible elect candidates. Also, go to protest rallies and marches to show that many people oppose Trump.


I have been on a general strike for over a year!
Don’t buy anything unnecessary except for food. Do not travel at all in the U.S. No hotels, no Restaurants…and will continue spending my money in Latin America and continue to learn Spanish! Screw this …whatever he said.


Foreign interference with the revolutionary struggle had always been the left’s excuse for failure. Nothing out of the ordinary here.


My thoughts exactly.


Well put. This obsession by the so-called left to demonize Russia at all costs is… fluff! The author’s assertion that we have some 200 plus years of democratic values is a bunch of hooey. What we have is a history of subverting the public interest. The focus of the article is all wrong. It suggests that Russian influence is greater than corporate influence, that HRC would have been a better choice and that nuclear war, the invasion of the Baltic States and other such nonsense is imminent. I’m worried about such articles as they may be successful in replacing Trump with Mike Pence. Could we all sleep at night then?


“Unsuited”? You bet, but that is exactly what the people who voted for him wanted. they got what they wanted and they show no interest in having him change! That friends is what democracy is all about! Mess with it at your peril!


This is how the author treats the indictment of 12 Russian intelligence agents in an article he links to:

Seemingly airtight proof of the most elaborate — and, many would argue, the most successful — plot in the 242-year history of the United States by a foreign power to influence American domestic politics.

Either the author did not read the indictment or he thinks nobody will so that he can claim the indictment contains proof. It does not.
Indictments usually do not contain much in the way of proof and are usually a series of assertions. That is exactly what is in this indictment. Names are named and a chronology constructed. The indictment contains some technical jargon about how emails were supposedly hacked but there is no proof contained in the indictment to prove any of the assertions.
During the last presidential election 20 wealthy individuals contributed a total of half a billion dollars. There is no concern from the MSM about the fact that the rich are jumping on the scales. We know how money is corrupting the will of the people, but some Russians supposedly hacked emails without the NSA being aware at the time even though we know from information that Edward Snowden revealed the NSA is scooping up everything.
I am so disgusted that what will motivate people to engage in a General Strike is not the US slaughtering people overseas or tax breaks for corporations while average workers get shit wages you can’t live on or the fact that climate change is killing us and our planet while the perps figure out how to ride out the coming catastrophe and still maintain their ill gotten billions. None of that. No, because intelligence agencies should be trusted to tell us the truth and we should believe them.
And we should believe what the Special Prosecutor says even though the FBI to this day has never examined the DNC server. How much of the indictment is based on what Crowdstrike, a private company, has alleged? Multiple state election agencies denied that their systems were hacked even though those assertions are contained in the indictment.
Yes we should go on a General Strike, but not because of allegations made by intelligence agencies that have lied us into war after war and whose reason for being is to snuff out democracy anywhere people are gathering organizing and agitating.


The corporate media aren’t going to complain about the amount of money spent on elections, as they’re the major beneficiaries, regardless of which wing of the duopoly “wins.”

With that said, you’re right about the Russia-gate piffle. It’s a distraction from the systemic rot we struggle with on a daily basis—in fact, the same is true of the rubber-necking-at-a-car-wreck fascination with Twitler’s latest gaffe.

There’s a lot of work to be done, including restoring integrity to our electoral process, that has nothing to do with foreign bogey men.


September 17th
If you want to see how the rest of the world sees us, and get a glimpse of where we’re headed, pick up an Ad-busters.


Ya, so why not now?